Saturday, April 17, 2010


Aww i'm just teasing you guys aren't I? I know, I know... People are awaiting my review & photos from Fleur de Lys. That will come after this post. Hubert Keller is so amazing he deserves to come AFTER Pesce. I mean come on.. I can't do Fleur de Lys and then follow it up with Pesce, right? Anywaysssss

So those of you who have  been reading my blog for a little while know that I'm a foodie. Somehow, this blog has been more food as of late rather than makeup. WHOOPS! I have a list of entries I told myself i'd do (beauty related). It's all written down on my to-do list.

Okaaaay no more delaying. I dined at Pesce with 2 friends (waddaaaaaap Shy Ronnie! GINTHER BEAR) after work one friday.
had a drink while waiting for Ronnie to get off work..
my bellini (pretty good and gave me a slight buzz)
Ginther's drink. Harry's Punch
started off with a round of oyster shooters. they make them really well here. you can have them virgin but if you want booze, they used a chipotle infused vodka. their menu online says you can do wasabi vodka? must be new. the crunchy bits of cucumber on the bottom give it a beautiful texture at the end of your shot. 
1/2 a dozen of Hammerslay oysters from Oregon. Kumamotos are actually my fave, but they didn't have any so I had to make do with these. They weren't bad, just not sweet enough for my liking.
Pan seared scallops with chanterelles, green onions,
cream and truffle essence
So gooooood. I used all the bread they kept giving us to sop up that cream & truffle essence.
Um..there WAS 3 of these, but my friend Greg freaking ate one before I snapped a shot
House smoked salmon bruschetta with capers,
red onion and horseradish cream
Milk braised pork, gnocchi, pancetta and sage
This is Greg's favorite dish. The gnocchi is good, but I didn't think much of this dish and gave my portion to him. 
Crab Tower: Dungeness crab meat with avocado, cucumber,
tomato, basil and red wine vinaigrette
I can't believe that thing was fucking $16. It is SOO BLAND. Definitely was not happy with this thing.
Now the winners (my absolute favorites) of the night:
This was one of the specials that night. If you're there and they're offering it, DEFINITELY GET IT.
The sauce is a perfect balance heartiness, robustness, and not too acidic on the tomato end. Impressed me because I prefer cream or wine sauces over marinara/red. 
My other favorite of the night is the squid ink risotto. So it was a little undercooked the night I dined there (crunchy risotto is a no no people) but I still ate it anyway because the flavor was a party in my mouth. If you've never had squid ink, it gives off this semi earthy nutty taste. I enjoy it very much so.
Squid ink risotto with calamari
tiramisu i devoured
Ronnie's bread pudding. 
I don't eat like this on a regular basis. I just enjoy good food and great company.

I'm in Los Angeles right now killing some time..expect a post & pix on my eats from this weekend as well. 

I just also wanted to say that i've reached 50 subbies. Thank you all for reading this lil ole blog of mine. I am so grateful that people out here are reading my thoughts and reviews. I've also made some new friends via my blog! You gals are amazing ladies and total sweethearts (you know who you are! the ones who regularly comment!) For those of you I don't know, what are you waiting for!??! LEAVE ME A COMMENT! Ask me a question? I write back ^_^ No really I do! 
Mr. Susyness always said I should celebrate when I hit 50. I don't know what kind of celebrating he's talking about or how I would celebrate such a thing?? Maybe i'll do a giveaway contest? What do you guys think? 


  1. Child you eat more than my friends.

    And aww you have 50 followers lol Goodies.



  2. Congrats on hitting 50 subbies, Susy!! xD

    OMG...thank you for making me hungrier than I already am. lol...waiting to go eat dinner right now, and your post was at the top of my updates on Google DUH, OF COURSE, I had to read! haha >:P Thanks for sharing all this amazing food pr0n! lovee<3

    Dude, if you didn't note that the crab tower was bland, I would've had no idea because from the presentation & your photo, it looks freaking AMAZING!! lol i freaking LOVE crab & avocado!! Too bad it wasn't tasty! =/

    The drinks look pretty good! I love fruity drinks :) haha and omg...that LOBSTER. lobster is my absolute favorite though, when it comes to seafood--I choose lobster over crab because it has more succulent meat! *major droolage* haha

    oh MAN...that tiramisu baby looks beautiful. I am SUCH a sucker for desserts♥ they are my weakness *sigh* lol, whenever there's tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, etc...I AM SOO THERE! That bread pudding looks pretty amazing, too!

