Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fleur de Lys

The long awaited post. I'm not going to say much. To be honest, i'm totally not even inspired to write at the moment so just take my word for it. If you've got the bucks to throw around, then toss it for a night of fine dining @ Fleur de Lys in San Francisco. Hubert Keller is worth every single painstakingly hard earned dollar. I've also eaten at Burger Bar in Vegas (inside Mandalay Bay, another Keller joint) and it was by far the best kobe beef foie gras burger i've had in my entire life, all 25 years so far. 
It was also dark as night in there and hard to get photos. 
a bottle of bordeaux my friend Amanda brought. it was delicious. she's the best foodie/wino I know.
amuse bouche 
amuse bouche - chilled asparagus soup w/ creme fraiche 
pan seared artisan foie gras - rhubarb, corn fondue, truffle sauce AND TRUFFLES! this is what Heaven must taste like.
pan seared foie gras w/ truffles!!! pan seared foie gras + truffles are like two of my favoritest bourgeois things.
veal sweetbread "meuniere" - w/ morel mushrooms, poached egg purse, toasted brioche & veal jus
sunflower seeded sea bass, endive, and mustard fondue - tomato coriander coulis, basil emulsion, truffled mushroom french toast
Hawaiin sword fish, seed crust, salsify & speck - Basquaise & pinot sauce w/ a side of saffron soup (forgot to snap the saffron soup)
my oven roasted venison chop w/ truffled baby bok choy - accented w/ a rich cocoa nib red wine reduction, Spanish chorizo, cocoa tuile. i'd kill for some right now (it's 7:30pm and im waitimg on dinner)
vanilla espresso mousse cake 

So one day I went on a beauty binge w/ my friend Ronnie..When I came home, this package was waiting for me on my floor like "SURPRISE SURPRISE BEEOTCH OPEN ME!"
Man! I thought I was the bee's knees surprising Angelique and sending her the Aquafina chapsticks (and other goodies).. BUT NO! She one upped me and sent me a surprise package as well. Well played girl, well played. You got me <3 
it was kinda heavy. I was like, WTF IS IN THIS LIL ENVELOPE!?
been meaning to try these EOS lip balms. As a matter of fact, I bought the honeydew one today despite the fact that I still haven't tried this summer fruit one Angelique sent me. I'm a sucker for lip balms :[
this is like portable coffee bits for your mouth for coffee junkies like me. best coffee candy ever, hands down.
this stuff has been the shit lately w/ beauty bloggers. i need to drink this tomollo and seeeee
coffee mix! for the days i don't have time to buy any before heading into work <3
more M B Deezies because... Angelique knows i'm a beezy that likes this ish
what is this!? more candy!? 0_o
she knew. she knew. thought i'd like it to go with my new MAC lippie she sent me.. what'd she send?
sweetest blogger i've been in contact so far, can't wait to meet her soon
jealous!? jealous!?
She went all the way to the outlets to get this! <33333
i've been wanting to try this for forever and a day~!! THANK YOU
ugghh this color is so pretty and natural. perfect for everyday wear, i think i have to marry it.
the spread :]
Thanks for everything babes. You know I love it all, ALL! ALL! 

My beauty binge:
Dr. Jarts Blue Label Dew Drop Blemish Base. $37 for this ish and the Korean lady who sold it to me told me I have "velly dry onnnnn skeeen, and onnnn wrinkles" >=[ bitch!
i've been using this lately rather than my revlon photoready. review to come on this shit later.. uhm.soon?
review on this to come...later soonish too.
I forgot to take a picture of my Sana Easy Peel Cleansing Water but I love that crap. It takes my MAC eye makeup off with such ease, no tugging! Review on that later too. There were also various samples the lady gave me but I don't even remember what they're for.
my room that night.. oh man too many goodies, overloaad
ahhahah excuse my leopard print bra >.< 

okay so this was a picture post. i got too lazy to write. it's 7:55pm now and i'm gonna eat dinner, use a My Beauty Diary Mask, bake cookies for Mr. Susyness, then cook my bomb dot com spaghetti w/ meat sauce for lunch tomorrow. my spaghetti w/ meat sauce is no joke - it puts grown men to sleep within 15mins. I don't play around. 
P.S. Okay giveaway annoucement coming soon because I know everyone likes free swag.


  1. Well I guess I will back on here in May to read more of your post. What shall I do?
    Oh well I will try the Pad for you, and that gooey fried flake.

