Thursday, November 10, 2011

the ugly

I'm going to Sephora's VIB event tonight. I get 20% my purchases and so does one friend that I bring along. Of course I am bringing Melissa.That woman has not blogged since she went to Miami in April but I have hopes that she'll return to the blogging world.

When I first started this blog, I had every intention on this being a beauty blog. I got so caught up in appearance, cosmetics, basically the superficial. I came to know other bloggers, met fellow beauty bloggers, befriended and DEFRIENDED a few... *ahem* I tried to keep up and I couldn't.
I think a good majority of the few true beauty bloggers that still stand today are great people. I never had a well known blog, and I know my blog will never culminate to that point. I admit, I could not keep up with the superficial.

I am an average person. I go to work Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm and make a decent living for myself.
However, I cannot afford to spend, spend, spend on the monthly. I can't keep up with the latest MAC collections (they seem to have a few every couple of months, what the fuck),  I can't purchase all the nail polishes from all the seasonal collections I want. Whenever a brand comes out with a new foundation, whether it be drugstore or high end, I don't bother to purchase it. Let's be real. Am I ever going to use all my nail polish and makeup!?

I don't know how the hell the other ladies keep up with it and manage to have the SPACE to store it all but props to them.
I am an average person living in a small San Franciscan home, which means my room isn't spacious.

So tonight when I get to Sephora, I only intend on purchasing things I really want: powder foundation (I've completely hit pan and almost killed it all) and under eye concealer.

I'm not afraid to show who I really am. I have atrocious bags under my eyes. I genetically have dark circles under my eyes. I have freckles, sun spots, and moles on my face.  I'm 5'2 1/2" and I weigh around 125 pounds. Yes, I weigh one hundred and twenty five pounds. I am not a "skinny" person like many claim I am. I am average. Camera angles and positioning can be deceiving. I am not okay with my weight gain and belly pudge, but I don't whine. I am the one in control of my weight, my looks, and my feelings. I'm just going to push myself to actually exercise.

the magic's in the makeup.
Beauty is only skin deep. Don't get swept up in the hype like I did. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Vegas round 3

On the plane with my Latina half
sometimes things don't make sense after 32oz of pina colada.
do you know who I am?
did Mel's makeup for Black Swan. Think I did a pretty good job..
 poor Kim. poor? yea right, she's still a millionaire

After 4 days in Vegas, back to work & reality.