Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NARS concealer - packaging change!

(L) new packaging = 0.07oz (R) old packaging = 0.17oz
 new packaging: all 0.07oz of product

As you can see.. NARS has changed up their packaging for their concealer. 
The price is still about $22. Is it worth it?
I normally wouldn't make a stink about this but you are getting ripped off! I use concealer under my eyes every single morning. Since this is a daily product for me, I felt it was necessary for me to do a little digging. 
Like I stated previously, the new sleek packaging brings it to a whopping measly 0.07oz. The old packaging was 0.17oz, a little more than double the amount!

Most people will say the weight has changed due to less packaging but I disagree.
Since I used up all of my old NARS concealer, I used a MAC lipstick for comparison. The old NARS concealer came in a lipstick shape.

You are getting way less product now folks. =\

 Screw this.

I need a new concealer anyway. NARS hasn't been working well for me anymore. It gets dry and cakey under my eyes despite me using eye cream.