Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let Me Kick You Off Your Pedestal

Let me make this fucking clear. We're all bloggers on here, yea? We're all people, yeah? The majority of us are not actual celebrities/celebutantes whatever you want to call it.
I'm not a very well-known blogger. I have actually ceased my "beauty blogging" because to be quite frank, I can't keep up with it. I don't have tons of money to constantly spend on cosmetics, jewelry and fashion. Therefore, I don't put up reviews, swatches, tutorials, FOTDs, etc. From time to time I just post photos of how I spent my month. It's quite mundane, nothing special or too interesting.


For those bloggers that are well-known , that DO have a huge following, let me just fucking remind you that you're just a regular everyday person like me.

So when a reader of yours spots you in public and says they love your blog/style/fashion/tips etc, do not roll your eyes. Be appreciative.

Get over yourself you snotty twat.

If you're wondering why I'm saying this... Why yes, I have had an encounter like this before (I will not name who it was). Being snubbed does hurt. If you're going to snub your readers then you are nothing but a vain materialistic narcissistic ugly person. That's all you are.

To counter all this, I did bump into Rumi Neely at Coachella. For the record, she was quite lovely and friendly. All smiles.


  1. A-to-the-effin-MEN! I wish I could RT this!

    P.S. Post your Coachella pics!

  2. Go ahead susy. You are totally right.


  3. Amen.

    & I'm really jealous you got to to go Coachella!

  4. Jealous that you get to meet other bloggers! I have yet to meet another blogger unless I got my friend to start blogging. Celebrities or not, they shouldn't be acting like that either =T

  5. preach on... on a hundred thousand trillion!

  6. What?!?!?! Someone Did this to you!!? Ugh! Gaggggg city! Sings "were just ordinary peopleeeeeeeeeee....." I can finally comment on your posts!!! Hooray! Ive been waiting! I miss you, Susy!

  7. Wish I were there with you! I'd hold the bitch while you throat punch her. I seriously think some online people are over compensating for the nobodies they're really are on the internet. I wouldn't want to become famous for doing something online, I think it's weird. Maybe I'm stuck in the 90's but I'd rather be recognized for something I did in my career or something 'real'. Fuck that bitch, she's living in her own world.