Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fleur de Lys

The long awaited post. I'm not going to say much. To be honest, i'm totally not even inspired to write at the moment so just take my word for it. If you've got the bucks to throw around, then toss it for a night of fine dining @ Fleur de Lys in San Francisco. Hubert Keller is worth every single painstakingly hard earned dollar. I've also eaten at Burger Bar in Vegas (inside Mandalay Bay, another Keller joint) and it was by far the best kobe beef foie gras burger i've had in my entire life, all 25 years so far. 
It was also dark as night in there and hard to get photos. 
a bottle of bordeaux my friend Amanda brought. it was delicious. she's the best foodie/wino I know.
amuse bouche 
amuse bouche - chilled asparagus soup w/ creme fraiche 
pan seared artisan foie gras - rhubarb, corn fondue, truffle sauce AND TRUFFLES! this is what Heaven must taste like.
pan seared foie gras w/ truffles!!! pan seared foie gras + truffles are like two of my favoritest bourgeois things.
veal sweetbread "meuniere" - w/ morel mushrooms, poached egg purse, toasted brioche & veal jus
sunflower seeded sea bass, endive, and mustard fondue - tomato coriander coulis, basil emulsion, truffled mushroom french toast
Hawaiin sword fish, seed crust, salsify & speck - Basquaise & pinot sauce w/ a side of saffron soup (forgot to snap the saffron soup)
my oven roasted venison chop w/ truffled baby bok choy - accented w/ a rich cocoa nib red wine reduction, Spanish chorizo, cocoa tuile. i'd kill for some right now (it's 7:30pm and im waitimg on dinner)
vanilla espresso mousse cake 

So one day I went on a beauty binge w/ my friend Ronnie..When I came home, this package was waiting for me on my floor like "SURPRISE SURPRISE BEEOTCH OPEN ME!"
Man! I thought I was the bee's knees surprising Angelique and sending her the Aquafina chapsticks (and other goodies).. BUT NO! She one upped me and sent me a surprise package as well. Well played girl, well played. You got me <3 
it was kinda heavy. I was like, WTF IS IN THIS LIL ENVELOPE!?
been meaning to try these EOS lip balms. As a matter of fact, I bought the honeydew one today despite the fact that I still haven't tried this summer fruit one Angelique sent me. I'm a sucker for lip balms :[
this is like portable coffee bits for your mouth for coffee junkies like me. best coffee candy ever, hands down.
this stuff has been the shit lately w/ beauty bloggers. i need to drink this tomollo and seeeee
coffee mix! for the days i don't have time to buy any before heading into work <3
more M B Deezies because... Angelique knows i'm a beezy that likes this ish
what is this!? more candy!? 0_o
she knew. she knew. thought i'd like it to go with my new MAC lippie she sent me.. what'd she send?
sweetest blogger i've been in contact so far, can't wait to meet her soon
jealous!? jealous!?
She went all the way to the outlets to get this! <33333
i've been wanting to try this for forever and a day~!! THANK YOU
ugghh this color is so pretty and natural. perfect for everyday wear, i think i have to marry it.
the spread :]
Thanks for everything babes. You know I love it all, ALL! ALL! 

My beauty binge:
Dr. Jarts Blue Label Dew Drop Blemish Base. $37 for this ish and the Korean lady who sold it to me told me I have "velly dry onnnnn skeeen, and onnnn wrinkles" >=[ bitch!
i've been using this lately rather than my revlon photoready. review to come on this shit later.. uhm.soon?
review on this to come...later soonish too.
I forgot to take a picture of my Sana Easy Peel Cleansing Water but I love that crap. It takes my MAC eye makeup off with such ease, no tugging! Review on that later too. There were also various samples the lady gave me but I don't even remember what they're for.
my room that night.. oh man too many goodies, overloaad
ahhahah excuse my leopard print bra >.< 

okay so this was a picture post. i got too lazy to write. it's 7:55pm now and i'm gonna eat dinner, use a My Beauty Diary Mask, bake cookies for Mr. Susyness, then cook my bomb dot com spaghetti w/ meat sauce for lunch tomorrow. my spaghetti w/ meat sauce is no joke - it puts grown men to sleep within 15mins. I don't play around. 
P.S. Okay giveaway annoucement coming soon because I know everyone likes free swag.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NYX Loose Pearl & Glitter Powder Review

Alright. A million days ago Christine had asked me to review these NYX pigment thingies I had purchased way back when. These Loose Pearl & Glitter Powders are $2.50 each on NYX's website.  If you can wait, I recommend holding off on ordering from them online. Their products are so cheap it's not really worth the shipping. If you have a surplus of junky dollar stores or Japanese dollar stores around you - check there first.  I first came across NYX at some Japanese dollar store in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Later on, I discovered the junky Chinese dollar store in San Francisco that carries a plethora of NYX. The last time i've seen NYX was at another Japanese store inside Mitsuwa Market in Torrance. At my junky Chinese dollar store, I believe these were sold for $1.50 (I could be wrong, it's been awhile). The junky store I go to also sells the NYX round lipsticks for only $1.50 as opposed to $4 (their website price). Saving $2.50 isn't a big deal? TO ME IT IS! It adds up..I don't purchase makeup often but when I do, I buy in bulk. I also HATE HATE HATE ordering shit online and waiting for it. There's almost NEVER anyone home to receive the package so it drives me nuts to chase my packages down. Okay here we go.

