Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

 going to rename someone in my phonebook as Liam Neeson in case my phone gets jacked
it only makes sense if you've seen "Taken"

 I somehow always do this.. wear a white shirt, order RED noodle soup and splash on myself *smh*

 Theophilus London @ Rickshaw Stop. Check him out, he's blowing up
 I rode a crocodile while waiting for him to come on.
and I wore stickers on my face.. they were given to me by my favoritestestestest 4 yr old girl in the whole wide world, my friend's niece.
It's been beautiful in San Francisco lately.

one of my friends lost a bet and owed me a whole entire cake. I went to pick it up from his house and look how he answered the door.
then I flew to Los Angeles for a baby shower. this was my carry-on pal
went to my friend's house for a kick back and he made margaritas.
tequila is not my alcohol of choice but he made some damn tasty margaritas. couldn't say no!
cheers to the weekend!

the actual baby shower..
flew back to San Francisco...
I hate flying Southwest. No tv's, no music. UGH

who else redeemed their full sized L'Occitane shea butter hand cream for "liking" their FaceBook page?!
I also copped 2 more hand creams with the 15% off coupon included 
Thank you again Eki for tweeting about it!
damn me and my white shirts...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello from my white iPhone4s!
The s stands for Susyness, just kidding.

I'll be blogging more frequently on the go. I kind of got even more lazy so blogging from work (which has been swamped due to people calling out sick) was out of the question. So tired lately!!

Anyway. Happy to finally get rid of my Blackberry. It was turning into a brick. *sigh* That damn thing couldn't even handle core applications like Blackberry Messenger or the web browser. I had to constantly shut off my phone to reset it or do a battery pull. If you've ever owned a Blackberry you would know that after doing a battery pull, it takes like 10 minutes for your damn phone to come back on.

Siri is my new best friend.

 when I have time and if I am in the mood, I remember to accessorize.
Sometimes having a car sucks *sigh* FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS
but check out those awesome cards my friend gave me. hahahahahaha