Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brasil! hoardingshit


Okay. If you follow me on Twitter you'd know that i've been watching the World Cup. Yesterday was Brasil vs. North Korea. I was obviously rooting for Brasil and they won! I don't own any green clothing so I showed my support with a yellow tank top with yellow & green eyeshadow :]
 errr.. I forgot what the names of the colors are, sorry :[ i'm at work and don't have the makeup with me
I did however, use all MAC eyeshadows.
free surra de bunda dances on me after Brasil's victory!
just feckin kiddin y'all. if you don't know what surra de bunda is..omfg watch the video below

^ and that my friends, is how you get pink eye.

Alright, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Topic of today's video/entry is: HOARDING
The thing I hoard? Samples. I keep them, for years. Why? I don't know. I keep saying i'm going to use them eventually or they're handy for travel. In reality, these things have sat around for quite some time. I think i'll actually make it a point to use all these samples up! Anywho, watch my video below.

So..what do you guys hoard or keep around? I'd love to know!


  1. Love the eyeshadow, and yay!!!! you are back to posting again, every day.

    Mmmmmm..lets see what do I hoard, well I guess it has to be purses and sunglasses. I mean I have a huge collection that is well it takes up all the closet space in my room. lol

  2. Susy you crack me up! Toss those brushes!!

    And trust me ~ we ALL like the free samples!! When I worked at a bakery (I told u in Laurel village) - ALL the rich bitches (with their BMW keychain might I add) ask for samples of cookies!!!

    I use perfume samples the same way - great for travel. Sephora gives samples of perfumes fyi!

  3. Susy, this video is hilarious! Keep them coming!

    I used to work in makeup and skin care (Shiseido counter and Sephora store included) so I have TONS of sample-size and full-size skin products filling up several plastic storage boxes. I actually did use one of the Shiseido lipstick samples cuz it's so easy to carry in a tiny purse or wristlet, but I haven't even finished one yet. I can hold my own sample giveaway party, but I don't know the expiration dates on these products. I also have storage boxes with all the body lotion that I've ever received as gifts (please don't ever give me any body lotion cuz I won't use it).

    Other stuff I still have...occasion cards, whether leftover from holiday sets or free ones in the mail from charities. How about clothes I've worn only once? They're taking up space in my closet and storage boxes. The one time someone helped me clean out my closet and drawers, I regretted afterward cuz there was a specific top or two that I wanted to wear. The only reason I have plastic storage containers is that I keep too much stuff and am afraid to throw/give away, not due to lack of space.

  4. hey hun! i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so please feel free to check it out! ;)

  5. if I were a guy, I still don't want a girls butt being jammed into my face

    I certainly don't want a guys butt in my face like that :\

    When I first saw the vid a couple weeks ago, I was shocked, lol

  6. lol! damn target! lol I wish I could get my price adjustment! haha thanks for joining the giveaway babe! Don't be shy to stop by the blog to say hi from time to time. lol It makes me feel extra special :P jkjk! See ya on twitter!

  7. I hate that stupid "dance" it's even annoying to watch lol. I just don't get why anyone would want that. I missed your last post but I just wanted to say that was a cute otod!

    I also hoard those damn samples. I have a drawer full of em, just taking up space. That and some makeup packaging that I don't throw away.

    xo, Diana

  8. that video was epic!
    "and that my friends, is how you get pink eye."
    ^ ROFL!

  9. lol @ your comment on my posttttt
    I love your fierce attitude <3

    & wtf is good with the video?!?! LMFAOOO rofl... that guy probably felt akward with her ass banging his face madd hard lol