Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What happens in Vegas...[picture heavy]

doesn't stay in Vegas. It winds up on the internetz.

Don't shake your head. You know it's true. These days, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas it ends up on FaceBook because everybody and their mamas talks about it.

This was my 2nd Vegas trip this year. This time around, it was sort of a mini blogger girl meet-up. I've already met Angelique and hung out with her before, and I've met and hung out with Serena numerous times. However, the setting has always been in Southern California or San Francisco.. So this time, we were all out of our element. Cydia was also in Vegas the same weekend, ALL THE WAY FROM NEW YORKKKKK so you know we had to meet.

I couldn't get Friday off from work so Serena and I had to meet at SFO arond 7pm and haul ass to Vegas. We both didn't check in our luggage so as soon as we landed we Jenny Craig walked like crazy women off the plane and into a cab to the hotel. When we arrived, Angelique and her co-worker were already ready. I got nekkid with a quickness and got my war paint on.
 cheers to the freaking weekend, I'll drink to that!
 about to go into my favorite club in Vegas, XS!
 I'm always screwing shit up. Don't ask. 
 Serena & I. For some reason I like this dress a lot more than the scandalous one I wore the next night. My friend Ej called it my "naked dress." Any SATC fans out there know what I'm talking about? The nude dress Carrie wore on her first date with Big which led to them having sex? Mmmmhmm yah.. *shrugs* I can KIND OF see it but not really? Damn Serena is so tall. I should've wore my heels instead of my fast flats for this shot hahaha
 When intoxicated, I steal things from men: glasses, hats, and hearts. I'm so sorry boys. 
the infamous Susyness pose. if you don't know what this means, then you're just not of age.
 with all my fair ladies of the night 

the next night at Marquee..
 the main room of Marquee is always the spot to be at. If you don't like electronica music, you can pack yourself into the hip hop room or the top 40 rooms but they both are so cramped they look like a Japanese subway train. Good luck finding any space to dance, you will get bumped, knocked, pushed, shoved, stomped on GUARANTEED. We mostly stayed outdoors next to the pool. 
Dj Viktoria Metzker rocked the room before Dash Berlin came on. I could not stop staring at her tig ole bitties either. Don't lie, I know you're looking. I think she was a former Playmate
 the main event, Dash Berlin. I was surprised I liked his set. I normally do not like trance *shrugs*
 no nip slips okay? double sided fashion tape yo. my twins are vets when it comes to that steeze
I'm jealous she can put her cellphone in her breasts. I want to do that! I don't have enough space.
 Angelique, Cydia, me. I finally met her!
 bloggers @ Marquee

until the next trip ladies... let's make it happen!

next post will be yet another one of my "how to" "cooking" photo entry type posts on how I make won tons! so stay tuned. actually, I'm doing a dinner party on Saturday and cooking prime rib. Should I do my "how to/cooking" photo entry on won tons or prime rib? one of my very first posts here on blogger was about my 1st time making prime rib but since then I have found a better method. so, what do you guys prefer? won tons or prime rib? no care? are you reading this message? probably not. you probably just looked at all the pictures, scrolled down and commented.


p.s. a lot more happened than what these tame photos will lead you to believe. but uhhh use your imagination ;) k? thanks. 

Monday, August 15, 2011


lost my voice in Las Vegas.

entry coming soon... if anybody is reading.

Monday, August 1, 2011

bacon wrapped eggs

So I have made these bacon wrapped eggs a few times now. I have perfected the recipe.
The first time I made these, I pretty much followed this video

I didn't like my end result, so on my 2nd try I tweaked the recipe.
Here are photos from my 1st attempt.


1/2 way cooked bacon to line the cupcake pan
use smaller chopped up portions to line the bottom of the pan
your end result will be a bacon cup
crack an egg into it
add whatever you feel like. I used sharp cheddar cheese, goat cheese, freshly chopped chives and seasoned with black truffle salt and pepper
and then pop them into the 400*F oven for 15 minutes
finished product
take a fork/spoon and gently rim the bacon wrapped egg and it should pop out smoothly.
so this was my end result in attempt #1.
It tasted magical and heavenly (I'm a bacon lover) however I didn't enjoy the yolk. It was fully cooked and dry like a boiled egg yolk.


during attempt #2 & #3, 
after lining the cupcake pan with bacon, I placed half cooked chorizo on the bottom
Did the other usual steps...

this time I only cooked the bacon wrapped eggs for half of the required cook time.
So, instead of 15 minutes at 400*F, I let it sit in the oven for 7-8 mins at 400*F.

I apologize for not having better photos since I didn't bring my CanonG12 with me during my other trials, but I used my cellphone hahaha
garnished it with some pico de gallo, salsa and sour cream.  my friend's sister had suggested it since I put chorizo in the egg this time. Just a mini play on juevos ranchero!
Look at that beautiful runny egg yolk.. SooOOO gooooood.
I like my yolks jizzy.

I know you're probably thinking, "Why even go through all this trouble for bacon and eggs?"
It's a cheap, super easy way to entertain. I go to dinner parties and potlucks so this is something convenient since I usually have these ingredients on hand. Of course you can make this recipe your own by adding whatever you please! I'm thinking some chopped up onions and bell peppers would be good..

Anyway, I had gotten a lot of comments on FB/Twitter about these so there ya go!
If you make these yourself, post it up and link me so I can see!!