Monday, December 6, 2010

update in photos [long post]

All the Europe photos below are from Melissa's camera. Check her out: here
our 1st meal in Amsterdam @ an Argentinian steakhouse
 Vlaamse Frites? Yes please.
 We met 2 Mexican guys from the Bay Area who had no idea that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.. Met up with them later on in the night, followed them to a bar...Met a black guy dressed as a cowboy from New Jersey who moved to Oakland (Bay Area!!) who then moved to Amsterdam and sings in a cover band called Curtis Green.The rest is history. haaaai!! #truestory
at the Heineken Experience
en route to Paris via train
 the trains are fairly decent.
 our hotel had the smallest elevator ever, no joke.
 there was even a sign that said it could only fit 2 people max!
 we're skinny folk so we crammed all 4 of ourselves in there
 Gibus Club in Paris for Rafael's birthday
 with my partner in crime
 Travis McCoy showed up at our VIP area and got a little friendly with Raf's girlfriend Brenda
 woops, I covered his Katy Perry look-a-like girlfriend.
dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower
 waiting for the elevator to take us back down the Eiffel Tower
Melissa @ Notre Dame
 rode a Vespa to see the city
 the Eiffel Tower looks much better under a bright blue sky. so gorgeous and unreal
 later on, the sky decided it was PMSing and cried while we were at the Arc de Triomphe
 Chateau de Versailles
 we got yelled at for this photo. Melissa laying on the ground of the Murakami exhibit
 Murakami exhibit at Chateau de Versailles
 on a hop on/off tour bus w/ the best roomies ever, Liz & Kat
 Barceloneta Beach
 surprise Mel! hahahah
 I was loving this sky
 so unreal, no?

 eating fresh coconut on the beach

 eating at Xup Xup on Barceloneta Beach. eating outdoors is legit, but eating oceanside is baller
 "the beauty is in your head"
 Casa Batlló s a building restored by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, built in the year 1877 and remodelled in the years 1904–1906; located at 43, Passeig de Gràcia. The local name for the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones), and indeed it does have a visceral, skeletal organic quality. It was originally designed for a middle-class family and situated in a prosperous district of Barcelona.
 @  Casa Batlló
 @ Monserrat. Mountain top monastery!
buenos noches Spain!

... and more recently...
with my cousins, Heidi & Lianne at our cousin Perry's wedding. Welcome to the family Amanda!
okay, this photo is from back in September BEFORE Europe but Perry finally uploaded them the other night.
yes, I cut my hair. bangs + layers.
 Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house. My feet were cold and I used Marty (Lianne's dog) as my footwarmer.
 Thanks Marty, I promise not to eat you.
with a bunch of my nieces and my cousin Jay. we have the same haircut!!! 
 ...Happy Birthday Melissa y Laurita...
 crowning Melissa
 the birthday girls, Melissa and Laura <33333
 dinner at E Tutto Qua (my favorite Italian restaurant in San Francisco btw)
 Melissa and her bff Cecy whom is also Laura's sister
 Melissa and her mini hers.. jk! Those are her younger sisters <3
me & the birthday girls!

 @ the bcocky launch event!
 double fist pumping ROOAAARRR! at the Harry Denton Starlight Room.
busted out the FAUX FUR
 with the fierce Nymphette of bcocky!
I purchased a pair of gorgeous earrings but unfortunately, I haven't taken a photo yet (lack of a camera)

Well, that's been my life so far. If you find this interesting, good for you. If not, then too bad.


  1. DUUDEE hella random, but I think my friend Edgar is in the background of your double fistin pic @ the B Cocky Event! Love your hair, red lips and faux fur :)

  2. seem like you had so much fun and dang girl, this was longer than I thought. hahaha.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHH-MAY-ZING!! Looks like you had a fabulous time traveling. {*EEP}


    The scenery from all your Europe pictures look too good to be true. The one with the beach, ocean and blues skies in the background DEFINITELY looks fake. {*daymn}

    {*WARP into pictures}

    <3s Serena.

  4. I am incredibly envious. AHHHH. Looks like so much fun!