Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NYX Loose Pearl & Glitter Powder Review

Alright. A million days ago Christine had asked me to review these NYX pigment thingies I had purchased way back when. These Loose Pearl & Glitter Powders are $2.50 each on NYX's website.  If you can wait, I recommend holding off on ordering from them online. Their products are so cheap it's not really worth the shipping. If you have a surplus of junky dollar stores or Japanese dollar stores around you - check there first.  I first came across NYX at some Japanese dollar store in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Later on, I discovered the junky Chinese dollar store in San Francisco that carries a plethora of NYX. The last time i've seen NYX was at another Japanese store inside Mitsuwa Market in Torrance. At my junky Chinese dollar store, I believe these were sold for $1.50 (I could be wrong, it's been awhile). The junky store I go to also sells the NYX round lipsticks for only $1.50 as opposed to $4 (their website price). Saving $2.50 isn't a big deal? TO ME IT IS! It adds up..I don't purchase makeup often but when I do, I buy in bulk. I also HATE HATE HATE ordering shit online and waiting for it. There's almost NEVER anyone home to receive the package so it drives me nuts to chase my packages down. Okay here we go.

I've only got 2 loose pearl powders and 2 glitter powders

L to R: yellow pearl, black (i think it's black? might be charcoal, sorry I took off stickers!) hot pink, gold
why is the lid on my yellow pearl all stupid?! you'll see
has something to do with the stupid ass grooves on the inside. i obviously got a defective one and the grooves don't realign properly for me to screw the cap back on! my clumsy ass has to be uber careful to NOT knock these babies over, therefore i've been storing them on a bookshelf away from the edge
*sigh* defective ass shit!
I hope these shots can somewhat give you an idea of the color. They are as true as I could get with my n00b ass using a point & shoot digicam and the fleeting sunlight in San Francisco during our bi-polar weather storm. 
so.. let's swatch these little babies
L to R: yellow pearl, black (or charcoal, fuck i forgot sorry!), hot pink, gold
out of all these, I would have to say I like the black one the most. the glitters just don't do it for me. i guess they'd be okay if you're going raving or some shit but the actual glitters aren't refined enough for my liking, making it hard for them to stick. you'll need to apply some sort of sticky base to your eyes. 
i do find the hot pink to be very pretty. it has a yellow/green iridescence to it
yellow pearl has a gold pearlescent to it so it comes out pretty pigmented
  • they are CHEAP in comparison to MAC pigments
  • color pay off is excellent
  • easy to apply IF you only use your fingers
  • long lasting

  • not as wide of a variety of colors as MAC 
  • cheap plastic packaging (hello? look at my defected one I can't close!)
  • tiny tiny tiny opening 
  • hard to get out of the damn container, i have to pour it out onto a piece of paper subsequently wasting some product
  • doesn't work too well with brushes, so it may or may not be harder to blend for some people ( i tried w/ a MAC 227, MAC 217 and an ELF blending brush..results not too good)
Would I buy these ever again? Probably not. I'm going to have to give these little suckers a C+ rating since I hate how hard it is to get the product out and the fact that I have to pour it out onto paper! I don't know.. Does anybody else have a better idea!? The opening is SERIOUSLY tiny. I can't even stick my pinky in there and I have tiny hands. Look at this mess!
MuhahAHhaHAha Cydia, this isn't a food related post! NO FOOD FOR YOU! =P jk.
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  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're just scare that you have to send me your food and i will eat it all for ya hahahhhahahaaaa

    okay, C+ thats a bad rating i have one of these tiny thing in black or something used it once don't remember for what but i was playing around with my makeup i wanted to buy more but from your rating maybe not hahahahaha now that you talked abt some chinese and japanese junky store i JUST rememeber at NYC by Flushing there's this japanese or korean store that sells nyx too!! lol...totally forgot about it but its kinda far from me so no...

    and abt nyx lipsticks OMGG....i love love love it i think i love it more than MAC's too hahahaha what are you favorite? i hate the fact that its so hard to find nyx when i do find it but that store just DON'T carry much stuff! URGG and no...i see no black label here..its all craps..the korean junky store i think its all the old cometic like been there for years probably i dun even know ... im jealous!! u have a chinese junk store by u!

  2. the glitter ones look like the glue you buy at target -__- i like my mac pigments! well i only have one set of the mini bottles (you've seen them) but i do like them alot :D super pigmented and easy to use. yay! more posts, more posts!!!

  3. Glitter equals a night on the town till the wee hours in the morning.


  4. hahahaha I doubt I would've even bought the glittery ones. Glitter isn't really my thang. The black would be the only one I like too! Maybe the yellow pearl one but it seems very bright.. I will look like the sun. hahaha

    Great swatches though! *hi5

    LOL thanks for advertising my giveaway again :] & telling people to read my blog. You're too sweet :]

    Tallying up that giveaway will be a complete total gigantic BITCH! :P

  5. Oh yeah, I finally did that tag from a gazillion years ago!

  6. That's some glitter mania lol. I think I would be too messy to handle that, especially in the morning. Fun stuff for going out though.

    xo, Diana

  7. Damnnnnn sounds so annoying. Lol sounds like if I used those, I'd be spending extra time, washing my hands, applying pressed powder to my face for fall out every few seconds, & getting annoyed! ughh, thank you for this, I def want to try it but I won't buy more than 1 lol, if it's that messy & not too worth it then fuck itttt. Thank you for thisssss <3

