Monday, April 5, 2010

what's in my purse?

Yeah, nobody asked me what's in my purse. So? I don't care. I'm bored and felt like blogging. I know I promised a review on some NYX loose pearl shadows for Christine but I didn't bring it with meeee to take photos of. (It's coming, I PROMISE) My camera battery also died. It barely turned on for me to upload these photos. But whatevers. Here's some random crap i'll review for you guys and then a look at my purse.. I once told Tina that I carry a whole mess of crap in my purse. Today it's not as bad but usually I have more shit than this, trust me.
 So the 1st thing.. Aquafina lip balms. I know, you're probably like "What the hell?? They make chapstick!?" But get this shit, Cydia saw Vitamin Water chapsticks! HAHAHAH. Don't laugh but I kind of want the 50 cent one. It smells like grape I bet. 

I freaking love these things!! My favorite is the one in the middle, the original one. It's pretty minty but it leaves my lips really soft without that waxy/greasy feeling you get from Carmex. (I still love Carmex, but it smells. Even the strawberry/cherry/mint ones smell funky) It was $4.99 I think for this whole pack. The other ones work just as well, but i'm not a fan of the scented lip balms. I haven't tried that hydrating lip oil though. I have been using this lip balm religiously for the past week. I still reach for my Burts Bees every now and then. I have multiple lip products at all time in my makeup bag (which i'll save for another entry another day). The tingling sensation from the mint of this lip balm is pretty strong but that sensation doesn't last long. I love how it's rectangular and not round. It doesn't roll around everywhere when I take it out of my makeup bag and set it down. You wouldn't think that would make a difference but for me it does since i'm so clumsy. I tend to knock things down or spill things. Hahahhahaha So yeah, if you're in the market for a new lip balm, give it a chance. If you don't like, don't blame me go blame yourself for listening to me. (I'm in a strange mood at the moment, can you tell?)
Okay so it's been awhile since I purchased the Revlon PhotoReady liquid foundation. I've been using it more often (not every day though, I like to let my skin breathe). I noticed that it sometimes gives me this dewy look so I decided to try a finishing powder in translucent. Since this particular line has been working well for me, I figured why not try their finishing powder? It was also 10% off at Target when I was there a couple weeks back so I grabbed it. I purchased it on a whim without reading any reviews on it, but now that i'm reading up reviews a lot of women seem to not like it. Most reviews say it makes them look like a ghost. I don't have that problem at all! It gives me a matte finish over my liquid foundation. The main thing I hate about this thing is the packaging. It took me forever to open the very first time because I didn't want to mess up my nails. I don't understand why they couldn't put it in a regular ocmpact! The other thing I hate is the stupid brush that comes with it. It is the worst thing on Earth and you can't apply jack shit with it. I just use a fluffy powder brush to buff it on over my foundation and POOF! I'm done! Matte finish! Hurrah! If you don't like it then freaking return it -_-
I was thirsty at the mall and got this Borba Skin Balance Water. They had other flavors: guanabana and pomegranate but lychee appealed to me the most. It was $3.50 for this damn thing and i'm going to admit it, I was a sucker because of the packaging. This stuff is kind of gross. It got BITTER because of the crap in there that's supposed to be good for your skin. I am never purchasing it ever again that's for sure. I don't even want to try the other flavors! O_O
So here is my purse. It's a gianormous Coach bag. I normally don't like Coach but I needed something inexpensive, big, black, and boring for work. It was also 40% off at the Coach outlet so why the hell not? This damn thing is HEAVY too because of all the crap I put in it.
It doesn't snap or zip shut but it does have a middle divider that zips up, 2 pocket holder thingies and a zippered compartment.
my cellphone and keys usually go in those pockets. here you can see my ugly abused outdated blackberry curve 8330 (verizon baby!) I call it ugly because it's pink. I hate the fact that I have a pink cell phone. It was originally gray but I broke it and my insurance gave me a pink replacement -_-
Yup, I carried flip flops with me. Rainbows ♥ I am wearing black pumps so... yeah. I need to give my feet a rest when i'm walking home or on lunch... I also just hate wearing heels to work these days. Actually, I take it back. I actually just hate dressing up for work.
I always always always have my makeup bag. (The purple Betseyville thing) I'll show you what's in my makeup bag in a future entry. I carry TONS of crap. I'm like a damn boyscout. I almost always have water as well. My favorite water is Voss but if it's not available, I opt for smartwater. I love how smooth it is.
and on the side with the zippered compartment, I keep my wallet (Marc Jacobs), huge Ralph Lauren sunglasses, hand lotion, and today I have an umbrella. The weather is bi-polar in San Francisco. It's been going back and forth between gloomy raining and sunny all day today.
Also carried this with me since I needed to do my nails. I just recently bought the Seche clear base coat this past weekend. It was $6.95 at Pure Beauty and ... I don't really like it. It's not that smooth. I still like the Seche Vite top coat though!
Zoya "Ibiza" 
I did a really really bad job on my nails :[ did them at work, woopsie!
I also ate a ton of hot pot this weekend. As a matter of fact, I had it two nights in a row and i'm about to have it again TONIGHT. My friend Ronnie and I don't play around when it comes to fobby Asian things. Okay, we bought too much food but still, I love hot pot anyways!
I slept over at her pad on saturday night and dognapped her roomie's dog, Diego.
He slept with me all night long. Then, he missed me when I was gone. Ronnie said he kept coming in and doing a lap around her room looking around for me. 
I ♥ Diego

Wow...this post sucks really bad. Hahahah too bad.


