Thursday, April 8, 2010

MAC Pearlglides from Art Supplies collection

Hola my subbies! Just popping in for a quickie and then it's back to work. *sigh* i'm a slave to the man, just another cog in the machine. How depressing. Why can't I just be born filthy rich like that cunt Paris Hilton? Then i'd have shitloads of money to just gallivant around looking like a slut. I'd take all that delicious money and go to culinary school for the hell of it and then cook delicious goodies all damned day long in a state of the art kitchen in my hugenormous home. Okay, daydreaming over. I've got to give her props though, she markets herself. What would you guys do with money like Paris Hilton?
So I picked up 2 Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners from MAC's Art Supplies collection. There was NOTHING else in that collection that caught my eye. Everything was very "mehh" to me. I've been wanting a good navy blue liner ever since seeing Holly's Fly-By-Blue tutorial (which you can watch: here ) Disclaimer: I ♥ Holly's tutorials. I am in no way trying to be like her as some people have claimed *rolleyes* Hello, Holly is effing hot and knows how to do makeup, DUH. We are all influenced by other people and what not, geez. Anyways!
The two Pearlgides I got were Petrol Blue (reminded me of Fly By Blue) and Designer Purple. They are $14.50 each.
  • great color payoff
  • colors are vibrant, but not too insanely bright for everyday wear (such as to work!)
  • the shimmer isn't crazy noticeable until you're up close
  • have to sharpen them alot, thus using a lot of product to line just ONE eye..and if you go heavy on eyeliner (like me) you'll through this stuff fast.
  • can't use this stuff alone, it smudges all over the place (beware asian lids!). i had to use UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and then line my eyes with MAC Fluid Line in Blacktrack, then go over it with the Pearlglide liner. 
I don't think i'd repurchase/ buy a back up necessarily.. I like it, but ... Yeah. Don't think i'll be using them on a daily basis.

 I really really really liked this one when I swatched it at the MAC counter. 
I know you can't see the shimmer in these photos, sorry :[ 
However - when I actually lined my eyes with it, it didn't stand out that much. It probably would without using MAC Fluidline first, but it smudged all over my damn eyelids. Perhaps this would work better for those with green eyes?
love love love this Petrol Blue. Look at how dull it is! I didn't resharpen after using it this morning.
a few photos of my eyes today.. not really happy with how they turned out, so not really any of my full face.
P.S. Dining at Fleur De Lys tonight ! I'm soooo stoked because us foodies ♥ Chef Hubert Keller. Then i'm going to Pesce on Friday night. Except lots of food pictures within the next couple of entries. I ♥ French food and seafood so very much! Oh, not to mention i'm seeing Alicia Keys and Robin Thicke on saturday. Jealous?
P.P.S. Mystery box coming you? Perhaps. Maybe, maybe not...
Okay.. P.P.P.S I'm bored right now. 
Had my camera during lunch so yeah. My favorite salad of all time! Smoked trout salad from La Boulange. They have multiple locations in San Francisco but the Hayes Valley one is my favorite :]


  1. Hahaha I love how you are on the job, and you are just doing a blog lol. But yes I have seen MAC's supplies and to be honest nothing really catches my eyes. Nothing.

    But try different liners, add color missie lol.

    Oh and a mystery package? ooolalala

    Anyway, I so would like to have you do my makeup, you are just too good.

    Boutzie' ^_^

  2. Oh I was so curious about these after seeing this girl on youtube (Raeview) show them! But, even Bobbi Brown gel liner smudges on me, so I bet this would too :( And yah ~ I'm not a fan of sharpening and losing so much product either! It looks really good on you though, it makes a nice thick line! Are you wearing Satin Taupe? That is like my only MAC shadow hahaha!

    My goodness girl you should be a food critic!! Or find a way to get paid for eating at all these places!

    If I were rich, I would learn to cook and be the bestest hostess and pamper my hubbie and throw fabulous dinner parties for everyone and have my friends quit their jobs so that I could make brunch every single day for everyone :) Oh, and LV and Chanel purses as stocking stuffers HAHAHA!

