Monday, May 23, 2011

Boiling Crab leftovers..

Just a quick entry before I post about my Lasik experience (I swear I'll do it. It just involves a lot of typing)

Last Saturday aka Rapture Day Serena and I met up at Boiling Crab. If the world was really ending, I wanted to have a full, happy belly. Disclaimer: We didn't really believe that nutjob Harold Camping okay? I am being sarcastic.


It was a short, 20 minute wait. I know, *gasp* what the heck right!? There are 2 locations in NorCal and both are in San Jose. The one on Curtner Ave is a much bigger spot with less of a wait.
When we sat down, I said out loud "dammit, I forgot to bring gloves!"
Well... I paint my nails a lot (thanks G, you turned me into a polish addict =P NUBS INC baby!) and I absolutely cannot stand it when my polish starts chipping...even the slightest bit. I will remove it and do another color.  Serena mentioned that her friends spoke of some Korean gloves for eating crawfish!??! I seriously need to wear gloves when I eat mudbugs because I have all these tiny little cuts all over random fingers :[


I ordered 3 pounds of crawfish, the wholeshabang sauce, medium spicy. I know, the server looked at me like "dam girl what the fuck?! 3 pounds!?" I did not eat it all in one sitting, I swear. I ate about 2 pounds and took the rest home. YES I TOOK IT HOME.
While we were eating I mentioned to Serena that I usually do this so I can enjoy a pound the next day... then I save the sauce and make pasta. She inquired about my process and I sent it over in a brief e-mail. Well, did it today and shot some photos to go along. So here you go!
Serena, let me know when you test it out!

what you'll need:
your leftover Boiling Crab sauce, strained (meaning take out all the little leftover antennae, random claws and garlic bits. well, removing the chunks of garlic is optional. I leave mine in because I would love to kill Edward. Sorry, I had to toss that Twilight dig in there and if I offended any Twi-hards, IDGAF!)
3 tablespoons of butter
3 tablespoons of flour
3/4 cup of cream or milk - your choice of whole, low-fat whatever
a big sauce pan or a frying pan
a package of pasta - your choice of spaghetti, elbow macaroni, rigatoni, whatever. I just combined some elbow macaroni and some twists I had leftover from the last time I made pasta salad.

my strained leftover Boiling Crab whole shabang sauce
 heat your skillet on low-medium
 let your butter melt on low to medium heat. careful not to burn it, you want it to just melt
 slowly incorporate the 3 tablespoons of flour, maybe do a tablespoon at a time and stir/whisk
add your 3/4 cup of milk/cream and stir stir stir 
after fully mixing, you should have a paste that looks like the picture below
 congrats, you just basically made a roux!
 slowly start adding your leftover Boiling Crab sauce and remember to stir!
 I had some corn on the cob on hand, so I sliced the kernels off and added them. 
this is of course, optional. you can also add some chopped up andouille sausage if you would like. I imagine that would go well with this. 
 stir it. what the hell do you think I'm doing?!
 if it's too thick for you, you can always keep SLOWLY adding milk/cream, bit by bit and stirring until you reach the consistency you like. 
 tossed it in some cooked pasta
 packed it up as lunch for a friend. fay mao directly translates to "fat cat" in Cantonese. it's a nickname I have for a friend of mine.
 I gave him some Kit Kats too.. Because he always whines that I never give him any food when I cook.

If you try this out, let me know!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello, May.

A little Sunday brunch at the Ferry Building in San Francisco
 an open faced grilled cheese sandwich with mustard, caramelized onions and pickled carrots from Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick - I had a bad stomachache from this. It's HELLA greasy.
 with Sophia & Serena

After Sophia took off, Serena and I took a long walk to downtown San Francisco. We heard "untz untz untz" and thought a rave of some sorts was going on in the streets. Turned out it was the annual How Weird Street Faire. Was kind of gross since there was a bunch of nudity, drugs, booze, babies/small children and animals.
I normally don't mind these crazy street fair things and I am a San Franciscan. Seeing weird shit doesn't really phaze me anymore. (I mean come on, we have the Folsom Street Fair. If you don't know what that is, don't Google it. I'll spare you the details but it's a ton of leather, chaps, and penises)
The thing that pisses me off about shit like How Weird Street Faire are the irresponsible people who bring their babies/toddlers/young children/pets.
First of all, dogs & cats have hearing that is much more sensitive than us humans. You know how terrified many pets get during July 4th fireworks? Yea, because the sound is amplified x10w4758902373 for them. Subjecting them to music at such loud decibels around people who are drunk or under the influence is so dangerous!!!! Their hearing is getting damaged all the way you are putting them in harms way. Anyone can step on your pet or injure them. Same goes for children.
I'm not trying to be a party pooper. I have had my fair share of marijuana, drugs, raves, booze, etc but I made that decision on my own. Don't subject your children to this kind of stuff. Let them make that choice on their own and be responsible people. Your children and pets ARE NOT ACCESSORIES.
I'm just saying.
 Bay Bridge
 Thanks Sophia!

Have any of you been to the Ferry Building? If yes, what's your favorite spot inside and why?
I think my favorite spot in there is Hog Island. I love love love their Kumamoto oysters and their clam chowder. 
P.S. For those that asked previous and via Twitter - yes I will blog about my experience with Lasik =]