Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NARS concealer - packaging change!

(L) new packaging = 0.07oz (R) old packaging = 0.17oz
 new packaging: all 0.07oz of product

As you can see.. NARS has changed up their packaging for their concealer. 
The price is still about $22. Is it worth it?
I normally wouldn't make a stink about this but you are getting ripped off! I use concealer under my eyes every single morning. Since this is a daily product for me, I felt it was necessary for me to do a little digging. 
Like I stated previously, the new sleek packaging brings it to a whopping measly 0.07oz. The old packaging was 0.17oz, a little more than double the amount!

Most people will say the weight has changed due to less packaging but I disagree.
Since I used up all of my old NARS concealer, I used a MAC lipstick for comparison. The old NARS concealer came in a lipstick shape.

You are getting way less product now folks. =\

 Screw this.

I need a new concealer anyway. NARS hasn't been working well for me anymore. It gets dry and cakey under my eyes despite me using eye cream. 



  1. So this comment doesn't even have anything to do about the concealer BUTTTTT I LOVEEEEE your nailpolish lol :)

  2. Same price for half the product!? That totally stinks! Have you tried Eve Pearl or Bobbi Brown? I find that they're on the pricey end, but they're pigmented, creamy and work really well. If you like stick concealer better, I've tried the LORAC Double Feature. It's applies nicely too.

    Sidenote - what's on your nails!? So pretty!

    1. Out of all types and prices I have tried, Chanel highlighting face pen is my HG.it is not cakey and gives a very moistursing texture and enough coverage for me :)

  3. wow same price but less than half of the product.... I thought their primers were cut into half. I didn't know their concealers are too. Are the formula any different?

    I am using Laura Mercier and Skinfood at the moment but already plan to use my YSL which is even more heavy duty. They all get their job done :D

  4. what a bunch of stinkers! they're totally skimping with the new packaging!! bobbi brown and eve pearl make great concealers if you're looking for a trial, nubs! and i loveee your nails! the glitters go so well on top of that base color...represent!!! :)

  5. @ Charlene-ann THANK YOU!!!!!

    @ Jilly, YEA!!!! Super sucks. I haven't tried them. I have been tempted to try Eve Pearl whenever I see it go on sale on HauteLook. I hear good things though, so I should probably add it onto my list. Others have suggested Bobbi Brown before as well as Laura Mercier. I'm going to have to test all that stuff out. My nails...Orly Prince Charming with OPI for Sephora Traffic-Stopper Copper! Thank you! :)

    @ Winnie the formula feels a lot creamier on the new concealers but it still dries out on my under eye area despite the fact that I always use eye creams and under eye moisturizers. I'm going to look into the Laura Mercier, my coworker uses it and loves it!

    @ G super whack huh?? Yeah I'm def going to look into Eve Pearl.. Seems like it's worth the price tag. NUBBIESSSSSSSS

  6. Good luck w/ the concealer hunt! I'm adding Prince Charming to my nail polish wishlist thanks to you!

  7. Yeah you should try to Bobbi Brown one! It doesn't look cakey!


  8. whaaaaaaaaaaa! that isn't fair!
    how about giving the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer a try?
    i know the scent isn't so appealing because i don't think she puts any perfumes in her products but the texture is very moisturizing :D

    the Asian products also work well!
    i've been loving my Canmake concealer a lot (the one with a wand applicator) <3
    i hope you find a concealer that you truly will enjoy soon!

    - Coco

  9. I'm still trying to find a good concealer for under my eyes. LMK what you find!