Tuesday, March 30, 2010

About Angelique ...

I know there are a couple of my friends "in real life" who think that it's somewhat strange that I meet people off the internet. I have friends from Yelp *shrugs* Go figure. I have connected with people over things that I enjoy. Granted, I'm pretty cautious of who I meet and things like that but anyway.. When I started this whole blog I didn't think that it would gain much momentum. I had hounded my friends to sub to me, comment, etc but... I wasn't too successful. Somehow, slowly but surely I gained a small gathering of subbies. My blog is still pretty small, I don't mind keeping it this way but I have definitely connected with very lovely ladies (Shoutout to Chau! You were one of the very first babes, one of the first!). One of these said ladies is Angelique. She came across my blog early on because we connected via Twitter after a blogTV session. (I think we were both watching Pam, yeah?)  I've only been doing this since January but you get what i'm saying yeah??
Anyway.. I've gotten to know Angelique a bit through our blogs and tweeting back & forth. We both have our ups and downs throughout the days but she's been so positive! Okay i'm straying off topic here but she is having her very first giveaway for reaching 50+ subscribers!! Check out the goodies and how to enter: here. There are rules so pay attention and read dammit!

Giveaway Entry Rules

1.  You must be a follower of this blog
2.  Open to US & International followers
3.  Leave a comment on this entry with (all 3):
  • Valid email address
  • Reason why you follow my blog
  • What you would like to see more of in my blog
Now all of that constitutes as ONE entry

For more entries, read below.

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Giveaway ends April 29

I already entered but you should really check out her blog, follow her on twitter and what not. Angelique is also very good about swatching lipsticks.. I'm terrible at swatching stuff for y'all but CHECK HER BLOG OUT DAMMIT! Clicky: here

And now I would like to present my very first love pack. Guess who it's from??! None other than the lovely Angelique herself! Muhahahahahahaa killin' 2 birds with 1 stone on this entry. You should've seen my face and heard my screams. I was literally going "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" and running around with the box like a little kid on Christmas morning

and then the look my youngest brother gave me?? oh man...I felt bad afterward that we were in the same room at the time, hahhaahhahaa

I swear this girl knew me in a past life or we were destined to meet because I LOVE EVERYTHING in this damn box. She also wrote on Mono Koo Roo Boo stationary!!!! (I even have a MKRB tissue box in my car and people call me a fob for it)
you definitely made my day yesterday ♥
O_O just the other day, I hit up Target. We finally have elf at my local Target but of course EVERYTHING was out of stock there. So excited Angelique gave me elf products!! Can't wait to try it out! I really wanted to test out that exact brush too, how eerie is that?!
my youngest bro already wanted to pop this and eat it. 
I am holding it hostage till the end of this week when his freeloading ass goes back to school so he can't have any. Just kidding. Where can I even find this!? I can't wait wait wait to try this sooooo bad
she gave me M B Deeeeeeeeeezies!
(My Beauty Diary masks) 
I've been seeing them left and right on blogs but haven't tried them out yet (i'm bad at ordering things online.. I just don't like doing it) 

She knows me so well, she gave me snackies and beauty products ♥

 Thanks for everything babes, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Izakaya Sozai

I've been meaning to finish up this entry. I've had it on draft status since March 19th, my bad!! I actually dined at this fine little charming establishment March 18th so if you're in San Francisco, give it a try. By the way, i'm not Japanese or Korean i'm actually Chinese. I just love all foods in general but Japanese is one of my favorites (the other would be French).

An izakaya (居酒屋?) is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. The food is usually more substantial than that offered in other types of drinking establishments in Japan such as bars or snack bars.
They are popular, casual and relatively cheap places for after-work drinking.
With that said, one of my most recent favorite places to dine at in San Francisco is "Izakaya Sozai" This tiny establishment has actually been around for a few years, but they have recently acquired new owners! I'm so glad the new owners came along because the food has improved tenfold.  The food is so good, i've gone twice in the past 2 weeks and each outing has racked a bill of over $100.
I do have to mention that I am a ramen fiend. I dont' mean the instant Maruchan crap, I mean real ramen. I'm talking NARUTO ramen, mmmkay? My quest for the best ramen in Northern California has been pretty devastating. Ramen house after ramen house have left me in dismay, especially the ones in San Francisco. Along came revamped Izakaya Sozai bringing with them thee absolute best ramen in the bay area. My favorite had been Santouka in San Jose for quite some time, but now, it is definitely the Ritsu tonkatu ramen here at Izakaya Sozai.

