Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Madness

This month has flown by... Seriously.

found outside my friend's apartment in Watford in the UK. I miss London, greatly.

really though, I have grape issues.

anybody else frustrated with this nonsense?

at least I still had 1/4 of a tank when I filled up

went snowboarding in Mammoth for the first time ever. 
look at this MacGyver shit I pulled since my snowboarding bag isn't padded and I had to check my board in
it was snowing so hard the day I went boarding. the wind kept knocking me over.
if I thought I had gained weight, my trip to Mammoth proved I didn't gain enough.

I've been exercising again to get ready for Coachella and have a hard body.
what the heck p90x, i'm supposed to stretch like that!? she can eat her own vagina out!

the whole mother-effing sha-bang baby!! the boiling crab is LEGIT

I got my hands on these bad boys and they definitely live up to the hype. I use the liquid eye liner on  my top, pencil for my lower lash line. they have lasted throughout a p90x workout, a day at work, and a night of happy hour drinking. 

why is my Tiger Balm in English? this isn't real Chinese Tiger Balm. I have some poser ass Garfield balm :(

lethal ass lychee mojitos

my nose ring broke. how does that even happen!?


will write more later.. I promise... well, if anybody is even listening/reading.


  1. LMAO (in my head as I read this at work) - She can TOTALLY eat herself out solo! And I'm jelly that you're going to Coach! I knew I shoulda bought tickets instead of being good and saving my dinero -__-

  2. ughhhh don't remind me about the ridiculously rising gas prices!!!! -_-

  3. Of course I'm reading/listening! =] Girl, that week when you post that picture up, we were at 3.50 I think and half my tank was $50 -__-' my god! That was expensive. Sucks you only got 1/4 tank filled =T

    The eyeliner wasn't that great for me. Maybe I should of waited longer than 30 seconds to set it but then again, everything smudge on me.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. the stretch comment almost made me choke on a pita chip, and that would've f*ing HURT. thanks jerk >:[


  5. I really enjoyed this post, hehe you are quite amusing!! Awesome pics. :) Especially that 'eating her vagina' out one lmao.

  6. YES! i get to comment on this post! bahahaha your middle finger pics cracked me the hell up while I was at work! xD then I had to show my bf! lol oh, how I love you, Susy C! :D Your blunt and truthful ways, with a bit of spunk pizazz! Yes, EFF continually increasing gas prices! what the fawkk!! :( and twitter overload! haha :P

    I totally want a sip of those lethal ass lychee mojitos...they look BOMB!!

    ♥ caroline