Monday, May 24, 2010

Myx Mash

Hello everyone! I'm so very very behind on blog & twitter as of late. My good friend Jocelyn has welcomed a very beautiful little girl into our world: Hannah J. Wong. My beautiful little niece shocked us all and came a bit early, but she's a strong gal and progressing so much every single day. I can't wait to be there for her and her family as she goes through each day.
I scored some tickets from my friend Jonas for the Myx Mash concert. The performers were: Bruno Mars, Brown Eyed Girls (K-pop group) and T-pain. I know, it's a pretty random line-up right? I really wanted to just see Brown Eyed Girls but i'm glad I arrived on time. Bruno Mars is amazing live! His voice is pure talent. None of that electronic synthesizer bs *coughTPAINcough*
Anywho.. For the concert.. I remembered that Jen had did a Son Gain inspired look from Abracadabra. Here is Jen's video:

If you don't know Jen, you should definitely check her out. She is a lovely lady all around.
This is my take on Jen's Son Gain inspired look:
Please keep in mind that Jen & I have totally different eyelids and eye shapes (she's Korean, i'm Chinese) so of course, the look is different on me. 
 I had to pull my hair up so you could see the liner. my hair also wasn't done in this photo.
products used:
Face: Dr. Jarts Blue Label Dew Drop BB Cream, MAC blush in Warm Soul
brows: MAC e/s charcoal brown, MAC e/s Ricepaper for underbrow highlight
eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (primer), NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean, MAC e/s in Carbon, MAC Fluidline in Black Track 
lips: Aquafina lip balm, NYX round lipstick in Rea
completed look (and hair) w/ Darkness #6 lashes and an extra swipe of NYX Rea l/s:
Bruno Mars
Brown Eyed Girls , uhmm.. Why is there only 3 of them?
Jea has issues with her visa and couldn't come perform. *sigh* boooo.
I was disappointed/upset the rest of the night because B.E.G. only performed a total of 3 songs and the majority of the crowd were B.E.G fans :[
the famous hip sway move from "Abracadabra" 
Seriously, they were not as good w/o Jea but I was impressed with their English. They performed in Korean but made a little PSA about why Jea wasn't present in English. Pretty good!
And don't believe all photoshop lies:
Ladies, everyone has problems with their skin. Yes, even Korean pop star celebs whomever, anybody and everybody has some sort of issue with their skin! So take care of yourself, your skin, but most importantly - love yourself including the skin you're in and be confident :]
How many people does it take to perform a T-Pain song?
20 + a synthesizer
he mostly performed snippets of songs and half the time he was yelling or other people were "singing" so yeah, didn't enjoy him too much but I didn't have high expectations for him anyways.
 my partner in crime Melissa...we wear shiny pants okay? It's kind of annoying how behind San Francisco is on fashion. We both took public transportation to get to the concert and got all kinds of comments * rolleyes*
Ended the night @ Katana Ya for late night ramen. I opted for a sake don (salmon sashimi over sushi rice) and a negitoro handroll (green onion fatty tuna belly handroll). I wish I hadn't, I have food poisoning :[ Then we took BART home.
 bonne nuit.
 Life feels so hectic right now. Work has been extremely draining. To the point where my brain shuts off the instant I walk out the office door and it takes me all night to decompress. My room is a mess. I haven't folded and put away laundry, my to-do list keeps piling up, I haven't ordered my pink dress for the Pow Wow (Angelique found one for me on Asos but I need to ORDER IT), packages need to be made and shipped, cookies need to be baked, TRAFFIC SCHOOL NEEDS TO BE DONE (argh) and a trip to the dentist is in need (ahh i'm scared), a trip to Seattle needs to be booked *breathe* one day at a time...
I dined at Jardiniere last friday night and it was amazing. Future post on it later.

4 Korres Lip Butters in Pomegranate, Guava, Mango, & Jasmine (not pictured)
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ciao bellas!

Monday, May 17, 2010

..yet another binge video & THANK YOU!!!

HAHA booyaahhhh got you guys! I'm too lazy to write lately, you know that.. so i've hit you up with another video. don't laugh. okay, actually laugh all you want. one day, i'll get a nice camera and film in HD and actually acquire real editing skills! maybe [not]. I'm also relying on Caroline to upload pictures from the meetup onto her blog *hinthint* whenever she has the time of course and do you guys like my non-existent grammar run on sentences!?!? I need to sleep -_-

I know, I know. My blog is getting pretty lame. It's turning into one of those "look at me and all this shit I got!" kind of blogs. I PROMISE I SWEAR I will do a real entry soon. I'll try to do something I haven't done yet - a tutorial!?!?! Perhaps...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ELF Minty Lip Gloss Review + GOODIES (HELLA PIX!)

