Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Madness

This month has flown by... Seriously.

found outside my friend's apartment in Watford in the UK. I miss London, greatly.

really though, I have grape issues.

anybody else frustrated with this nonsense?

at least I still had 1/4 of a tank when I filled up

went snowboarding in Mammoth for the first time ever. 
look at this MacGyver shit I pulled since my snowboarding bag isn't padded and I had to check my board in
it was snowing so hard the day I went boarding. the wind kept knocking me over.
if I thought I had gained weight, my trip to Mammoth proved I didn't gain enough.

I've been exercising again to get ready for Coachella and have a hard body.
what the heck p90x, i'm supposed to stretch like that!? she can eat her own vagina out!

the whole mother-effing sha-bang baby!! the boiling crab is LEGIT

I got my hands on these bad boys and they definitely live up to the hype. I use the liquid eye liner on  my top, pencil for my lower lash line. they have lasted throughout a p90x workout, a day at work, and a night of happy hour drinking. 

why is my Tiger Balm in English? this isn't real Chinese Tiger Balm. I have some poser ass Garfield balm :(

lethal ass lychee mojitos

my nose ring broke. how does that even happen!?


will write more later.. I promise... well, if anybody is even listening/reading.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shortest Longest Month of the Year: my feckin February

February is the shortest month of the calendar. For me, it was probably one of the longest months of my life.

My beloved grandpa passed away on February 4th, 2011 at 10:38pm. He was a solid, honest man that was the brick house foundation of my family. Although a portion of my heart is still in shambles, I keep having these dreams that tell me he's in a better place. It is a bit reassuring, but I still miss him nonetheless.

the last red envelope I received from my grandpa ♥ i'm never opening it or spending it

cleaned my little palace for Lunar New Year and what do I find?
 where's my other dam socks!?
 spilled beer. *cries*
 finally. it's all about the whole sha-bang
 O RLY ARCHER FARMS?! What's that supposed to taste like? Racist ass...
 newest addiction: yea, purple is my favorite flavor.
 My 4 year old niece left this for me one day after keeping my grandma company. Very nice Katie, except it's February.
 Strawberry Cake Kit Kat blows. It just tastes like regular strawberry that was released last year. Cheese kit kats don't really taste like cheese either. It just has a strong cheddar smell.
 my niece Hannah and I are TWINSIES. don't be jealous
 i'm a carb whore what can I say?
 squid ink gemelli with dungeness crab AND sea urchin @ SPQR is LEGIT
 new lunch spot: The Grove
 one of my favorite cakes.
always on the go, Los Angeles again.
i've got issues.
 You know those Vietnamese coffee shops where the servers are scantily clad in lingerie? Well, I went to one with Giang, Xtina, L and Angelique. This is what the women's restroom looked like. Apparently, it doubles as their dressing room. C'mon now! Couldn't afford a separate locker room!? And what's up with the plain lucite heels lady? Where's the variety? No glitter? How about a goldfish? I kid. I kid.
finally met pobrecito Nachito face