Tuesday, March 30, 2010

About Angelique ...

I know there are a couple of my friends "in real life" who think that it's somewhat strange that I meet people off the internet. I have friends from Yelp *shrugs* Go figure. I have connected with people over things that I enjoy. Granted, I'm pretty cautious of who I meet and things like that but anyway.. When I started this whole blog I didn't think that it would gain much momentum. I had hounded my friends to sub to me, comment, etc but... I wasn't too successful. Somehow, slowly but surely I gained a small gathering of subbies. My blog is still pretty small, I don't mind keeping it this way but I have definitely connected with very lovely ladies (Shoutout to Chau! You were one of the very first babes, one of the first!). One of these said ladies is Angelique. She came across my blog early on because we connected via Twitter after a blogTV session. (I think we were both watching Pam, yeah?)  I've only been doing this since January but you get what i'm saying yeah??
Anyway.. I've gotten to know Angelique a bit through our blogs and tweeting back & forth. We both have our ups and downs throughout the days but she's been so positive! Okay i'm straying off topic here but she is having her very first giveaway for reaching 50+ subscribers!! Check out the goodies and how to enter: here. There are rules so pay attention and read dammit!

Giveaway Entry Rules

1.  You must be a follower of this blog
2.  Open to US & International followers
3.  Leave a comment on this entry with (all 3):
  • Valid email address
  • Reason why you follow my blog
  • What you would like to see more of in my blog
Now all of that constitutes as ONE entry

For more entries, read below.

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Giveaway ends April 29

I already entered but you should really check out her blog, follow her on twitter and what not. Angelique is also very good about swatching lipsticks.. I'm terrible at swatching stuff for y'all but CHECK HER BLOG OUT DAMMIT! Clicky: here

And now I would like to present my very first love pack. Guess who it's from??! None other than the lovely Angelique herself! Muhahahahahahaa killin' 2 birds with 1 stone on this entry. You should've seen my face and heard my screams. I was literally going "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" and running around with the box like a little kid on Christmas morning

and then the look my youngest brother gave me?? oh man...I felt bad afterward that we were in the same room at the time, hahhaahhahaa

I swear this girl knew me in a past life or we were destined to meet because I LOVE EVERYTHING in this damn box. She also wrote on Mono Koo Roo Boo stationary!!!! (I even have a MKRB tissue box in my car and people call me a fob for it)
you definitely made my day yesterday ♥
O_O just the other day, I hit up Target. We finally have elf at my local Target but of course EVERYTHING was out of stock there. So excited Angelique gave me elf products!! Can't wait to try it out! I really wanted to test out that exact brush too, how eerie is that?!
my youngest bro already wanted to pop this and eat it. 
I am holding it hostage till the end of this week when his freeloading ass goes back to school so he can't have any. Just kidding. Where can I even find this!? I can't wait wait wait to try this sooooo bad
she gave me M B Deeeeeeeeeezies!
(My Beauty Diary masks) 
I've been seeing them left and right on blogs but haven't tried them out yet (i'm bad at ordering things online.. I just don't like doing it) 

She knows me so well, she gave me snackies and beauty products ♥

 Thanks for everything babes, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!


  1. I brought some Elf products yesturday.



  2. Girl you know you can't be posting and telling me you got some ELF shizzle without telling me what you got!!!

  3. Opps my bad, lol. Well I got the eye blending brush, Defining eye brush, and the smudge eye brush. I really like wearing eye makeup, so I have to update or better yet add too the collection brushes. Yay!!! ^_^


  4. M B Deeeeeezies!! hahahaha wewt wewt~ damn i wanna be doing this love pack shit! i don't got any bloggie friends but you :( keke neways i'm tired and bored and baldefkafsjf (err, not bald ^_^)

  5. Haha I'm like what's M B Deezie? I'm so uncool I don't know the lingos hahaha!

    Dude I'm kinda like you with the whole blog/real world thing ~~ I'm always telling my sis and mom "oh this girl's blog", or "i wrote on my blog about this" lol. I told a couple gf's, and I think they find it a bit strange hahaha. But I absolutely adore the blogger world and reading posts and finding out that there are so many people out there who have the same interests as me (in real life, my sister and I are the only ones among our friends and family who like pink, HK, and in general very girl "hime" type things)

    This is such a sweet post you did dedicating to your friend! I will for sure enter :)

    OH and that Hawaii popcorn is GOOOODD!! I love it!

  6. "I am holding it hostage till the end of this week when his freeloading ass goes back to school so he can't have any. Just kidding."

    no you're not LOL b/c once he pops them he's going to eat them all ahaha

  7. Some of these ladies on blogger are amazinggggg, I get along & can relate to more girls here, than in the streets! I went to target yesterday & got shit from the E.L.F. line too, i was pissed though 'cause all the studio line brushes were sold out!!! ughh w/e anyway, I love this postttttt <3

  8. aww yay! I'm glad you got it in one piece!! LOL I think I'm blushing since this whole entry is pretty much about moi! >_<

    But I totally feel you on meeting people! Don't worry I have Yelp friends too HAHA!

    I felt a bit conscious sending you that package b/c I didn't really know what to send you. I didn't want to send you stuff that you already have! But at least now I have a better picture of what stuff to send.

    haha that's cute your brother wants to eat the goodies already. Next time I'll add more for you to share ;]

    <333 I'm glad we got to know each other after watching Pam! hahaha

  9. As your friend IRL, I think we communicate more online than offline. I've made some lasting friendships that started online (ICQ, Friendster, Xanga...remember that blog??). I have friends that met their Yelp and Twitter friends at Yelp parties and Twestivals or whatnot.

    I've gotten Hurrican Popcorn in the same brand when I was in Hawaii. I think you have to get it from a Longs/CVS or Costco in Hawaii. Here's their website: http://www.hawaiipopcorncompany.com/

  10. I think...I think you're awesome! <3