Sorry I don't really do lip swatches.. I'm wearing MAC "Way To Love" w/ MAC "Baby Spark" Dazzleglass on top and I freaking LOOOOOVE it so I refuse to take it off to do lip swatches. Okay, here's my review. 
I have 3 EFL Minty Lip Glosses and here are the colors:
it seems like they're all named after cities or something. freaking weirdos.  I mean I guess it's kind of cool
I hate this packaging, it's such a waste of trees.
where's the lip gloss? oh, there's MORE cardboard to go through -_-

L to R: Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville [natural light]
In my mind, I feel like Los Angeles and Miami should switch. When I think of Miami, I think of the sun and hot vibrant colors. But whatevers...
L to R: Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville [flash]
L to R: Miami, Los Angeles [natural light]
These 2 colors have very tiny gold flecks in them!! beautiful. it makes my lips super shiny and not to mention plump looking. Okay, not like Angelina Jolie DSL status but still.
This last swatch here is EFL Minty Lip Gloss in "Nashville" with Revlon Colorbust lipstick in "soft nude" next to it. I love pairing these two together. I've been doing that lately. It gives the soft nude quite a bit of shine. You might think that's weird. Why would I want a shiny nude lip? Think Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez . There ya go. 
Now let me get back to WHY I hate the packaging
what the feck am I supposed to do with that!? in order to get all aligned I have to screw the cap back on night as tightly. I'm paranoid it's going to dry out and go to waste. Yes I know it's just $3 but so what!? It's my damn money hahaha.
  • applicator doesn't pick up much product, multiple applications necessary. 
  • caps don't align properly when screwing back on -_- (it's like this for all 3 of mine!) you really get what you pay for here folks
  • stupid cardboard paper packaging. I know a lot of brands do crap like that but it frustrates me! This one was a bit harder to take out than others and plus i don't want to screw up my nails, I just did them yesterday!
  • suuuuuper minty = tingling sensation. if minty is not your thing, then do not get this product.
  • only comes in 9 shades, so there's not a huge variety
  • cheap! only $3
  • NOT STICKY AT ALL. read my words ladies - NOT STICKY AT ALL. 
  • DOESN'T DRY UP YOUR LIPS! That's right, no feathering! No need to exfoliate your lips at the end of the day after wearing this product (well not for me at least)
  • extremely minty = tingling sensation. if you like that, then you'd like this gloss. personally i do, hence why it's a pro for me but can be a con for others.
  • TARGET carries it! Check your local Target before ordering online if you hate paying for shipping and waiting for deliveries (like me). I'm so happy that Target has it now. I really don't want to pay like, $10 for a freaking $1-$3 item. It's so stupid! And I don't get home from work until like 6pm so I almost always miss my packages. 
My Rating: B- Despite all the cons, I definitely think you get your bang for the buck with this product. I'm going to purchase a couple more shades too.

ALRIGHT LADIES. She told me not to call this a "love pack" necessarily.. This bitch has been with me since before this beauty blog.. since my XANGA days. Remember that shit!? Man.. She was there during my xanga and Counterstrike days 10 years ago. Yea, I was a gamer chick. Okay, I tried to be.  I loved the game but I wasn't the best at it. I got semi-okay. EH-KNEE-WAYS. 
Tina sent me a bunch of GOODIES! We write letters back and forth to each other and been doing it that way for 2 years now, did you know that!? Not e-mails, but REAL letters. SNAIL MAIL. Remember those!? You write on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and put a stamp on it, it comes through this little slot in your door.... YEAH, MAIL! 
I LOVE YOU TINA. We've been through a decade and i'm looking forward to the next <3 
you're so fecking cute betch
this woman was obviously Chinese in a past life - she scotch taped everything. Do you wrap your remote in saran wrap too Teenur!? LOL
hahaha she drew lashes!!
I like Darkness lashes. They're so much cheaper in L.A.!!! San Francisco charges $4-$5 per box, wtf
Orange Sweeple is the best. It tastes like an orange creamsicle
what'd I tell you about the tape? ahhaha
THANKS!! I needed a travel toothbrush <3 Man, now when I go to Vegas everyone is going to be like "what the hell? you have  Too Faced travel toothbrush? Bourgeois ass bitch!" hahahhahaa
i've been wanting to try this since i'm pissed off at Urban Decay for their consumer suckering packaging. The stupid potion packaging don't let you get ALL the product out and you end up just wasting a bunch (unless you take the time & effort to de-pot) and it dries out. I heard Too Faced Shadow Insurance works just as good so I can't wait to test it out tomorrow!
oOoOoOo peel off type!!
thx betch, imma wax my upper lip so i don't give you fuzzy kisses when you kiss you on the cheeks at raves >.<  lulzZzzZzZzz rEtarded 0=]
this black soap smells good - no joke

I know some of you already saw on twitter but JUST IN CASE any of you are wondering what i've got on my nails... 

Zoya's "Joy" w/ Zoya "Purity" for the flowers. Kleancolor Nail To Toe Art Lacquer in black and Seche Vite top coat :) Too bad my camera doesn't capture the true gorgeousness of Joy. There's a gold sheen to it in natural sunlight! I was able to show Melissa that today so she's my witness that it exists hahaha.
Diew.. it's nearly mid May and I've only got 2 entries for this month. I look back at March and I had 12 entries. I'm seriously not in a blogging mood hahahaha.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mini mac beauty binge

videooOOoOoOoOooooOoo because i'm lazy. sorry folks.  I don't know WHY the freaking video is cut off by an inch. I know the top of my head is missing :[  what the heck YouTube! it didn't look this way when I filmed it. I'm so frustrated with the video quality *sigh* i'm sorry. I'm too lazy to write, too impatient to upload at high quality.... BLAH.