Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[THANK YOU] & favorite lipsticks

Thank you to those who followed my 30 Day Challenge.
A couple of the things I wrote very deeply emotional, raw... personal. *shrugs* I was being myself.
I highly encourage you to do it too. It helped me get to know myself better.
The biggest relationship we will ever have throughout our entire lifetime is not with a significant other. I believe we struggle for self-improvement every single day of our lives. It is a never ending journey...but the destination is worth the squeeze, ya dig? We discover/learn things about ourselves whether it be minuscule or huge on the daily! Sometimes, there are parts of our own selves we forget, and perhaps would like to rekindle with. Am I making any sense? Whatever, I just wanted to thank all of you who read each post of my 30 Day Challenge. You've gotten to know me a bit better, so it's your turn to take the challenge. Let me inside of your life too.

Tagged by Sophia!

My favorite lipsticks of all time.. Hrm. Okay maybe not all time, but at the moment. =P

Okay before I get down and dirty to the nitty gritty...
Here is where I keep all of my lip products.. It's probably really the most unorganized photo of makeup storage out there but whatever, it works for me.
I have a Caboodles thing that sits on top of my bookshelf with Big Bob (my Betta fish) , perfumes, lotions, makeup removers... and other random beauty products. (Hey Serena! See that unopened Mac lipstick on the bottom center? That's your Jazzed!!!!)
Don't ask why that section of the wall isn't painted.. I'm ghetto, okay? No i'm just kidding (sort of). I used to have a HUUUUGE L shaped corner desk in my room. When I moved out, I left the desk behind. My family decided to repaint my room, but they didn't bother to move the desk. I've moved back home and tore that desk down. Now there's a corner of my room that isn't painted HAHAHAHA!!! I don't care, i'm moving again (eventually) anyway.. SO here goes.
L: lipglossies R: lipsticks
other shelves are for random things like liners (eyeliners I don't use often or lipliners)

Chanel Aqualumiere #32 Antigua (has spf15!)
gorgeous color w/ a shimmer. got it as a birthday present from my friend Ej ♥ along with other Chanel goodies (like my black Chanel nail varnish!). I like to apply lightly.

Laura Mercier Baby Lips (sheer) gifted to me by Sarah at the Pow Wow dinner 
THANK YOU!! I love this one

Mac Way To Love (lustre) - this color is DISCONTINUED.
I had always wanted this color but never found it anywhere.
My woman Angelique surprised me with it because she always finds the best things at CCO. How come the CCO's in Northern California never had diddly squat!? Anyway, I love this color to death. One of the prettiest pinks I have ever come across.

Mac Vegas Volt (amplified)
This for me is my ultimate party color. Like the name, I rocked this baby in Vegas. A fierce orange coral color.. so sexy with thick winged cat eyes.. It's a little brighter in person but my lighting is all wonky, sorry! The fog makes natural light fleeting in San Francisco. I'd imagine this would be super hot on someone with green eyes too. Anyway, I love this color as well even though it's not suitable for everyday wear. Sometimes I tone it down a bit by adding a bit of Mac Florabundance lipglass over. It mutes a little of the orange.
Vegas Volt w/ Florabundance over it (below)

Mac Viva Glam I (matte)
My go to red color. A deep burgundy red. It's the red I wear when I go out for a night to make the town bleed for me. It's also the lipstick I am wearing in my profile picture. This does dry my lips out really bad and cause them to feather so I have to exfoliate them at the end of the night (or morning..heeheee).

.swatched. .natural light.
L to R: Chanel Antigua, Laura Mercier Baby Lips, Mac Way To Love, Mac Vegas Volt, Mac Viva Glam I

So bloggies, what are YOUR favorite lipsticks? Let me know!!! Write a post and link me to it so I can see!!!

ciao mi bellas


  1. sophia is *patiently and eagerly awaiting lip swatches and camwhore photos, most especially of Way to Love*

  2. nice niceeeee.... Viva Glam 1 i kind of want to get...its not discontinued is it? and yay me for have 2 Way to Love LMAO :)

  3. First - I know what you mean about certain lighting washing away colors. And I've also heard the blogger washes away even more color.

