Monday, May 17, 2010

..yet another binge video & THANK YOU!!!

HAHA booyaahhhh got you guys! I'm too lazy to write lately, you know that.. so i've hit you up with another video. don't laugh. okay, actually laugh all you want. one day, i'll get a nice camera and film in HD and actually acquire real editing skills! maybe [not]. I'm also relying on Caroline to upload pictures from the meetup onto her blog *hinthint* whenever she has the time of course and do you guys like my non-existent grammar run on sentences!?!? I need to sleep -_-

I know, I know. My blog is getting pretty lame. It's turning into one of those "look at me and all this shit I got!" kind of blogs. I PROMISE I SWEAR I will do a real entry soon. I'll try to do something I haven't done yet - a tutorial!?!?! Perhaps...


  1. Awwwwwwwwww thats a very nice of and her sister...i love meeting up with bloggers/utubers its so much fun hahahaa
    you got a lot of hair products :P and you're really into asian brands...i don't have any asian cleanser stuff stuff beside the did your friend find the masks at nyc yet?

    OMG.....KIT KAT..........OMGGG.....OMGGG....
    Where did you get it? maybe i should drop by some asian store and check it out..

    hahahaaa you're not as clumsy in this video lol :P but its fun to watch hahahaa

  2. Haha "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" I always joke about those girls... but you are def NOT one of them!

    Yay I love videos! I listen to them while I'm working haha... I get so bored sometimes at work with monotonous stuff so I need constant stimulation and I'm always looking for more videos to listen to!

    Uh oh I'm tempted to try Japanese shampoo now cuz your hair looks so shiny and healthy! I'll wait to see your review on that new set you got.. let me know how it compares to Tsubaki!

    Next meetup in South Bay!!!

  3. I wish I could've gone!!!!! =/ It looks like you bought a lot of things :) I love the Tsubaki shampoos. They are awesome! I used to use the white bottled one for really dry/damaged hair. Don't they all smell lovely? The Shiseido travel sized one is really good as well! I think all Sheiseido shampoos are great. They have a nice scent and makes your hair soft and shiny. You have really healthy hair!! :D Love the beanie too!

    That is a really cute pear hand cream :p I think the price was so high because of the shape :p But if it smells good, $7 is justifiable :p One in awhile right? I hope you enjoy your shampoos! Do review them.

    Oh, the Gatsby hair stuff is awesome. I think it's hair wax? I have the older one! LOL It's not as sleek looking as the newer ones. I use it for flyaways. A little goes a LONG LONG LONG way. I'm sure your BF will be really grateful for it :)

  4. AHHHH, SUSY~!!♥

    I freaking LOVEE youu!!<3<3<3<3<3 aww, woman, you made me semi-teary with all your little personal shout-outs!! :'( You're so sweet!!<3 I'll be in good hands bc my bf will be driving! ^_^ And, yes, I've been packing!! After I comment here, I'm going to sleep and really buckle down in the morning when I wake up! I really gotta finish this packing tmrw!! I have some random stuffs & mostly clothes left since I finished packing the books & some kitchen things. You need to hurry up and move down to So.Cal!! Please let Susy find an awesome job soon! xD I wanna go discover good eats with you, Ms. Yelp Elite! :)

    OoOoOo when I went to Mitsuwa a while back, they gave me a small sample of the shampoo you bought!! I still haven't tried it yet...haha fail! I've really been wanting to try the Shisedo Tsubacki shampoo & conditioner though. Hrm...maybe I can try it once I move back down. Definitely time to change shampoos for me, too! Ooh, I've seen that pear hand cream before! It's so cute, but I didn't expect it to have such little product!! =/ Definitely $$ for the packaging.

    YESS for Kit Kats! I'm so happy I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a box like you & Serena!! It's hella yummy! :3 haha dude, you're so cute with your fizzy cola candy bit lol! I really like watching your vids bc you're so real and funny, and it cheers me up. I always have to crack up at some point :P

    I had a LOT of fun on Sat. with you & everyone! Yay for new friends & memories ^_^ ahaha, peer pressure, "Ping, Ronnie, MAKE A BLOG!" lol

    I'm going to try to get the pics up later today in a file so you & the girls can DL it! I should do a quick post about our meetup, too...

    ♥ caroline

  5. love the video! you should do more haha! yum kit kat!!! give me a piece? hehe

  6. Hi Susy! Thanks for comment. You should tell Ronnie to start one too!!

  7. Bwahaha, okok, I'm working on it!

  8. I don't know how the hell I missed this blog entry!! -_-

    Videos sounds so good sometimes since I totally feel you on the laziness... but eh.. I'm camera shy. Video cam shy. LOL!

    Mmmkay... you're too cute! Love all the stuff you got. You make me want to go out & shop. hehe