Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'm cold

It's cold in San Francisco. The bizarre humidity wave has ended. Again, it's cold in San Francisco and so is my heart. I need to chase the sun. I was born for warmer climates. I need to get out of here.
I can't believe half of this year has flown by already. I'm very happy with how much I have accomplished and achieved, yet at the same time I feel like i've done nothing at all. Life is a great adventure and I am so anxious to keep on trekking. I seriously need to up my roots and re-locate: currently working on that.
Ladies, all you beautiful ladies.. I'm quite pleased with myself that i've met a handful of you. You chicas don't know how much that shit means to me. I know a lot of females don't get along with others due to our innate cattiness and many of us SAY so..But i'm so happy we get along. You all know who you are, I don't need to single you all out. Mad love to you though xoxo

Anyway.. I know i've been really behind on blogging. I've done so much and I can't keep up with the photos, uploading, tagging etc. I've eaten at fancy spots and some hole in the wall spots. If you want to keep up with that, feel free to check out my Yelp page. There's a thingermajigger posted on the lower right hand corner of this blog that will take you there. I also fly out to Los Angeles monthly, so new Southern California spots will appear every now and then. Those of you who have my Facebook, you can always check there for photos :]
This post will entirely be pictures. A real, actual beauty related post will be done soon - I promise.
Also, i've decided on what the prize will be for my giveaway (a bunch of my current favorite items) but I want to make y'all work for it! I need to think of a contest entry.. It'll come to me as I bang out this post I suppose. But if it doesn't, i'll sit on it. Alright so Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. I ventured to sunnier and hotter pastures, the adult playground, the city of sin...LAS VEGAS!
 Melissa & I en route.
I was up till 3:30am chatting with Serena (♥) and up at 8am to pack for my noon flight. I finished packing and left instantly to the airport. Procrastinator of 2010 Championship Award goes to: me!
See that girl behind Melissa? She was being a whorebag!!!!
She was talking about modeling her bikinis for her boyfriend and telling her friends her boyfriend knows she's going to Vegas, but he has no clue what her intentions are. 
s c a n d a l o u s

with Meli's BFF Cecy (far left)
naturally, our 1st destination was the pool!
Those pink cups we're holding? Cecy brought them. Oh boy. 
The contents were so delicious (Grey Goose Pear + cran) but dangerous!
hot hot summer heat? hot hot summer nails
I don't even recall the above photo. Know why? I blame the pink cup.
my outfit for night numero dos. 
a Metropark tank that was on clearance (I got it years ago, for less than $40), paired with a belt from Express, shorts from Guess and Carlos Santana heels.
♥ my mafioso ♥
Cecy curled our hair! That girl knows how to work a curling iron b/c my curls stayed in ALL NIGHT LONG
@ Surrender, the newest (and hottest!) nightclub at Encore
shakin' it like the girls in David Guetta videos to "Sexy Bitch"
girls, girls, girls, girls...girls I do adore!
in one of those bungalow/cabana things at Surrender w/ Hansoul & Cynthia. Such pretty ladies!
no hanky panky!!!

During my last hours in Vegas, I stayed by the pool. Cecy, Melissa and I were given free passes to Bare, the topless pool lounge at The Mirage.
We decided to check it out (free, why not?) and no we didn't get topless. We were very glad to keep our tops ON. 
we're having the time of our lives, despite the dirty dirty dirty pool

just for fun:
fellow San Franciscans have heard me make fun of hipsters before.
from Melissa's facebook: Non-Prescription glasses. Check. Thrift Store Bag. Check. Fixie Pride. Check....Now she's set to roll in the Mission!
I said: I just need a PBR in my hand and i'm all set!


  1. Maybe you should try living on the east coast like me. ^_^ Well maybe in Florida, I'm telling you, you will like over here. I mean shucks then we could get togther and try out food. ^_^

    Glad I came across this blog. Ah!!!! so glad.


  2. susy!!! yay finally a new post. you look so pretty in your vegas outfits!! I <3 them!! wow you have amazingly long legs! the blue outfit and the makeup is my fave :)

  3. move to socal, good place to uproot from SF :) see ya next month <3 GOOD READ; NOT BORING. pz

  4. AHAHAHA that last photo!! You know I love it!

  5. SERIOUSLY ME TOO!!!!! I was made to live in hot and humid... like Singapore!!!! I hate shivering and having goosebumps every time a freaking breeze blows!!

    You girls ooooze the hotness!

    Can you ask your friend in 1st photo where she got her sideways cross necklace pls?? I want!!

  6. Looks like you're having lot of fun :)
    I think ive seen some of these pictures on fb already HAHAHAHA yea i love to stalk u :D

  7. Ohhh Vegas post! hahahah at least you posted yours up! I never posted mine! It's still a draft in my blog posts. hahaha

    Can we go to Vegas together, please? thanks!

    You are hot stuff!

  8. Susy, the pictures were a thousand words :) Looks like you had a BLAST in Vegas. SF weather has been kind of humid-ish, I thought I was the only one to notice :p You ladies look gorgeous! :D Happy to see you posting!

  9. You're a sexy biatch! Love the Metropark top detail in the back. Girl...shake that a**! haha I censor myself. =)

    Love you!!! xoxo Chauie


  11. Susy!♥

    Looking HOT in them Vegas pics! xD haha I'm glad you and your gfs had fun!! yay for girltime! :D oOoOo we got some sexyback going on in them pics...and some sexy legs, too! hahas! xD you did a smokin' job with your makeup!! I loves it!! gosh! and I also love how you all had diff. nail colors on and no one wore the same thing--awesome!

    Seriously, I feel you! When I was living up there, my heart was cold, too! I'm a born & bred So.Cal. girl, so I'm only happy when it's sunny & warm out! haha can't wait until you can snag a job & move down here!! wo0two0t!

    loves you! xoxo
    ♥ caroline

  12. whaaaat you look so haute! sexy in black!!
    & wtf you have a rib tattoo?! or am I seeing things.... what is it?!