    All of them are gorgeous! Each color definitely has a time and place and matches a mood. The Vegas Volt is my faav or them all! The orangey/coralness is wild and fun and spicy hahaha.

    p.s. having fun trying to pick out items in your makeup collection.. I spy soft nude, the NYC matte bronzer, and is that big white bottle the Shisedo SPF face lotion??

  4. ohhh, lipsticks! They look good on you =] I don't wear lipsticks. I tried a couple of times but it's just not me... maybe for Clinique's lipsticks.

  5. Mac's Way to Love is my favorite of all time! I think Cremecup is close to it but it's still not the same. My runner up go to color is Bobbi Brown's Retro Pink. The texture is very creamy and almost gloss like but it applies like a lipstick.

  6. love alllll your choices of favorite lippies, freakin sexxxxxy lips!!!!! and viva glam i will always be your shade! you rock it like NOOOO other, babe!

  7. DANG GIRL!!! YOU GOT HELLA PRODUCTS! For a bit I was feeling bad for buying 'so many' lip products recently but it looks like I've got a long way to go. I think I only bought like 2-3 lip products. {*hehe}

    I think my favorites are Vegas Volt and Way to Love. I should do this tag soon but I don't even have a selection to choose from. I'll figure something out.

    I agree with Sophia though... it was fun enlarging the pictures and examining your collection of glosses, lipsticks, perfumes, and other products.

    OH and the 30 day challenge, I enjoyed reading them all. I got to know you better and learned things I never knew. Still can't believe you've been to so many AMAZING places. You sure know how to live up life but that's how it should be done.

    <3s Serena.

  8. @ Sophia - yeaaaaap soft nude, stila lip glaze but that's not my nyc bronzer.. it's actually a sample of some stila blush. my nyc bronzer i with my everyday makeup. and ding ding ding! yes that is shiseido facial lotion! my "organization" is a mess huh? actually, lack thereof. I remember you liked Vegas Volt! We both tried it on at the MAC store in Valley Fair remember?!

    @ Cydia - Mac Viva Glam I is a permanent in the Viva Glam collection. Not discontinued so don't worry.

    @ Linda - awww lipsticks not your thing!? It wasn't for me before.. I just started getting more into them this year.. I swear, watching YT vids and reading beauty blogs definitely enables.. it's so bad! but at the same time, it has helped me open up to more colors. how about lip glosses?

    Diana - I don't own anything Bobbi Brown at all! I think when I have more money, I will check out their products. Another SF Blogger Ping, used to work for them. I've been told their products are excellent.

    Gianger i want you to do my makeup! hahah i suck. I want to go nail polish shopping with you *bows down* NAIL VARNISH QUEEN!

    @ Serena - HEY! This is a collection i've amassed throughout the last year or two. You should do this post anyways..Because you are about to have a new lip product to add to your collection. MAC JAZZED! Remember!? Hello woman! I have your Jazzed! I even said so in the post! hashahahaha.

  9. OMGOSHHHH you are right!!! that Vegas Volt lipstick is to die foorrrr!! It's too pretty!! I must search that one at the CCO!! ahhh!!! I love all your swatches and you have such gorgeous lips! :D

  10. great colors! i have so many lipsticks ive literally worn one time! thanks for the going to bust out my vegas volt again xoxo

  11. "The biggest relationship we will ever have throughout our entire lifetime is not with a significant other. I believe we struggle for self-improvement every single day of our lives. It is a never ending journey..."

    WELL SAID MAMA!! Amen to that! hahaha, not to be selfish but ourselves come first before anyone else. How can I love anyone if I can't love myself first?

    & my fav is the deep burgundy red color - total sass & fierce!!


  12. I enjoyed getting to know more 'bout you! I love all the lipsticks you have! You wear them so well. Pssh, you have fab lips, too, woman! Muah muah! xoxoxo Chauie

  13. Hey Susy, I just wanted to link you to my new blog. =)

  14. yayy i'm so glad you liked the lippie i gave you as well :D i was worried that my love pack for exchange wasn't going to be as awesome as everyone else's gifts, hahah :X i see love pack posts all the time and was like.. well.. crap... here goes!