Monday, June 14, 2010

OOTOD - Outfits Of The Other Days

Yea, i'm slow at blogging. AND WHAT!?
Mr. Susyness arrived Friday night. Swooped up my love and took him to his hotel. While he was getting ready for dinner, I actually tried to take blog photos. Guess what!? They didn't turn out too damn good! It's alright though.. If you had seen me, my entire persona was just ON POINT that evening. After he put his suitcase into the trunk of my car, copped himself a little booty grab and gave me a kiss he said "you look very cute babe" *melt* yeah, i'm a sucker. I like it when my man notices that I dressed up. I am normally a tshirt/tank top & jeans kind of gal.. This he also knows.
hmm..yeah, not too good at all. hahaha
Michael by Michael Kors zebra print furry pumps I found at Ross. 
Originally costs: $165 Ross price: $39.99 <--- I'm a bargain hunter.
Mr. Susyness saw me struggling with the digicam in front of the mirror. I also told him to help me take a picture for my blog.
quick run down of the outfit: 
top: Arden B. on clearance for $20 (store was closing down)
camisole: Forever21 $2.50
pants: Flying Monkey skinny jeans $80 got them at Planet Funk
shoes: Michael by Michael Kors from Ross for only $40!
I have the dumbest looking smirk on my face because I still feel uncomfortable when I ask others to help me take pictures for my blog. Well, except when I ask Melissa to do it. I know she feels me since she is a blogger too! I don't feel as self-centered but WHAT THE HELL EVER. I'll get over that feeling eventually. We're all a little vain anyway ;)
@ Ceja Vineyards in Napa
my shades: Fendi , $80 at Nordstrom Rack
dress: Forever 21 $9.50 bought it AGES ago
shoes: Jessica Simpson $30 at Buffalo Exchange (thrift store)
Louis Vuitton: well.. you can only guess.

And you can actually SEE my pudgy little Buddha belly - it's saying what's up to you guys. 
yea yea yea, I know I have skinny arms and legs, but I DO HAVE A BELLY. I hide it. 

The other fine lovely ladies are Melissa (center) and Ej. 
Melissa's dress is Betsey Johnson and I believe Ej's dress is a Diane Von Furstenberg. The shoes of both ladies I am unsure of, sorry! Okay I lied again. Melissa is wearing Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges $30 yeap, I googled them. Okay I lied again, I cheated I looked at her blog hahahaha

that is all for now. i'm behind on making packages (again) and since basically fucked me over with my order, I am once again on the hunt for a pink dress. I think i've got one though thanks to the lovely Sophia :] However, I will once again have to wait for it to be shipped to me *sigh*


okay I lied. one last outfit
got this shirt as a gift in the mail from a very special lady .. i actually cried opening the package.
i didn't tell her that when I thanked her, but I seriously cried because she gave me a card. she made it herself, and it was watercolors with all these lovely French things on it. so sweet and touching.. guess what Chauie?? I'M GOING TO ROCK THIS SHIRT IN PARIS!!
i'm wearing it FOR YOU!!!! <33333333333 merci beaucoup mon amour

okay. this time i'm done. for real real.
ta ta's and hoo-ha's!


  1. susy i'm loving the animal print shoes from MK. i have a pair of snake print shoes from him and its goldish with a belt detail in the front. he makes great animal print stuff. rarrr! hahahaha

  2. ooOo Ping, wait till you see the OTHER pair of MK shoes I swooped up from Ross!!!

  3. All three outfits are all kinds of cute. Oh, and I wish I had your boobs ;)

  4. very cute choice of outfits... nice style!! I especially love the shade of the blue dress.... I've been on a hunt for a blue colored dress like that... =)

  5. Susy!♥

    Don't worry...I'm a sucker, too. I hella *melt* when my bf says cute things, compliments me, or calls me by the old sweet names that he used to call me by more frequently back in the day when we first started dating bc now he rarely does any of that!! ARGH! I swear...I miss the honeymoon phase of a relationship! :'(

    Looking hot, my love! Yes! Bargain shopping! I loves you for that ahah! :D Love the shoes...very hot! I don't own any animal print yet. I think I'm gonna stay away from animal print clothing, but I will try shoes, when I find the right pair! :D Hope you had fun in Napa! I'm sure you did <3 LMAO, you're so funny. I have a belly, too! Trust me, it's huge...I just hide it very well! haha I just bought a yoga mat today and some dumbbells...exercise, here I come...! haha :P

    Oh! I realized you txted me asking for my addy, but I never gave it to you! LOL fail. I will do that soon. hahas :D

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. you should do that post about sleeping nekkie haha xD

  6. Awww shucks Miss Susy was looking all good for the boo. lol Cute shoes babes, I need to check out Ross for outfits again too, I'm slacking on apparel at the moment lol. So darn hot over here on the east coast.

    Awwww you cried? That is so sweet. It means you took it to heart susy. ^_^

    Oh by the way FRANCE!!!!!!!!! You little sweet heart thats one of many places I want to go, but it will have to wait when I get out of college.

    Boutzie' ^_^

    P.S. I need a food guru like you to help explore more cuisine.

  7. FRANCE????????????! damn boojie betch, i wouldn't expect anything less boojie from you HAHAHA. loookin' sexy~~~~

  8. OOOOMG haha I love those zebra shoes!! A lot!! Crazy deal on the price too! I need to shop with you. I feel like when I see deals, they're only for like 30% off, which isn't enough!! And since almost everything gets marked down, I hate feeling like a sucker and paying full price.

    And the blue dress ~ blue looks good on your skin tone! Gorgeous pic looking all sophisticated with the wine glass :)

    Have fun in France! Can you bring me back a macaron pls? ^_~

  9. Love the outfits, babe! :D hahaha I get all uncomfy asking people to take pictures of me too. The BF just laughs his head off and I get all shy -_-. Hey at least we can take pics of each other when we see each other!! haha

    BTW love your bargain hunting find!! I would have totally gotten those heels too. Love it :D