    Hope you're having a blast so far in LA! Can't wait to see more pics of all your food adventures from this wknd!

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. Yayy! you're down for an SF blogger meetup, and so is Sophia!! I think you both know some more SF bloggers, so def. mention it to see if they're down too! Then, maybe we can set up a poll to choose a wknd :P Hrmm...I wonder how to plan this though...we'll make it happen! I wanna meet you girls before I graduate and move back home!

  3. The spaghetti looks delicious! For some reason, I always read your blog at night, which leads me to snacking, lol. I'm sure you're sick of reading my "I'm hungryyyyyyy" comments. =p But I still love your blog!

    xo, Diana

  4. Haha I'm still laughing over "Mr. Susyness". Wonder what my bf would think of "Mr. Kechiko" lol. Awesome pics, really makes me want to dine there! Kumamotos are my fave as well :) And I ALWAYS lap up all the sauce with bread! Mmm espcially with steamer pots... I ask for extra bread just for dipping. And I especially enjoy your food posts since I'm in SF as well... I rarely eat out so I live (eat) vicariously through you :)

  5. Hello darlin', greggy bear and shy ronnie miss you! Hope you're havin fun in the LA. We're hitting Neiman Marcus b/c my bosslady gave me a giftcard and we're gonna hit Sephora for the 15% off! Wish you were here.

    the chipotle vodka is def new, the wasabi one was amah-zing time, we go boozey.

  6. giveaway giveaway!! hahahaha

    okay, seriously I've seen way too many food pictures right now and my brain is telling me to EAT -_-.. LOve all your food pics... too bad not everything was A-MAZING! Can't wait for your Fleur de Lys post!!!

  7. Hi Susy! I also live around SF but I've never dined at Pesce! The lobster spaghetti delicious!!!! I am also more big on wine and cream sauces over marinara. I wonder when they will have the lobster spaghetti again because I would love to devour it! The tiramisu, there are no words! I love decadent coffee desserts :D

  8. do a giveawayyy~ HAHAHA LOL @ mr. susyness~ damn that's a big upgrade from LA MAN!! :D neways. im sad you were here and we didnt see eachotha. s'ok. NEXT TIME BETCH we still need to take sticker pics !!!! oh and edc hailzzzzzzz yeah !!!!!! btw that food looks bomb minus the oysters cause i don't eat raw oysters -_- rub joo. bai

  9. @ Caroline - omg girl that crab tower was super bland. I had to sprinkle tons of pepper on it. Let's set a date for our blog meetup. All the other bloggers I know aren't in SF though :[

  10. Hey Susy! Where is the Japantown store that sells lashes??? Oh man I have a lot of wrinkles too, from frowning too much :( They're like super deep, even my dad keeps telling me to relax b/c my wrinkles look bad... and men don't usually notice those things!

    I do put on Monistat anti-chafing gel as a primer. Okok before you get grossed out hear me out! If you go to and look it up, there are hundreds of reviews as it is comparable to some expensive primer out there.

    I've done research on some hair products, so I've learned about silicons which create slippage.. so silicon based products (dimethicon, anything ending in "-con") are used for anti-tangling and smoothing. It's basically plastic, but it's slippery so it prevents hair from sticking to each other. Well, these same silicons are used in face products as well, and even eye serums (the active ingredient). Monistat contains it, so when you apply as primer, it creates a smooth layer between your skin and your foundation. It doesn't do anything to reduce pores and redness. It just provides a nice surface for your foundation to glide over, and it prevents foundation from getting into your skin (which I've heard is bad?). It does nothing to improve your skin... it's just like putting plastic film on your face. I don't know why they would put it in eye serums ugh they're fooling people :(

    Whoa sorry to write so much! The moisturizer you use might already be like a primer depending on what you use.. I know Bobbi Brown moisturizer acts as a primer as well. Man I was so clueless to all this stuff before, but it's like the more blogs you read the more you learn and feel you have to buy and then before you know it you're slapping on 5 gajillion products on your face >.<

    Yea Rincon is $$$$$$, but Infiniti is close to sold... 4 units left, all penthouses. I can't wait for their restaurant to open, the chef is that Alice woman from Berkeley? I always forget the name of her restaurant..

  11. $166 and worth every bite! you guys got a lot of food too! last time I ate out, we spent $180 and got half of what you guys had! arghh your blog makes me hungy...

  12. WOW! I love all the food pics, looks so good!!! It had better be delicious! ;)