Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mini mac beauty binge

videooOOoOoOoOooooOoo because i'm lazy. sorry folks.  I don't know WHY the freaking video is cut off by an inch. I know the top of my head is missing :[  what the heck YouTube! it didn't look this way when I filmed it. I'm so frustrated with the video quality *sigh* i'm sorry. I'm too lazy to write, too impatient to upload at high quality.... BLAH.


  1. hahahaha you are too damn funny, Susy! lmfao @ the Taco Bell & grease on yo face part! ahaha and "right hyuh..,hyuh" lol oh and btw, I could see the shadow on your eye, no joke! You're not making an ass out of yourself! You're hilarious and the personality!<3

    ahh! I freaking LOVE your voice...shit! I didn't know you had such a sexy voice. You know what I'm talking about right? It's still womanly but it's slightly raspy, too so it's SEXY! you know what I mean right? bc if you don't, then I must look hella dumb right now! I dk, I just think that girls sound hella sexy when they have a voice like yours haha. I WANT YOUR HURR, WOMAN!! It's so cute, bouncy, and voluminous!! TRADE! lol Angelique would be down! aha!

    lallalalalala i should go to sleep soon...@__@ just wanted to comment on your vid! :] it's okay to be lazy bc you work! Just take your time and when you actually DO blog, it'll be stellar!!

    ♥ caroline

  2. omg all I could focus on was your teeth ~ you have super straight and white teeth!!

  3. j00r beautiful, love~ i saw this last night when i was checking my subscriptions on youtube. tay was like, "wtf is that susy??" LOL! anyways.. i love the evolution of your vids. awkward hair playing >>> bonafide beauty b/vlogger~~~ hahahah XD

  4. Yayyy Susy vid! :] Love the MAC eye shadows you got. You make me want to buy shadows. LOL

    I still have yet to do a video... but I doubt I will. We should do one when we see each other in June! hahahaha ;p

  5. I agree with Sophia! love love your teeth & your pretty ass face! LMAAAO!!! >;) was that freaky? haha! oh well!

    Anyways, I really wish I could go to the bay meetup on the 15th, but we'll have to see. That date is still pretty wishy washy for me. Hopefully though *cross fingers*

    As for the prom cat eyes (I'll be sure to do a pic tutorial for it ^_^) It takes a long time but, i'll do it for you mama! haha


  6. love the vid ;] dude ur teeth are like super nice haha...

    i hella lol'd about the taco bell part haha more videos (;

  7. lol, your funny... & sarcastic like me. I need to get up on that Aquafina.


  8. HAHAHA! I actually noticed you said "HAUL" right away, before I even read your side comment. I was gonna say I thought you hated the word haul. It does sound ugly though. =X "Beauty Binge" sounds way better.

    How much did the class cost? I never knew they had classes. Interesting.
    I love all the items you bought. I was looking into getting the MAC 188 and Carbon as well. I feel the exact same way. If I want a single shadow by itself I would want a black or a dark brown. I'm leaning toward black now. I was thinking about getting the refill for my MAC quad but I think I'll get it as a single instead.

    I like how your hair looks curled. Your hair looks so nice! I have like NO hair. It's so thin. I try to make it poofy by blow drying it but the BF hates when my hair is poofy. {*haha}

    As for the Clarisonic is working so so right now? I mean I've only been using it for 2 weeks so far and the first week was during that special time of the month so I was breaking out already. I did notice that it helps my scars fade a lot faster though. OH! But I do NOT use it day and night. I think it's a little to harsh for my skin. I only use it at night. I'll do a review or something after a month or so.

    I enjoyed our texting spree as well. I was checking my phone and I didn't notice your text till HELLA days later. My bad. Can't wait to see you this weekend! =D

    <3 Serena.

  9. I NEED to get some of that aquafina. Can't find it anywhere in NY. -_- Did you curl your hair for the vid or is it naturally like that? I can never get waves like that to look right on me. And yea, I agree with all the comments above on beauty binge. Definitely a better way to put it!

    xo, Diana