Monday, March 22, 2010

mini binge & wknd in photos

Meli & I on the road to Los Angeles - got us there in 6 hours! 
my daytime outfit
dress: MetroPark (bought like 3 years ago) shades: Ralph Lauren hat: from a store in Miami? idk, that hat isn't mine. I borrowed it =P I just wore some Rainbow flip flops because .. it was 75* + and i'm lazy
fobby neh? i love the buttons on this dress by the way

Soondae is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. It is a kind of blood sausage and believed to have been eaten for a long time. It is also a dish that I just tried for the very 1st time this past weekend and i'm a huge fan of it. It is not meant for the weak hearted, sorry! If you're not open to trying weird shit like I am then you can leave this ish alone but I like it a lot. Hahahahhaa. Thanks for taking me and treating me Tina, love you! You are always expanding my knowledge of Korean things! Can't wait to eat more bomb dot com Korean food and have you get me a billion banchans!

me & Tina
this picture she took of me in my car.. I was making her listen to my fob music & eating beef jerky hahah
and here comes the goods..
DARKNESS LASHES!! $3 a pop. Can't wait to try em out since everyone raves about these
Shiseido pear scented watering lip balm

flavored soymilk. haven't tried 'em yet, they're in my fridge but Tina said the banana 1 is nasty
I don't even like chocolate but I miss green tea kit kats. I couldn't find it at the Mitsuwa in Torrance but they did have these flavors!! SO GOOD. I know you're feckin jealous!
korepab, one of my fave Korean snacks. I am sad that I can't find these at my local Korean market.
Tina managed to find me this one at the one by her pad but it's not the same. I like the blue box flavored one best. Still, beggars can't be choosers... :[
these jelly things are so good and cute! it came in a bear, thanks for swapping w/ me Tina!
dang bish, your name is all up over this post like i'm makin love to your ass hahahaha
transition to night..
some $9 dress I got at Ross. MmMhMmM I shop there!
Forgot to take a pic of my shoes but here's what they are. Mossimo Isabelle's. They were for $16 at Target and if they look familiar, yes they are Manolo Sedaraby knockoffs that cost WAY LESS. 
darkened up the makeup a tad by popping in some dark brown shadow into my "crease" idk the name of the color, sorry :[ it's from my NYX 10 shadow palette
brows: dark brown from NYX 10 color palette (forgot to pack my MAC one!)
eyes: MAC ricepaper for highlight, MAC Satin Taupe all over the lid, dark brown from NYX 10 color palette in my "crease" area, liner: MAC Fluid Line in blacktrack
lashes: Red Cherry #1's I kind of like these a lot, hence why I sent a pair to Angelique.
 What do you guys think?
reason why I got dressed up? so I could dine at Mastro's in Beverly Hills.

my 12oz bone in filet w/ sauteed mushrooms and lobster mashed potatoes
so droolworthy and so gooooood
the 18oz Kansas bone in strip w/ sauteed mushrooms and lobster mashed potatoes
def had better flavor than the bone in filet, but this would've been too big for me

strawberry & Meyer lemon gelato
dessert @ Pazza Gelato in LA.
espresso gelato 2 thumbs up good lol

There were a bunch of shenanigans after all the drinking we did at Gaam in K-town (Korea Town) for my friend's birthday. I felt so a-Z-n. Those photos shall not be posted >.< sollies!
until the next post, ciao!


  1. HAHAHA make rub to meh babehHh~~~ i wish i was as skinny as you betch. then i can wear pillowcases with heart-shaped buttons too (with no bra). HAHAHAHAHA. good times.. did you wiki the soondae thing? daym americans make it sound hella unappetizing but the mouth proves them wronggg!

  2. Wooohooo look gorgeous! It was like summer when you were down here! Whhattt I was at the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa on Sunday & I sooo didn't find the Royal Milk Tea Kit Kats! So I AM JEALOUS! LOL

    Those lashes look good on you!! Now I want an event to go to so I can bust them out & try them! Thanks for sending them to me <33

    All your food pictures are making me hungry.. as usual. Thanks :P

    Glad you had fun & you got to & from LA safely!


  3. EWW I hate soondae! hahaha! Oooh u got lots of Darkness! I love k.ma6! You gotta try k.ma8 next time too!

    That black sesame soy milk looks gooood! Haha "soy drink".. it's like the Trader Joe "rice drink" I have.. sounds so ghetto :p

    Royal milk tea kit kat?!?? Whaaa? I wonder if I could find that at Nijiya.. I thought you could only buy those flavored kit kats in Japan!

