Friday, October 1, 2010

October Photoblog Challenge

Salutations! It's been 2 weeks since I've last blogged. Been a busy bee these past two weeks, but also was waiting for October to begin this.
Saha created a photoblog challenge. A handful of bloggers I know are also doing this. If you didn't want to do the 30 day challenge I did, try this one! It's a lot easier (less writing) and all you do is have to post a photo. You don't have to write anything if you don't wish to.

Back 1984... One Tuesday on the 20th day of November, Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden wins NL Rookie of Year, McDonald's made its 50 billionth hamburger, SETI Institute is founded, it was the United Nations' Universal Children's Day and a little Susyness was born.

 Fast forward 25 some odd years later, and here we are today. A little bit of snark, a dash of sarcasm, a pinch of confidence, a bit of heart, a heaping portion of humor, and a brisk hint of rage but 100% all Scorpio..

au naturale (yes, no makeup)

always doing... something. 
I know so many stories.. let me tell you some of them..
merci de venir, adieu

[[ all photos shot by Leif ]]
  • Day 1: Self portrait – share basics/make an intro.
  • Day 2: Someone you adore – 5 reasons why
  • Day 3: Something you bought today
  • Day 4: A representation of your day – what do you do?
  • Day 5: What’s in your bag? Or something you can’t leave the house without
  • Day 6: Your humble abode
  • Day 7: Something you ate today
  • Day 8: Something you dislike
  • Day 9: A place you went today
  • Day 10: TV show you’re currently addicted to
  • Day 11: Your family pet(s) – if you don’t have one, take a picture of anything
  • Day 12: What’s in your fridge
  • Day 13: The town/city you reside
  • Day 14: Something you craved today
  • Day 15: A stranger and why you chose them
  • Day 16: Your closet
  • Day 17: A representation of the you no one really knows
  • Day 18: Something you collect
  • Day 19: Favorite part of yourself and why
  • Day 20: A hobby you have
  • Day 21: Your parents
  • Day 22: Your room as it is right now
  • Day 23: Go some where you’ve never been & take a picture
  • Day 24: Something you find funny
  • Day 25: Self portrait myspace-esque
  • Day 26: Where you go to relax/get away
  • Day 27: Something that gives you purpose
  • Day 28: A before & after shot of anything
  • Day 29: An action shot
  • Day 30: Another self portrait
  • Day 31: Something that always makes you smile


  1. Daaang nice photos!! And I would revise "a bit" of heart to "a lot" of heart ♥♥♥

  2. i just started the 30 day blog challenge but this one sounds fun! i may just have to do this after my 30 days is over! :D

  3. You are beautiful because you have a BIG, giving heart. I appreciate how you're always there for me and never judge me. Your sense of humor is off the chain! I love you Susy. I can't wait to learn more about you! Oh and pictures! hee hee! xoxoxo

  4. Great photos, I especially love the last two :D

  5. you're so gorgeous! even without makeup you look so pretty :) I started the photoblog challenge too, and I'm looking forward to learning more about you over the next 31 days!


  6. Thank you everyone!!!!! Sophia I don't know about "a lot" of heart. I think I come off pretty mean from our daily convos, hahahaha!!!
    Kym, awesome! i'm heading over to read yours.
    chauie you need to update!
    Diana, i'm looking fwd to reading your 30 days. Can't believe so many girls are doing it now! I can hardly keep up with all the updates.
    Jimin thank you! i'm heading over to check yours out and learning more about you :)

  7. how fun :D this challenge seems like fun too, hahaha. maybe it'll inspire me to get off my butt and DO something w/ my photographic degree (which hasn't come in the mail yet, so it doesn't seem real quite yet either). but thanks for inspiring me to do the current 30 day challenge i'm doing.. haha even if i don't post EVERY day.