  1. Hey we carry the same three items listed in that thing you call a purse lol. Blackberry, Flip-flops and smart water. lol


  2. The post didn't suck! lol I enjoyed reading it! It's always interesting to see what people carry in their purses. I almost always have to have a water bottle with me too--stupid thing adds so much weight to the already heavy purse! geez. Oh, and I really hate Bay Area weather. What is with all this rain still and it's April? This time last year, it was sunny and we had about 3 heat waves already. I remember one week mid-April last year, it was 80 degree perfect weather in SF and everyone was out...and I was riding top down at night in the often does that happen! Diego is so cute!

  3. 1. i wanna try the aquafina balms!
    2. i should carry around flip flops too, but my current bag isn't big enough.
    3. i <3 smartwater ~~~ :) i have hella empty bottles around my desk.. recycle fail lol
    4. i like that color !! and i don't really like seche clear base coat. it's too thin? doesn't do shit. i couldn't find the top coat though :(
    5. i dunno why i'm numbering this but that dog is cute and that hot pot pick made me hungry even though i'm full of tacos, boojie betch !!

  4. Awwww lil doggie! And hot pot OMG I swear you eat the best foods, like always!

    I saw the Vitamin water lip balms at the check out! I go to Walgreens like 3x a week on my lunch break to browse.. and hecka other women do too b/c the cosmetics aisles is always crowded!

    Izakaya Sozai was good! Like comfort food :) But .. uhm.. don't hate me ~ I can't tell the dif b/w their ramen, Katana-ya, Himaware, and Santa. They all taste the same to me! They're all good... but ... just the same. (same for pork belly~ no matter what restaurant I'm at, always tastes the same too!) I have a terribly desensitized palette from eating too much processed food >.< Though I can eat a plate of plain bok choy for dinner and find it super flavorful!

  5. ahhaha sophia i only post up pix of the good food i eat. i don't bother to take pictures of my day to day foods.
    glad you liked izakaya sozai! it's okay if you can't tell the difference in all those ramen joints.. i'm a freaking picky foodie so i tend to notice things and compare. i just wrinkled my nose when i read that plain bok choy statement. i hate bok choy. i mean i'll eat it but i prefer it with a dot of oyster sauce hhahahaha

  6. Aww, you look so CUTE when you're sleeping. For some odd reason, I just love when I see pics of ppl sleeping. Lol, I love this post. It's not bad at all. It reminds me of me and how scattered and random our thought process is! I have Hot Pot when I come over to my mom's side of the family's dinner. For Thanksgiving or other holidays, that's all they eat. I wish I had turkey and here they are busting out all the Hot Pot ingredients, hahaha. So fobby Asian but cute! ^_~

  7. I can't wait for the review! Im scared of loose powder.... i just imagine it going EVERYWHERE, my cheeks, nose, clothes ughhh chillll

    & yeaa I saw those vitaminwater chapsticks too, looks real dumb! & wtf Borbra skin balancing water? that sounds dumb too lol, I would never buy that shit, only drink i find thats worth 3 bucks is the NAKED drinks, you can find them at starbucks, they are SOOOO fucking good.

    get a new blackberry!! I hate pink too... =[
    I own the blackberry 9700 - the one WITHOUT a trackball hollaaaaa lol


  8. LOL!!!!!!!!! Aquafina Lipbalms???? People these days like to make weird ass lipbalms eh hahahaha and same here I still love my burts bees hahaha i love the peppermints one i have like 6 backups of it LOL

    I think i should start wearing heels and carry a pair of slippers with me too...i just bought a pair of 4inches high heels recently wish me luck hahahahahaha

    and good job painting ur nails at work...back in highschool i know some people do their nails during class lol....and i do know some people carry nail polish with them hahaa

  9. I love Diego. He's so cute. :)<333 Chau

  10. Dude... You have lots of shit in your purse & so do I!! hahaha I think my shoulders are probably uneven because of it.

    I was wondering about that Revlon Photo Ready powder... I'm still hunting for a setting/finishing powder for my Photoready.. Thus far it's been that Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.

    I still need to find THAT Aquafina lipbalm.... I want the squarish ones... hahaha I bought the EOS ones (those round things) and I love it so far... so now I have two lip balms that I love ;p

  11. Great post! I'm always curious what people carry around because i know my bad is FULL of crap too. Love it! cute blog.

    I am a new follower, looking forward to seeing more.

    please check out my blog as well when you get a chance (and follow if you like it as well)

  12. I love your bag!! :)

    I am looking forward to a review on that Revlon Photo Ready Powder cos I am still looking for THE finishing powder.