  3. I LOVE SEAFOOD too hahahaha

    I've never tried Mac's eyeliner before which im not gonna try especially you said it's just so so lol...i bought this L'oreal eyeliner extra intense eyeliner its SUPERRRR pigmented which i mentioned abt it in my march fav lol..i mean i cant even wash it off with just water or something ANYWAYSS

    does your nose piercing hurts? (i know random)

  4. Boutzie - girl I blog from work in nearly all my entries. I think i've only done one or two from home, hahahaha! Shit, I hope my work doesn't find this comment. Yea, I am not really impressed with this collection AT ALL. I'm still stuck on the Too Fabulous collection, such great fun spring/summery colors. I only have the blush in Bi Tone but i'm tempted to get more.
    I'd like to try liners in other colors. I have used the Sephora liners in white and purple and they suck. I am going to look into the makeupforever ones!
    yup yup, mystery package... muhahahhaa

    Sophia - Yea everything smudges on me, even smudge proof water proof liners. I used to use the Christian Dior waterproof kohl liner but it smudges and by the end of the day, I have raccoon eyes. I've been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for the past 6 months and that works to stop the smudging on my upper lids. I also stopped using pencil liners and use fluid line in black track religiously. It's just a pain in the ass to do it with a brush every morning. I miss pencil liners, but they just don't work for me. They still smudge a bit with UDPP. My bottom lids are hopeless though, they smudge no matter what I do with it. I think it's just my facial bone structure. I'm screwed LOL
    I wish I was a food critic. It's hard to make money in that field unless I somehow miraculously became Michael Bauer.
    Oh and the shadows i'm wearing are from the NYX Champagne & Caviar palette..My everyday palette I got from Variety Store on Clement hahaha I swear I use it every day! I really really do. I like to use Satin Taupe when I go out, it's a little more on the purpley side.

  5. I love your food pics- always leads me to midnight snacking, lol.
    I didn't get anything from this collection, I thought about trying out the lip stains but, the colors were meh on me.

    xo, Diana

  6. short and sweet, i love how all your makeup/face shots have a come hither look.. RAWR!~ <3

  7. Cydiaaaaa no my nose piercing doesn't hurt. It stung a little bit when I was actually getting it done but after wards I was fine. It took a little getting used to though. For the first couple of weeks, it kept feeling like I had a booger stuck in my nose ahhahahah!

    Diana sorry I make you so hungry at midnight!!! Yea the lip stains were really sucky. I hated the consistency!

    Teenur hurry up and update you whore i need stuff to read! hahaha

  8. ugh I haven't bought anything at MAC in so long, I'm so outdated with their shit. Anywhooooo I like the look hun! your brows <3 have I said that before? Idk, my brows suck, their so thin I need to fill those shits in or else I look like an alien lol.

    & damnnn that salad is BEAST.


  9. I have a love/hate relationship w/ eyeliners... especially those pencil ones. I end up looking like a damn raccoon! The only one I use now (if I'm NOT lazy to put it on) is liquid eyeliner since it stays & doesn't smudge.

    Love the colors your chose though! BTW that salad is craaaaazzzy. ;p

  10. Dayum, $15 for an eyeliner and you'd expect them to not be so smudgeriffic...They look nice though! I prefer pencil because it's more natural looking and easier to apply. But liquid is better in that the lines are more precise and it lasts longer if it's waterproof.
    And may I say that I love Hubert Keller. I had no idea who he was until I saw him on Top Chef. lol. But I love him! And the food he cooks is amazing. He's just a sweet, humble, not to mention talented, French guy! You're so lucky! I can't wait to read more about your foodie adventures. I live vicariously through your blog! <3

  11. wow, that salad looks DAMN good, Susy! yumm...I really wanna try it out. and omg i'm jealous! you eating out at all these amazing places! anyway, just wondering, do you really get full when you eat at fine dining restaurants?

    I don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't fill me up one bit--not even close! Even though I love trying new things and experiencing the amazing orgasmic culinary flavor trips it can take my palate on, the portion sizes are so tiny and barely tickle my tummy(even with the many courses)! I find myself stopping by for some in-n-out afterward LOL. maybe i'm just fat :( sigh.

    Hope to hear back from you bc I'm really curious about that question! lol :P

  12. Lol thanks for answering, Susie! That helps--I usually am a fast eater, so I'll try slowing down and chewing more thoroughly. It's so weird, even when I'm the one doing the most talking in a group conversation, I still somehow manage to be the first one to finish my food! wth!! I guess I just somehow balance talking and sneaking a few bites of food in my mouth really well! lol...maybe too well--gosh, I'm just fat.

    omg if I had the money, I would totally go to culinary school and learn how to make bombass cuisine just for fun, like you said, in a state of the art kitchen! haha and take wine classes, too, so that I can be well-versed in the world of fine dining and wining! xD and I so am with Sophia on the being the ultimate housewife, too! Make use of those culinary & decorating skills to throw lavish dinner/brunch parties and pamper the hubs. >:P I really want to take crafting lessons, too, like crocheting, sewing, etc. I never was too into the idea of being a housewife when I was growing up--"no, I want to be a career woman!! yeah!"--but now that I'm older, I'm starting to think of that as being the ideal job. O__O

    And no worries on long comments! I love reading what you have to say! :D ahh, can't wait to see your photos & review of the Fleur De Lys & Pesce!! *anticipation*