Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello from my white iPhone4s!
The s stands for Susyness, just kidding.

I'll be blogging more frequently on the go. I kind of got even more lazy so blogging from work (which has been swamped due to people calling out sick) was out of the question. So tired lately!!

Anyway. Happy to finally get rid of my Blackberry. It was turning into a brick. *sigh* That damn thing couldn't even handle core applications like Blackberry Messenger or the web browser. I had to constantly shut off my phone to reset it or do a battery pull. If you've ever owned a Blackberry you would know that after doing a battery pull, it takes like 10 minutes for your damn phone to come back on.

Siri is my new best friend.

 when I have time and if I am in the mood, I remember to accessorize.
Sometimes having a car sucks *sigh* FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS
but check out those awesome cards my friend gave me. hahahahahaha





  1. I love that song!!

    I can't wait to get my iphone!!

  2. Whoa, I want a white iphone too and let me tell you... I was never into them before. lol. I was thinking about getting the 4s but nah... I'll wait for another year. I can use my sucky phone for now since I didn't add data to my family plan anyways and I have tmobile c[= thats right!!! I got T-Mobile. lol. I thought about an android phone but ehh... the text message part, I don't like how it is so I'm just considering different options now.... and save money to buy everyone else a new phone. lol.

    Loving the last photo of you!!! and I seriously need to get my hands on those cards to pass to other people... seriously!

  3. what a cute outfit!! i love the simple white flowy top :D and the tons of accessories. i'm trying to remember to accessorize more but i'm really lazy about it.. so i usually have the same things on every day. i'm such a female fail haha :)

  4. LMAO!!!! I LOVE those parking cards you have! Seriously, if I had them, I'd be tossing them out on cars left & right. SO MANY PEOPLE park like assholes...it's annoying as shit. Anyway,you look like a hawt model, Susykins! HIIII!!! I MISS YOU!!! *waves* Love the last photo :)

  5. lol bryan has those business cards to put on stupid cars that don't know how to park.