Monday, May 24, 2010

Myx Mash

Hello everyone! I'm so very very behind on blog & twitter as of late. My good friend Jocelyn has welcomed a very beautiful little girl into our world: Hannah J. Wong. My beautiful little niece shocked us all and came a bit early, but she's a strong gal and progressing so much every single day. I can't wait to be there for her and her family as she goes through each day.
I scored some tickets from my friend Jonas for the Myx Mash concert. The performers were: Bruno Mars, Brown Eyed Girls (K-pop group) and T-pain. I know, it's a pretty random line-up right? I really wanted to just see Brown Eyed Girls but i'm glad I arrived on time. Bruno Mars is amazing live! His voice is pure talent. None of that electronic synthesizer bs *coughTPAINcough*
Anywho.. For the concert.. I remembered that Jen had did a Son Gain inspired look from Abracadabra. Here is Jen's video:

If you don't know Jen, you should definitely check her out. She is a lovely lady all around.
This is my take on Jen's Son Gain inspired look:
Please keep in mind that Jen & I have totally different eyelids and eye shapes (she's Korean, i'm Chinese) so of course, the look is different on me. 
 I had to pull my hair up so you could see the liner. my hair also wasn't done in this photo.
products used:
Face: Dr. Jarts Blue Label Dew Drop BB Cream, MAC blush in Warm Soul
brows: MAC e/s charcoal brown, MAC e/s Ricepaper for underbrow highlight
eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (primer), NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean, MAC e/s in Carbon, MAC Fluidline in Black Track 
lips: Aquafina lip balm, NYX round lipstick in Rea
completed look (and hair) w/ Darkness #6 lashes and an extra swipe of NYX Rea l/s:
Bruno Mars
Brown Eyed Girls , uhmm.. Why is there only 3 of them?
Jea has issues with her visa and couldn't come perform. *sigh* boooo.
I was disappointed/upset the rest of the night because B.E.G. only performed a total of 3 songs and the majority of the crowd were B.E.G fans :[
the famous hip sway move from "Abracadabra" 
Seriously, they were not as good w/o Jea but I was impressed with their English. They performed in Korean but made a little PSA about why Jea wasn't present in English. Pretty good!
And don't believe all photoshop lies:
Ladies, everyone has problems with their skin. Yes, even Korean pop star celebs whomever, anybody and everybody has some sort of issue with their skin! So take care of yourself, your skin, but most importantly - love yourself including the skin you're in and be confident :]
How many people does it take to perform a T-Pain song?
20 + a synthesizer
he mostly performed snippets of songs and half the time he was yelling or other people were "singing" so yeah, didn't enjoy him too much but I didn't have high expectations for him anyways.
 my partner in crime Melissa...we wear shiny pants okay? It's kind of annoying how behind San Francisco is on fashion. We both took public transportation to get to the concert and got all kinds of comments * rolleyes*
Ended the night @ Katana Ya for late night ramen. I opted for a sake don (salmon sashimi over sushi rice) and a negitoro handroll (green onion fatty tuna belly handroll). I wish I hadn't, I have food poisoning :[ Then we took BART home.
 bonne nuit.
 Life feels so hectic right now. Work has been extremely draining. To the point where my brain shuts off the instant I walk out the office door and it takes me all night to decompress. My room is a mess. I haven't folded and put away laundry, my to-do list keeps piling up, I haven't ordered my pink dress for the Pow Wow (Angelique found one for me on Asos but I need to ORDER IT), packages need to be made and shipped, cookies need to be baked, TRAFFIC SCHOOL NEEDS TO BE DONE (argh) and a trip to the dentist is in need (ahh i'm scared), a trip to Seattle needs to be booked *breathe* one day at a time...
I dined at Jardiniere last friday night and it was amazing. Future post on it later.

4 Korres Lip Butters in Pomegranate, Guava, Mango, & Jasmine (not pictured)
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ring: Forever21 (thanks Ronnie! MAKE A BLOG!!)

ciao bellas!


  1. Finally... a post!!! ;]

    Jen's so damn cute. Love that vid! Esp when she started dancing. hahaha

    Love the look you did. I still need to practice with damn eyeshadow... I swear it hates me. Oh well :P

    Loveee how you captured their faces!! I swear, I'm like oogling everytime I see a Korean/Japanese magazine and wishing I had divine porcelain skin but yeah.. you're absolutely right, no one's perfect & no one has perfect skin.

    You & Melissa look cute! I have no idea where my shiny leggings went... Wow, now I need to go look for them.

    But yeah good luck w/ everything you have to do! Take it one thing/day at a time and order your dress soon!!! ;]... It's almost June! Yayyy <3

    Oh & I love that heart ring. I saw a girl w/ a bronze one. I should show you the ring that Glenn told me to get... LOL! I got it only b/c he said he liked it. I'll BBM a pic to you some time.

    Have a productive day at work! <3

  2. BTW... I totally forgot.. SO about eyeshadows. I think my problem is that I don't know how to deal with my eye shape? Yeah I need to figure that out -_-

  3. OK! LOL, I will. Promise!

    p.s. I still say ms. thing needs to use Revlon PhotoReady and MUFE HD powder. Bwahaha

  4. You looked gorgeous and thanks for sharing your adventures! xoxo Chauie

  5. Congrats on your new niece =]

    & OMG BRUNO MARS!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333
    I wanna see him live sometime, he seems real talented & KINDA cute. & wordd me & my man were talkin' bout how Tpain is so fake & that he heard him live on a vid or something & he sound like shit.