    Hope the giveaway is good,


  2. Fleur de Lys looks really nice. I haven't had a kobe beef foie gras burger before and in that combination. Sounds really good! :D Do you Yelp? :D I hope you do because you can contribute some awesome foodie reviews :D
    I love fondue! :)

    Look at your stuff! haha :D I hope you like those green tea drinks. I have a shabillion brands of those things from green milk tea to coffee to coffee milk tea. My mom gives them to me pretty religiously :p Perfect for ppl on the go :D

    The BB looks good :D I've never tried the Shiseido face whip thing before. I have the regular face wash that is pretty drying but the whipped one looks awesome :)

    I've been seeing those NYC sliders everywhere! LOL :p

  3. Shooot girl. look at that GOOD eatin and all that make up . . . I'm overwhelmed! Now I'm hungry betch.

  4. hey girl! ohmygosh great surprise package! Angelique is tooo sweet! && I also love lip balms, I've been using the EOS lipbalms she sent me almost everyday! &&& WAY TO LOVE is such a pretty colour, its always in my makeup bag :D OHMYGOSH & i want to try that matcha milk mix but I can't find it anywhere :( aaahhh it probably tastes soo good lol :D &&& great haul by the way :D

  5. YESSSSS DO A FUCKING REVIEW ON THAT BB CREAM! girlll I had no idea where to find BB creams at first, den I went to some asian store & dis bitch was telling me about it. I don't any but I really think I need to, because the liquid nd mineral foundations aint cutting it for me anymore. My skin is getting worse because of that shit.... sooo do tell me more about BB creams, how it works, & what brand is good...

    thank you mama <333

  6. oooo i love foodie posts! the food looks soooo good :) and the goodies look nice! I want to try to EOS but I can't find ANY in stores around me :(

    anyways, just stopping by your blog because it's fabulous :)


  7. I love these picture posts! Once again, I'm reading your blog at night -_- good thing I snacked beforehand! Hahaha, I love that lippie, I wish it was a permanent color. *sighhh, I'm afraid to use mine up. I bought the NYC tinted lip balm last week too but it was mainly to go with Boy Bait. But for some reason, I always get lazy and hate layering things on my lips. Seems like I just like it one at a time.

    For once, I got through a post without having serious munchies!!

    <3 Diana

  8. Oh man that's so crazy you have the EXACT same food tastes as one of my gf! She loves sweet bread and foie gras!! And she's eaten at many of the place you reviewed before! Hehe I guess all foodies think alike?

    I love those Asian coffee mixes! I combine 1 packet of those with 1 packet of Starbucks instant coffee (b/c the Asian one has ZERO caffeine), and it's such a nice treat.

    Can't wait for your review on the face wash! I bought one recently at Walgreens that got really good reviews.. but it doesn't take off all my makeup :( So I'm the hunt again for another one.

    OMG spaghetti + meat sauce! I could eat that everyday with kimchi! Aarrr my tummy just growled >.<

  9. Angelique is sooo sweet! <3 her. Definitely do a review on the BB cream. Looking forward to that! <3

  10. Boutzie May is approaching us fast!!! I'll be waiting to hear about your Thai food experience okay? ♥

    Jen YES! I do Yelp :) http://susyc.yelp.com feel free to browse around my reviews. if you want to friend me there let me know it's you though. I have all these weirdos adding me and i'm like who the heck is that? hahaha so i tend to just ignore most requests.

    Charlene-Ann , I know right? Angelique has the one of the biggest hearts ever. I swear I just want to send her a million things because she's too damn sweet! I'm going to try the EOS lipbalms next week. I'm trying to kill my Aquafina lipblam. It's my current favorite and I swear by it. I bought backups too since it's on sale at Walgreens for $2.99 for the 3 pack!

    Christine - man, you should've heard that old korean lady telling me I got dry skin and wrinkles. She had a fatass smile on her face too, I just wanted to deck her because she cut my self confidence down like a pms bitch on a rampage. But yeah, she recommended the dewy one for me since my skin is so damn dry -_- WHATEVS! I don't know much about BB creams but i've been told by my friend Tina that Dr. Jart is the best. It's my 1st BB cream but it's been working VERY VERY well for me. Lengthy in-depth review will happen JUST FOR YOU ^_^ Sorry I took mad days on the NYX loose pigments thingies one hahahaha

    Jimin - no EOS!? What about Walgreens? Where are you located? I've been seeing the EOS lipbalms at my Walgreens. I actually found them in the travel section, weird huh??!

    Diana, congrats! I'm glad you snacked before hand but I have to warn you... you might want to start reading my blog after meals or something because I have a ton of food posts coming up ahhahaha.

