Sunday, April 11, 2010

goodies from Sophia, Robin Thicke + Alicia Keys

This past week was very busy for me but I enjoyed every single last minute of it. Wednesday, I had already mentally checked out. I was ready for my weekend of fine dining. Thursday I had dinner at Fleur De Lys with 2 of the most amazing friends any spoiled lil bitch like me could ever hope for. Okay, i'm not a spoiled lil biatch, i'm just well taken care of. muahhahahaa. Friday I dined at Pesce. I took a ton of pictures at both restaurants, but I'm going to split them up into separate entries per suggestion from the totally bodacious and brilliant Chau. 

I finally got to pick up my sweet (literally) package of goodies from Sophia!
So cute how she put "theSusyness" the address portion, so so so cute! She's a total sweetie! 
I missed it the first time it was delivered, and the post office near me closes at 5:30pm, which is before I even get home from work! Boo! I had to wait until a saturday to pick it up :[ 
yeah, 4/3 was the original delivery date. I didn't pick it up until 4/10! :[
Before opening the envelope, I noticed this on the flap!!!
I literally giggled like a school girl. You are too sweet and thoughtful Sophia!
O_O What could it all be!?
look at this spread of goodies! it even SMELLED sweet.
k, i'm going apeshit over these pudding marshmallows
chocolate filled Hello Kitty marshmallows! My 19 yr old brother had to jack one. It's okay I was being nice and let him have one. Yup. Just one.
baggie #1
omg it's a Hello Kitty chocopie!!!!! 
I am totally eating all this at work and not sharing.
mMMMmm green tea latte mix!? can't wait to try that!!!

Thanks for all the goodies hun!! Wait for yours ^_^
After quickly snapping the goodies from Sophia (and shoving a pudding marshmallow into my mouth) I had to glam up for Robin Thicke & Alicia Keys!!!
face: Guerlain Meteorites Powder in Mythic 01
blush: MAC Warm Soul contour: Guerlain bronzer in Brunettes 02 from Terracotta Light collection
eyes: Neutragena 3 in 1 eye concealer in Light 10
eyeshadow: Maybelline Give Me Gold quad (i told you i'd put it to use every now and then)
brows: MAC eyeshadow charcoal brown
under brow: MAC ricepaper for highlight
lips: Aquafina hydrating lip oil + MAC Gold Dust lipglass
ahhh my freckles..
my beautiful partner in crime, Melissa & I riding the BART train
mMmM mMmMM MmmM!!!
There was lots of grinding, groping, and female screams all around. 
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that he ended his set by rapping over a Lil Wayne track and crip walked off the stage. I SHIT YOU NOT. I should have recorded it. White boy can MOOOOVE
MeliO snapped a photo of us during the intermission. The freaking couple sitting next to us kept getting up and making us move. It was getting pretty annoying, especially since they kept saying "Excuse me" with tons of attitude. Yeesh, calm down! Anyways
I was like "Mel I look so Chinese!" she goes "uh because you ARE!" ahahhaha
Ms. Keys is so fierce, she came out in a cage.
Miss New Booty. Just kidding
It was a beautiful night. She ended the night with Empire State of Mind (of course) but it brought tears to my eyes. New York means a lot to me. A very good friend of mine moved across the country to live in New York and follow her dreams last summer, so New York City has taken a piece of my heart.



  1. everyone's a big fan of him... im the only one whos not lol

  2. OMG. I'm so jealous! Robin looks so hot in those pictures...I bet he looked even HOTTER in person. And Alicia is already sexy...shoot. <3

    I'm glad you got your sex therapy, babe! tee hee


  3. lol i'm craving for some candy right now! Sophia is so sweet! and wow...Alicia Keys...LOVE HER! I am jealous, yes ma'am! :P

  4. new follower of your blog!!! &&& yummm to those goodiess!! ohhh & yummm to Robin Thicke as well!!! wooooo!! :)


  5. Oooh the Guerlain shows up nicely with the flash! I've always been curious about their products.

    Can't wait to see your pics of Fleur de Lys! I drive by that place all the time! Oooh ok so I quickly just checked yelp and it's the same man who owns the Burger Bar, which I just tried! That was my first time hearing his name, and my friend told me he's like ranked in top 20 in the nation? Haha I thought he was the French Laundry dude's little brother or cousin or something, but nope ~ no relation!

  6. ROBIN THICKE!!!!! that boy has a voice that will knock the socks off the children lol

  7. How on earth did I miss this post?? Lameee...

    LOve the sweet ass package! I need to find those green tea lattes. SOunds goooood.

    BTW funny thing, I bought two boxes of those HK chocopies and was going to send you some but I forgot them at the BF's house. FAIL!

    Glad you enjoyed the concert!!! :]