Tako wasabi is one of my absolute favorite dishes whenever having izakaya. If you screw this up, then i know the rest of the meal will suck. This has been perfect both times thus far. I loved every single last slimy morsel of raw, chopped octopus and fresh wasabi. Perfect balance of flavor, crunch, and kick.
hamachi carpaccio (sliced yellow fin sashimi)
hamachi kama - grilled yellowtail collar
 tako yaki - they don't skimp on the octopus in this, you get a decent chunk! 
*ahem* unlike the stand at the Cherry Blossom Festival *ahem*
spicy tuna on crispy rice - i love love love love love crispy rice. if you like spicy tuna, you should get this too. i don't even want to describe it, just fucking get it and thank me later.

 grilled chicken gizzards - mMmMm seasoned beautifully and great crunch
grilled beef tongue
grilled sea bass - so perfect in buttery flavor
gyusuji (braised beef tendon) - definitely one of the stars of the meal. cooked perfectly. reminded me of my mother because she makes a similar dish with huge chunks of stewed daikon. i would have to say this was ONE of my favorites here.
grilled tofu steak w/ mushrooms
ritsu tonkotsu ramen - the best part of the meal!!!! BEST BEST PART OF THE MEAL! I was shocked and in awe at how PERFECT this ramen was. I noted how awesome the boiled egg was. Usually ramen places have tough, over boiled eggs (you can tell when there's a gray ring around the yolk) The egg in this ramen was sooooo good, not to mention it was cured. It reminded me of Chinese tea eggs. They give you a nice sheet of fresh seaweed, a good handful of green onions and plenty of noodles. I cannot express how in love I am with the broth. Perfectly robust, full of flavor, no msg headache, didn't make me thirsty after, I couldn't get enough of it.. The noodles were also al dente.. Oh man, it was better than Hakata Shinsen Gumi in Rosemead, CA. The ramen is meant for eating AFTER sake but by then you'll probably be full so I would advise sharing with someone if you can (which is what I did with my ajusshi)
Alright, i'm done with the food. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I finally painted my nails, woop woop! They've been bare for over a week!! I know it's good to let your skin and nails "breathe" every now and then but seriously?? My fingers feel naked without polish on them. Hahahahaha. I did them with OPI for Sephora's "Metro Chic" I had ordered this online and it looked more purple but in real life, it comes out this murky greyish brown color. At first I really didn't like it, but it started to grow on me so I try to wear it more often. I've been more into neutral colors lately so this is definitely getting tossed into the rotation. I don't know why the fuck Blogger is uploading my pictures sideways and the pictures are not sideways when I uploaded to the computer, I rotated them first and saved. I'm frustrated.
If anybody can offer a solution to this, i'd be grateful. I am technologically challenged so I don't know why it's all funky. I didn't do anything bad, I promise! It uploaded all my food pix fine! ugh! -_-
I swear by Nail Tek and Seche Vite. I use Nail Tek as my base, put 2 coats of my polish then use the Seche Vite top coat. It truly is the fastest drying top coat out there ladies. I haven't come across anything better. The Sally Hansen & Revlon ones tend to "bubble" on my nails and take for-freaking-evaaa to dry. I usually do my nails on my lunch break at work so I need something that dries quickstyles. Check it out if you can, I believe Ulta carries it.

This is the NYX palette that i've been using on the daily. 10 Color Eyeshadow Pallet (isn't it supposed to be spelled palette? Am I wrong? Iono, I googled this image and got it off ebay, so the seller is maybe doing a fakie?) from The Runway Collection in "Champagne & Caviar".The 2 colors circled are the ones I used in the following pictures. Bad eyeliner job, I know. I've been having a real rough time getting ready in the A.M. You know why? Because i'm a loser that's been playing Restaurant City on Facebook non-stop.Hahahahah i'm totally going to Hell but check out my restaurant hahahahhahahahhaahaha
"wha-evaaa yoo lie, we dooo pho yooo! $5 luv yoo long time!"
brows: MAC charcoal brown
eyes: MAC ricepaper under brow for highlight, 2 NYX colors from the Champagne & Caviar palette
MAC fluid line in Blacktrack, Neutragena under eye concealer
nothing but Carmex on my lips. I'll explain why in a bit >.<