    Sophia i've decided not to use American shit anymore. It just doesn't work for my skin anymore. I think my face has just plateau'ed with their products. Also, American crap has been drying my skin up and causing mad breakouts for me :( I've been trying product after product to get rid of my pimples and crap but shit just doesn't work. I feel like these Japanese products are more gentle, yet they get the job done with chemicals that are not nearly as harsh. My skin feels refreshed, tight, and moisturized. I'm using Sana Easy Peel to take off my makeup. My face feels pretty clean just after using that, but I follow up with less than a pea sized amount of the Shiseido Whip. It lathers REALLY GOOD all over my face. Leave it on for a couple of seconds then wash it off with warm water. I splash cold water on my face afterwards to close my pores and pat dry. I bought both those things at Ichibankan in Jtown. Geez I wrote a freaking NOVEL to you. We should chat on AIM or something.

    Katie review on BB cream will come soon, I promise!

  11. Ohhhh foood!!! Next time I'm up north, I'm definitely hitting up Fleur de Lys! yummmO!

    Glad you liked the package! :].... Don't worry, I have more goodies to share. LOL

    BTW I still need to find a BB cream. I can't be wearing the damn Photo Ready when summer comes. It'll be BB cream or back to mineral makeup. I just need a BB cream that has a darker shade or something. LOL

    <33 Can't wait to meet you too!

  12. i can't handle the boojie-ness of your blog susy ahahaha. ballin' betch !! i live by bb creams.. love it. how do you like it? :D wtf mr susyness gets cookies?! i want cookies !! lmao. lets bake some. eat some, cook something wooo~~~

  13. dang girl, she is so SWEET! I want to see Way to Love on you! It's gonna make me want it even more, lol.

  14. LOL!!!!!! Another post about food. Good that i just gave im not that hungry PLUS pictures without flash is not super attracting me to your food HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no complain this time :)

    Damn!!! Lot of goodies that girl sent you yo....SUPER JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    beside the lippie (way to love) HAHAAHHAHA Because I have TWO of it lol...now, are YOU jealous :) hehehheeeee love me don't hate! <3

  15. Aw the food looks yummy as! Haha :)

    I was reading through and this just made me laugh,
    "the Korean lady who sold it to me told me I have "velly dry onnnnn skeeen, and onnnn wrinkles" >=[ bitch!"

    Haha!!Asian fob ladies have no shame. :(

    Love ze blog!! :D

  16. i've just stumbled on your blog XDXD
    i love kopiko candy!! XDXD
    your header looks a lil bit like domokun o(^-^)o

  17. sorry to hear about your dry lips! i recommend vaseline or vitamin E liquid gel pills (if you pop them it looks like a shiny lipgloss haha) for the time being :)


  18. Susy!♥

    Yayy! I know I asked for the Fleur de Lys post, but you didn't have to blog if you didn't feel like it! Now I feel partially guilty...kinda. hahaha DANNGG!! all of that food looks AMAZING!
    That foie gras looks freaking tasty, but so do all the fish, veal, and your chop xD

    haha surprise lurve packs are the best!! Angelique is soo sweet! Damn, she got you good with all them goodies!! I just got myself some EOS lip balms too, it's a whole set. I tried the summer fruit one, but I don't know, I'm not impressed with the quality bc it doesn't feel as moisturizing as my Yes to Carrots one, which is a lip butter in a chapstick twist up tube...my current HG lovee! lol we'll see...I'll just have to keep using the EOS lip balm.

    I LOVEE 'Way to Love'!! It's such a sweet color! I had to nabe it for myself when it came out with the collection xD Yeah, I've been seeing that GreenMax matcha milk mix EVERYWHERE!! Do you know where I can get my hands on some? :P

    Happy happy Saturdayy!! yayy!!

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. OMG 2 more weeks till our lil SF meetup!! **EGGSCITED**
    p.p.s. Mr. Susyness (lol) is lucky to have a gf like you to bake cookies for him! hella sweet of you!

  19. I'm so sick and tired of my comments not working. But hi.

    I'm hungry now. Thank you.

  20. Susyness! I LOVE LOVE LOVE BB cream! I just bought the Dr. Young Pearl BB cream. It's a darker shade that I'm going to be using for summertime.

    That ajumma was so mean to you :( Good thing you had that amazing package to open when you go home!


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  22. Damn girl! Angelique hooked you up foreal! mmm the food looks delicious =] && those kopiko candies are heavenly =]

  23. Hey Susy!
    I cant believe I haven't followed you yet 0_0" haha! Anyways, Ange is uber sweet! & Love the skin care haulage & oooohhhhh the photos look delish. I wana lick my screen =x HAHAHAHAAH! jkjk!

    Anyways, I answered your comment on my blog. Uhmm, Which look do you want me to do a pic tutorial on? Let me know, girly ;)