  8. Susy!

    Thanks for doing this review! LOL I freaking LOVE your review style because you're so freaking honest, blunt, and just funny (ie. "or charcoal, fuck I forgot, sorry!) haha :P I've always wondered how these pigments work, and I have to admit from the looks of your pics, the color payoff and pigmentation are pretty good and rival that of MAC's! It's too bad that the packaging sucks and the tiny hole! lol :P

    I'm still waiting on & looking forward to you Fleur de Lys post, woman! Show me those foodie pics i can droooool!! haha jk xD

    Hope you're having a good weekend so far, Gorgeous! I hope I will be able to go to the meetup bc I hella wanna meet you and Sophia and everyone else!! I'm going to move back to by Memorial Day. So, if not I can't make it to the meetup, if you're ever in the So.Cal. for more than one wknd this summer, omg hit me up! We can have a So.Cal meetup too! :D

    ♥ caroline

  9. @Cydia - Flushing seems so far! I remember driving past it on the way in from JFK. Yea don't buy anymore of these NYX pigment things unless you don't mind pouring it out of the bottle to apply. That really annoys me since I don't have much time in the mornings to put on makeup (but really, does anybody??) Going to send you some of my favorite NYX lippies but I have to go to the store first. In the round lipsticks my fave is Baby Pink LS 592. It's a really shimmery baby pink. I think Angelique's is Tea Rose. I might have that color (not sure at the moment, I have so many lip products). I also really love Heiress and Dusty Rose from the Luxurious Black Label line. I need to send you and Angelique those. They smell like grape but I checked, no real grape in it so it should be okay on your lips (I know you're allergic to fruits :( sucks ) The best thing about NYX lipsticks is that they're so cheap, they work SO GOOD and they SMELL wonderful. I can't wait to get you and Angelique's packages together, I already started!

    @Tina slow yer roll betch! You know I can only post so much.. Short attention span and i'm fecking lazy! HAHAHAHAHA. YOU NEED TO POST MORE. So there. =P

    @Angelique yeaaaah I was like "wait..isn't Ang's giveaway ending soon? Shieeeeet I should check up on that... " ahahhahaaha getting your package together!! <3333

    @Diana - i knowwww ever since Ke$ha got popular I regret glitter now. That dirty cunt needs to take a goddamn shower. She is ruining glitter for me. hahahaha i'm jus' sayin.. glad you finally did the tag! I think Winsley should post more ^_^ jus' sayinnnnnn hahahaha

    @Boutzie - glitter = night on the town = dancing my butt off

    @Christine - sorry I took so long bebz! I promised i'd do it though. The weather in SF has been insane. Storming & hailing in the morning then bright humid and sunny in the afternoon. I'm always like WTF!? Now it's like 70 degrees sunny during the day so I finally had some sunlight when I got home and was able to take the pix. Cleaning up wasn't too bad since I knew I needed to pour everything on paper but I definitely had a makeup wipe handy. I'm so impatient with this stuff that i've only used them TWICE.

    @Edna - HI! How'd you find me? Just curious :] I even texted Heidi to ask her how you found me and she goes "iono, it's the internet!" ahhahaha

    @Caroline - I haaaave to be honest! I'm not going to tell you guys to buy crap that isn't worth your money. I hate it when people gush on and on about shit but leave out the negative parts. It's like really?? This product has NO CONS whatsoever!? The con probably is that the person got paid for it! HAHAHAHA. Yeah i'm pretty disappointed with the packaging. I had no idea the hole would be THAT small when I purchased these since they were sealed. BLAH what a waste right? It's okay, i'll still use them. Fleur de Lys will come soon, I promise! I have a to do list on posts I told myself i'd do and i'm so backed up. I have about 8 posts i'm behind on, hahaha. I'm also going to dine at The Slanted Door this upcoming week so yeah, there will be yet ANOTHER food post that I need to catch up on. My weekend is a-okay, just very chill. I actually went to the optometrist and had my eyes dilated today :( that ate up all of my saturday afternoon and early evening since I was so sensitive to light. I just stayed in bed all day. What a waste of sunshine! Oh well. I'm hoping we can all do the meetup. I know you're moving back to SoCal soon. WAHHHHH i'm looking at 5/15 as a hopeful. I think I already mentioned it to Sophia but I have a birthday dinner that night so if this meetup is an afternoon thing let's make it happen on the 15th!

  10. Hello Miss Susy...

    I'm excited for the meet up, are you?! =DDDD

    I've never tried and NYX products before. Funny thing, I just heard about them this year through blogging. I was never into the whole powder shadows. They seem kind of messy with small openings. I can picture myself pouring a lot of product that will end up all over my desk somehow.

    LOL @ "they'd be okay if you're going raving"... I just thought that was hilarious. I don't know why but I looked right at the hot pink and gold glitters.

    And looking at your post about going to Pesce is making me drool. Everything looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I'm a sucker for good food. All the dishes look bomb. Your money was well spent. Better meal than my TGIFs...

    <3 Serena.

  11. those are really pretty colors..too bad im afraid to use loose powder eyeshadow b/c i'm afraid of making myself look drag lol

  12. The black pigment is intense, Nyx is definitely worth its price.