    & your makeup is siiick

  6. Ooh I like the double liner look ~ cute! Yea pretty much there are only 2 makeup gurus I can follow b/c they have single flat lids like me and shaped like mine...

    I LOVE shiny pants!! I have black snake skin ones .. just love how it makes legs look!

    And ewww you guys put your feet on the BART chairs >.<

  7. I want more connector rings Angelique! I am on a mission to find more that fit me. We can work on the whole eyeshadow thing together babes.

    Ronnie hurry up, Ping is hella kicking your ass at this blogging game. She got to the stepping and already has 2 posts up hahahhaa

    Reif - be safe in Costa Rica <3 U.S. A! ALL THE WAY!. COSTA RICA, JUST A-OKAY! LMFAO

    sooophhiiaaaa yeah we put on feet up on BART but only for the picture. Those seats are so freaking nasty and dirty anyways. I imagine all the germs on the bottoms of my pants and the back of my coat everytime I sit down *sigh* that's why I always change IMMEDIATELY when I get home.. and I also don't sit on my bed or lay in it when i'm wearing my street clothes still. I want black snakeskin pvc pants!!

    Christine you hella need to see Bruno Mars live girl. You'll love his voice as much as I did.

  8. I think you did a great job on the look! :) Yeah, I didn't know who B.E.G was until I saw Jen's vid, which she did a great job on!

    Yeah, the concert was a very diverse lineup :p T-Pain and his 20+ yellers with synthesizers.. LOL That must've been hell to your ears! hahaha
    Leather pants are awesome! Classic concert wear! :D

    Mmm, KatanaYa! Sounds so good! I love ramen, and especially if it's opened late! :p

  9. OH I hate the internet right now. F*ing error deleted my comment. {*GAHHHH!!!} Here I go AGAIN...

    I LOVE your make up. Can you teach me how? I'll do your nails and you can do my makeup! I can never get the smokey eye look to work for me. I feel like I end up looking like a raccoon all the time. {*bleh} It's so frustrating.
    I have decided MAC's Carbon is a must for my makeup collection at the moment. I'll have to learn how to work with it though.

    I'd be sad if that happened to me. I can't believe BEGs only sang 3 songs. Total disappointment. That's less than 15 minutes! Suck that Jea couldn't make it. She's so flipping hot.
    The night was an overall success though right? Hope so.

    Japanese food sounds so good. I want to eat now. Ramen.... YUMMM...

    Looks like you have such a crazy to do list. It's okay. Take it one step at a time. Breathe! I feel like I need to clean my room too. I'm sure you'll get everything done. =]

    Oh and you should/could just blur your BF's face if you want to post a picture of you two. I actually asked my BF before I posted the photo, asking if he wanted to be on my blog or not and he said no. So.. I blurred him out. I didn't take many pictures that night and that was the best one.

    woo.. done. Still annoyed about how my original comment wasn't posted.

    <3s Serena.

  10. Susy!♥

    Don't worry, you're not alone in being behind on twitter & blogging. I'm totally with you, as you know that I've been preoccupied with packing, cleaning, moving, and all that ish! :'( It's an exciting time for your friend & you though, now that Hannah's here! ^_^ Babies are just so precious, and they grow up so fast & they also change looks a lot, so snap lots of pics whenever you get the chance! :)

    OoOOooOo! haha I remember seeing that Myx Mash Concert advertisement on the Bart schedule marquee ahaha and then seeing your tweet about it! it IS a random lineup and I didn't think you would go! That's awesome that you got to go though! yay! :) Your makeup looks hot!! I love the double winged liner! Major smoky eye sexiness & fierceness, missy!!<3 You did a great job with your makeup & outfit for the concert! :D haha I love it when Jen did the little dance at the beginning of her's SO cute! :)

    Aw, man, that sucks that you got food poisoning!! That's the worse ever when you're eating & stuffing yourself bc you're hungry or want to get late night munchies and then BAM! that dreadful, terrible feeling of impending doom rumbles in your tummy...and then it all goes down hill from there!! :( I hope you're all better now, Susy!<3

    Dang, I miss you (but not norcal weather...i'm loving my sunshine down here ^_^ even though it's gloomy but sans rain)!! You have a lot on your plate and are so busy now, but yes, you MUST remember to breathe!! Take one step at a time & just try to do things at your pace. Then, if you're feeling energetic & ambitious on the weekend, you can go into turbo mode and try to get a whole bunch of the things on your list done! ^_^ But worry not, my dear, because everything will eventually get done! :)

    ♥ caroline

  11. Sexy look you got there ;) I can never pull my bangs back/into a poof, it always ends up looking weird on me. -_-

    What are you wearing on your nails?

    xo, Diana

  12. Hi Susy,

    That's a smoking look you're sporting. "Smoking" in every sense of the word. You did the smokey eyes really well! I'm a Chinese too but with my eye shape, I could never do a nice smokey eyes and I love how you lined your eyes. I saw the video on Jen's blog too and I love how she looked. I feel so inspired to go work on my make up skills now.