    I'm so jealous of all the goods u got!

  4. ahmahagaaahhdd teenur you feckin bish you had to mention the no bra thing huh?! i didn't wear a bra all damn saturday then because i didn't wear one with the black dress either. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA and yea I wiki'ed the soondae. it does make it sound nasty but it's so freaking good. i'm on a soondae quest for San Francisco already. So far all Koreans I know in SF say no good soondae exists here. DAMMIT!

    Ang - yesssss it was soooo warm I loved it! Even when I got stuck in traffic on the 10E! hahahahaha. It felt so nice to be cruising around in my own car with all the windows down, music blaring. I hate cruising in rentals because it's not the same. Thanks bebz~! Can't wait to see you in June btw ;] WEAR THE LASHES THEN!!!

  5. Everything looks SOOOOOOOOOOO YUMMMY....including you...and you're SMOKING HOT....including your hottie friend hahahhahaaa

    all of your food makes me feel so hungry its like 7pm and i still haven't have my dinner yet..

    The ONLY thing that wasn't so yummy its the "steaming cow or pig's intestines" LOL.....ahahahahahaha

  6. && YES...I actually bummed into Diana..LOL....I don't photoshop her picture and myself in a same photo LOL.....jkjkjkjk

    Everytime I read your comment or reply you it makes me laugh lmfaooooo

  7. Sophia my friend told me he saw the royal milk tea kit kats at Nijiya but they sell out with a quickness. You've got to get it right when they stock it hahahaha.
    Cydia - nooOooo i just couldn't believe you guys ran into each other. It seems like there's so many tons of millions of people in NYC or Manhattan wherever it was where you guys ran into each other. It's like a movie or something LOL

  8. I like the hat, I'm buying a similar one at the store I work in. it'll look cute with dresses!

    I'm reaaaaaally LOVING the subtle brown makeup, especially with the falsies... theres a store near where I live that sells them for 2 bucks a pair... real fuckin cheap! & I love the black dress too, the whole look is so classy <3

  9. You look muy hermosa, babe. Love your style and makeup! Yay for bargain shopping. Who cares where it's from or how much something is! As long as it looks good. =)

    Oh, and the food looks delicious. Vietnamese blood sausages fried are really delicious so I would love to try the Korean version! Dayum, I is hungray now! XD

    I'm glad you're home safely!

    <3 Chau

  10. Sexy lady! I recently picked up satin taupe- need to do more looks with this. Also loving those lashes. I'm still getting used to wearing falsies, I don't like the shadow of it I see when I open my eyes, lol. Know what I mean?

    xo, Diana

    PS. The food looks delicious and you're making me hungry at 1:30am when I'm supposed to be studying!!!

  11. First of all, thanks so much for letting me know the names of the digs where you got your food! xD I will definitely get my boyfriend to go on a food adventure with me--if not during spring break this week, then in summer for sure! :) Whoa! it looks like you had a super fun weekend in LA with Tina and your other friends! ^_^ I give you mad props for trying and liking soondae! I guess what you would call weaksauce because I tried it and I don't know...not really a fan xP I'm soo jealous of royal milk tea kit-kats and the strawberry ones too!

    About the Korebap, the Koreana Plaza in Oakland on Telegraph sells it! That's where I got mine when I was obsessed with it! Once, I bought like 10 boxes in all my glutton galore, but I forgot about them and didn't even touch them...until they expired. FAIL! So yeah, check it out! hopefully they still stock that stuff! (I haven't been there lately)

    The steak dinner looks AMAZING! and you, my dear, look absolutely GORGEOUS in that dress and night look! Seriously, you're a stunner, you head turner! xD Love your blog, keep it up!

    <3 caroline

  12. MILK TEA AND STRAWBERRY KIT KATS??? sounds yummy...


    i dunno about the flavored soy flavored soy milk ....good luck there lol..lemme know how those tastes too..

  13. Aww I used to love gorebap. Especially the little cardboard foldable toys you'd get with them. Haha! That's strange that you can't find them in Korean supermarkets, I always see them even in the tiny ones.

  14. You look beautiful! I love me some Ross, as well! The stuff you find there is crazy!! Cheap & unique (since usually, they only carry a limited amount in a particular style). =)

  15. hey hey the flavored soy milk is pretty damn good. i've only had the orange one but it tasted like an orange creamsicle, but not as thick.