Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eurotrip (continued)

 Travis McCoy @ Gibus Club in Paris

I actually took a photo of each Murakami piece, but I won't bore you to death with all of them..
 you have no idea how many people i saw do this same exact pose after me -_-

So these were all photos from Paris... I got robbed when I got to Barcelona. I was literally standing on the doorsteps of my hostel, one hand on the doorknob trying to open the door when someone had come up from behind, uncinched my backpack, unzipped it, and stole my camera.. Which actually was never mine to begin with, it was a Canon G11 that I had borrowed from my faux bro Leif.. Lucky for me, I wasn't harmed but I did try to chase the fucker down and lost him. Needless to say, there aren't many photos from Barcelona. I did have my point and shoot Canon Elph but still, I didn't take that many photos. I'll upload those at a later date.

Even though i'm back, I decided i'm still going to be pretty absent from blogger. I've lost the urge to blog  and write about nonsense. I don't know. It's become mundane and so has Twitter. I just tweet random things and i'm actually pretty sick of reading tweets from people (by people I mean other bloggers and YT gurus I follow) pushing products upon us. I think I get that enough... Oh well whatever...



  1. AH! robbed? how lame >____< makes me want to buy a locket for my bags, hahaha. jesus.

    love the rest of your pics though!

  2. Eh I feel you on twitter ~ I've unfollowed people who I don't actually talk/chat with.. I like to think of it as group chat. Definitely the novelty "wears off" for a lot of

    Mmm escargot.. great now I'm craving it.. time for a trip to Cafe Claude :)

  3. you got robbed!? i continued reading hoping to find a "j/k" shortly after but sadly did not. boo to lost pictures, but thank you baby jeebus that you're safe. hope you have a good memory :) and I <3 the picture of you running through the leaves. I've always wanted to do that and then jump into a pile. Idealistic Fall.

  4. Omgosh you meet travis!!!!!!!!! Darn you susy lol

  5. I can't believe you got robbed! I thought I read that some where on twitter to me & I was half asleep & forgot to say something to you. Fucking crazy yo. I'm so sorry that happened but I'm glad you didn't get harmed in the process.

    Nice pics!