I've only got 2 loose pearl powders and 2 glitter powders

L to R: yellow pearl, black (i think it's black? might be charcoal, sorry I took off stickers!) hot pink, gold
why is the lid on my yellow pearl all stupid?! you'll see
has something to do with the stupid ass grooves on the inside. i obviously got a defective one and the grooves don't realign properly for me to screw the cap back on! my clumsy ass has to be uber careful to NOT knock these babies over, therefore i've been storing them on a bookshelf away from the edge
*sigh* defective ass shit!
I hope these shots can somewhat give you an idea of the color. They are as true as I could get with my n00b ass using a point & shoot digicam and the fleeting sunlight in San Francisco during our bi-polar weather storm. 
so.. let's swatch these little babies
L to R: yellow pearl, black (or charcoal, fuck i forgot sorry!), hot pink, gold
out of all these, I would have to say I like the black one the most. the glitters just don't do it for me. i guess they'd be okay if you're going raving or some shit but the actual glitters aren't refined enough for my liking, making it hard for them to stick. you'll need to apply some sort of sticky base to your eyes. 
i do find the hot pink to be very pretty. it has a yellow/green iridescence to it
yellow pearl has a gold pearlescent to it so it comes out pretty pigmented
  • they are CHEAP in comparison to MAC pigments
  • color pay off is excellent
  • easy to apply IF you only use your fingers
  • long lasting

  • not as wide of a variety of colors as MAC 
  • cheap plastic packaging (hello? look at my defected one I can't close!)
  • tiny tiny tiny opening 
  • hard to get out of the damn container, i have to pour it out onto a piece of paper subsequently wasting some product
  • doesn't work too well with brushes, so it may or may not be harder to blend for some people ( i tried w/ a MAC 227, MAC 217 and an ELF blending brush..results not too good)
Would I buy these ever again? Probably not. I'm going to have to give these little suckers a C+ rating since I hate how hard it is to get the product out and the fact that I have to pour it out onto paper! I don't know.. Does anybody else have a better idea!? The opening is SERIOUSLY tiny. I can't even stick my pinky in there and I have tiny hands. Look at this mess!
MuhahAHhaHAha Cydia, this isn't a food related post! NO FOOD FOR YOU! =P jk.
P.S. Angelique's giveaway is ending in just 8 days! Don't forget to enter!!!

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I already entered but you should really check out her blog, follow her on twitter and what not. Angelique is also very good about swatching lipsticks.. I'm terrible at swatching stuff for y'all but CHECK HER BLOG OUT DAMMIT! Clicky: here

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Aww i'm just teasing you guys aren't I? I know, I know... People are awaiting my review & photos from Fleur de Lys. That will come after this post. Hubert Keller is so amazing he deserves to come AFTER Pesce. I mean come on.. I can't do Fleur de Lys and then follow it up with Pesce, right? Anywaysssss

So those of you who have  been reading my blog for a little while know that I'm a foodie. Somehow, this blog has been more food as of late rather than makeup. WHOOPS! I have a list of entries I told myself i'd do (beauty related). It's all written down on my to-do list.

Okaaaay no more delaying. I dined at Pesce with 2 friends (waddaaaaaap Shy Ronnie! GINTHER BEAR) after work one friday.
had a drink while waiting for Ronnie to get off work..
my bellini (pretty good and gave me a slight buzz)
Ginther's drink. Harry's Punch
started off with a round of oyster shooters. they make them really well here. you can have them virgin but if you want booze, they used a chipotle infused vodka. their menu online says you can do wasabi vodka? must be new. the crunchy bits of cucumber on the bottom give it a beautiful texture at the end of your shot. 
1/2 a dozen of Hammerslay oysters from Oregon. Kumamotos are actually my fave, but they didn't have any so I had to make do with these. They weren't bad, just not sweet enough for my liking.
Pan seared scallops with chanterelles, green onions,
cream and truffle essence
So gooooood. I used all the bread they kept giving us to sop up that cream & truffle essence.
Um..there WAS 3 of these, but my friend Greg freaking ate one before I snapped a shot
House smoked salmon bruschetta with capers,
red onion and horseradish cream
Milk braised pork, gnocchi, pancetta and sage
This is Greg's favorite dish. The gnocchi is good, but I didn't think much of this dish and gave my portion to him. 
Crab Tower: Dungeness crab meat with avocado, cucumber,
tomato, basil and red wine vinaigrette
I can't believe that thing was fucking $16. It is SOO BLAND. Definitely was not happy with this thing.
Now the winners (my absolute favorites) of the night:
This was one of the specials that night. If you're there and they're offering it, DEFINITELY GET IT.
The sauce is a perfect balance heartiness, robustness, and not too acidic on the tomato end. Impressed me because I prefer cream or wine sauces over marinara/red. 
My other favorite of the night is the squid ink risotto. So it was a little undercooked the night I dined there (crunchy risotto is a no no people) but I still ate it anyway because the flavor was a party in my mouth. If you've never had squid ink, it gives off this semi earthy nutty taste. I enjoy it very much so.
Squid ink risotto with calamari
tiramisu i devoured
Ronnie's bread pudding. 
I don't eat like this on a regular basis. I just enjoy good food and great company.

I'm in Los Angeles right now killing some time..expect a post & pix on my eats from this weekend as well. 

I just also wanted to say that i've reached 50 subbies. Thank you all for reading this lil ole blog of mine. I am so grateful that people out here are reading my thoughts and reviews. I've also made some new friends via my blog! You gals are amazing ladies and total sweethearts (you know who you are! the ones who regularly comment!) For those of you I don't know, what are you waiting for!??! LEAVE ME A COMMENT! Ask me a question? I write back ^_^ No really I do! 
Mr. Susyness always said I should celebrate when I hit 50. I don't know what kind of celebrating he's talking about or how I would celebrate such a thing?? Maybe i'll do a giveaway contest? What do you guys think?