So... Remember that movie "A Christmas Story" ?? The one where the little kid with the glasses wants a Red Ryder BB gun? There's a scene where his classmate gets triple dog dared to stick his tongue onto a flagpole and the kid's tongue got stuck. Who remembers that shit!?!?! Well...Guess what my dumb ass did. I made a delicious lasagna last night at Joy's house. (We made it from scratch too, I ain't no Stouffer bitch mmkay) and sat my fat ass on her couch and ate a red bean ice cream popsicle. I didn't realize how much freezer burn was on that thing my.mouth.got.stuck.on.the.damn.motherfucking.popsicle.
I had to ply my mouth off and tore chunks of my freaking mouth off! I didn't realize it at first since it was numb and I was wearing red lipstick yesterday (Viva Glam I). damn, i'm a dumbass.
epic failure.

Monday, March 22, 2010

mini binge & wknd in photos

Meli & I on the road to Los Angeles - got us there in 6 hours! 
my daytime outfit
dress: MetroPark (bought like 3 years ago) shades: Ralph Lauren hat: from a store in Miami? idk, that hat isn't mine. I borrowed it =P I just wore some Rainbow flip flops because .. it was 75* + and i'm lazy
fobby neh? i love the buttons on this dress by the way

Soondae is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. It is a kind of blood sausage and believed to have been eaten for a long time. It is also a dish that I just tried for the very 1st time this past weekend and i'm a huge fan of it. It is not meant for the weak hearted, sorry! If you're not open to trying weird shit like I am then you can leave this ish alone but I like it a lot. Hahahahhaa. Thanks for taking me and treating me Tina, love you! You are always expanding my knowledge of Korean things! Can't wait to eat more bomb dot com Korean food and have you get me a billion banchans!

me & Tina
this picture she took of me in my car.. I was making her listen to my fob music & eating beef jerky hahah
and here comes the goods..
DARKNESS LASHES!! $3 a pop. Can't wait to try em out since everyone raves about these
Shiseido pear scented watering lip balm

flavored soymilk. haven't tried 'em yet, they're in my fridge but Tina said the banana 1 is nasty
I don't even like chocolate but I miss green tea kit kats. I couldn't find it at the Mitsuwa in Torrance but they did have these flavors!! SO GOOD. I know you're feckin jealous!
korepab, one of my fave Korean snacks. I am sad that I can't find these at my local Korean market.
Tina managed to find me this one at the one by her pad but it's not the same. I like the blue box flavored one best. Still, beggars can't be choosers... :[
these jelly things are so good and cute! it came in a bear, thanks for swapping w/ me Tina!
dang bish, your name is all up over this post like i'm makin love to your ass hahahaha
transition to night..
some $9 dress I got at Ross. MmMhMmM I shop there!
Forgot to take a pic of my shoes but here's what they are. Mossimo Isabelle's. They were for $16 at Target and if they look familiar, yes they are Manolo Sedaraby knockoffs that cost WAY LESS. 
darkened up the makeup a tad by popping in some dark brown shadow into my "crease" idk the name of the color, sorry :[ it's from my NYX 10 shadow palette
brows: dark brown from NYX 10 color palette (forgot to pack my MAC one!)
eyes: MAC ricepaper for highlight, MAC Satin Taupe all over the lid, dark brown from NYX 10 color palette in my "crease" area, liner: MAC Fluid Line in blacktrack
lashes: Red Cherry #1's I kind of like these a lot, hence why I sent a pair to Angelique.
 What do you guys think?
reason why I got dressed up? so I could dine at Mastro's in Beverly Hills.

my 12oz bone in filet w/ sauteed mushrooms and lobster mashed potatoes
so droolworthy and so gooooood
the 18oz Kansas bone in strip w/ sauteed mushrooms and lobster mashed potatoes
def had better flavor than the bone in filet, but this would've been too big for me

strawberry & Meyer lemon gelato
dessert @ Pazza Gelato in LA.
espresso gelato 2 thumbs up good lol

There were a bunch of shenanigans after all the drinking we did at Gaam in K-town (Korea Town) for my friend's birthday. I felt so a-Z-n. Those photos shall not be posted >.< sollies!
until the next post, ciao!