Monday, June 28, 2010

from the heart

**********IF YOU'RE HERE BECAUSE YOU ARE GOOGLING THE CA XPPINKX POW WOW TRYING TO FIND DIRT: MOVE THE FECK ON. YOU AREN'T GOING TO FIND ANY DIRT HERE. Yes, i'm talking about YOU, person from Deer Park, Texas. (multiple times Googling to my page in the last 2 days..really??)

P.S. Yes, I did leave early to attend EDC. You know what else? I left cash with another blogger and I left behind MORE than enough to cover my share and then some. 

I feel like my life in San Francisco is desolate. Yesterday Serena asked me what I do on the weekends. Like I've said before, I don't really go out. I actually do nothing on weekends. I stay home, contacts off glasses on, no make-up, tank top & sweats catching up on YouTube, blogger, Twitter, reading books, sipping wine and watching LOADS of television. The majority of my friends are older than I am. We're all currently at different milestones in our lives (i.e. getting married, having kids, moving away etc) and it's been hard to get together. Ahhh growing pains..I've come to terms with that and have no qualms with it. I still view myself as young (25 years young baby!). I've got the heart of a lion and my hunger and fascination for life itself will never cease. I don't want to settle for the rest of my life just yet. There is still so much of the world I haven't seen or done yet. I guess you can say I am a bit of a wandering soul. (But i'm still dead set on moving to Los Angeles!)
They do say that home is where your heart is. My heart is no longer in San Francisco... it's been left behind in Los Angeles. There is so much life (and sun!) in Los Angeles. Art, music, food, people, and my love. Have you ever been hungry at 10pm in San Francisco? If you've got nothing in your fridge, good luck finding anything open in San Francisco! We seem to not really have much of a nightlife scene. How pathetic. For a city so "liberal" there isn't much to do anymore. *shrugs* I'm just done with this city. I've been chasing the sun all my life..
At least this past weekend was amazing. I got to do something i've always wanted to do with my boyfriend: eat dinner together on a week night. Sounds like a silly little dream but we're in a long distance relationship (it's been taking a toll on me lately) and we only get to spend weekends together. I got to eat ramen with Tina.. I finally met Angelique, we went to Pam's Pow Wow and met so many girls... (By the way, i'm waiting for someone to post up the group photos from Pow Wow so I can steal it and post it)
I'm ready for Wimbledon y'all!
this is what I wore Thursday 
t-shirt from American Eagle that says "live your life" I bought it years ago, forgot how much it was
skirt from Aeropostale, bought it years ago forgot how much it was.
Tina & I @ Tea Station in Gardena. I introduced her to my infamous "boba noodles"
my friday makeup. 
some romper thingy from some hipster store in Berkeley $30
paired it with dark green Isaac Mizrahi gladiators from Target
spotted @ Love Culture at Del Amo Mall: what's wrong with this shirt?
Saturday day time outfit, really love it. Sad how I can never wear this in San Francisco  because 1) it's never warm enough 2) men are horny as fuck here and act like they've never seen legs before and they will say anything and everything to you for showing the slightest bit of skin in San Francisco. It's quite obnoxious!
shades: Ralph Lauren $80 @ Nordstrom Rack
top: Lara's Closet $30 from Del Amo Mall
shorts: Lara's Closet $27 from Del Amo Mall
dress: they have the worst customer service ever
belt: Express
dress gave me a little bit of booty though *shrugs*
my favorite part of my outfit Michael by Michael Kors $40

the pow wow makeup
where the pow wow took place
Angelique!!!!! FINALLY!!! I look shitty here but she has a better pic on her cam *ahem* that means i'm waiting on you to post it woman but take your time! I know you're busy
I wasn't looking/ready so I look stupid but Pam looks hawt as hell & such a perv here I love it
sorry my fatass crushed ya Pam but you are one rad ass chick
THANK YOU ever so much for my very first Pow Wow. Sorry I had to leave early ladies!! I got set onto a time constraint and didn't even make the event (EDC) blah. I still had a lovely time meeting all the girls even though I didn't take many pix (fail on my part, I was busy talking, ahhaa). I'm hoping some of the other ladies will post Pow Wow pix soon or so that I can at least steal the big group picture from somebody!! Ladies if I met ya pls feel free to comment so I can remember you all or tweet me! I'd love to get to know you all even more so than I got to at dinner.

until we meet again this upcoming weekend Los Angeles, I bid you adieu.


  1. you look soo hot in that dress!!! pam's pow wow looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  2. WOW girl I LOVE your pink dress and those shoes you wore with it!!! HOT!! I'm glad your order made it to you finally. Alls well that ends well right :)

    And yes SUCKS not to be able to wear stuff like that in SF! Glad you got to wear so many cute, summer outfits in lala land!

  3. susy i totally get what you're saying about SF...I think it has to do with the weather. I feel like places where its warm, people tend to stay out Asia. I was born in Vietnam and I visited years back and places are open til so late...its unlike SF. I'm getting sick of SF boring here.

    you can't wear short shorts or mini skirts here...ppl will look at you like your crazy. in socal, its the norm. boo sf!!! haha.

  4. Susy, you look so hot in that pink dress. And the shoes are sexy, too! Dayum, I can't stop ogling at you. haha. Looks like you and the babes had so much fun. I can't believe Pammy actually walked in the restaurant with a leopard print leotard. Cracks me up. =)

    And I can totally relate to you having that zest for life, but being stuck or held back by the current situation. Don't give up hope!

    <3 Chauie

  5. what a hottie <3 ugh remove pic, i am fat and bloated

  6. and in response to your post (i clicked post comment too fast haha).. before i went to hawaii i got hit by this wall of wanderlust that i couldn't get around. i know yours is more than that, you need a scenery change where your love is~ and tina! :D lol jk but yeah. follow your heart girl. i'm being serious without sounding lame i hope hehe.

  7. You look so great!! I'll post pic soon :)) I'm happy I'd get to meet you!! YAY!!

  8. Nah I dun see I difference drinking aloe, lol it does taste good tho.. And dude who cares, wear what u want the shorts you look hott! The pink dress is haute! You and angelique look realll pretty so shush! Pow wow looked like a hella mount of fun! And I'm surprised to hear dat bout san fransisco, I was born in san jose nd moved to NY, then wen I was like 13 I visited my aunt in sacramento nd I cried my ass off when I had to leave. I loooooove california- I fuckin belong there but yeah I guess diff parts are wack nd sum are the shitttt

  9. Aw you girls had so much fun and your outfits look hot! I missed Pam's Pow Wow a couple December's ago by a couple of days. I arrived in LA when she was leaving. =(

  10. Susy! I've missed you on blogger. So glad to see you had an awesome time at the Pow Wow. Everyone looks great and I love your dress!

    xo, Diana

  11. OMG!
    You are so pretty! I love your blog!
    I’m following you!
    If you want, can you following me back!

    I love your style! <3

  12. Great blog, i just love it