Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 30 I'M DONE!

Last day of the 30 Day Challenge, woohoo!!
It feels like it has been a long journey for me. I have a few things I wanted to post about but didn't want to interrupt the challenge. Kind of OCD of me huh?

Anyway, it's Saturday night and i'm staying in (what else is new?) rotting my brain in front of the tv watching House. I was being naughty eating ice cream straight out of the box.
Know what else? I ate it all and I used a Tokidoki Yogurtland spoon. I got in LA back in January. Mr. Susyness and I were having a last night dinner together before he had to head off to China for work. It was my last night in Los Angeles as well.
wheeee cutest spoon ever!!!
I like just regular yogurt with fruity pebbles.

This is me in all my makeup free, glass on bumming around on the couch glory watching House while trying to type up this blog entry

Anyway...It's the end of the 30 Day Challenge. I guess I have to list 20 goals I want to accomplish. Here we go:
  1. lose 5 pounds (yup, still on the list)
  2. make new friends in other countries (this will definitely happen in October-November!)
  3. find a job in southern california
  4. move to socal!!! uh hello, I belong there?
  5. spend more time with my brothers
  6. learn more about wine
  7. learn more about other cultures and religions.. A friend of mine in the UK is blackberry messaging me teaching me a little about Ramadan. So interesting!!
  8. cook more - I haven't done much cooking this year and I miss it.
  9. travel to another country.. I will be doing so October - November but that's something I want to do in 2011. I'm hoping Japan.. But maybe Costa Rica?
dam... I don't have 11 others. That's sad. 


  1. LOL damn you stay so true and loyal to your 30 day challenge...i kinda gave up on it already on my day 6 or something hahahaa yes i suck! so...losing 5 pounds huh? might as well not lose anything hahahaa you're not that fat anyway...keep eating that ice cream for a month then you talk lol....hahahahaaaa jk!

  2. lol. it's not sad because you pretty much got a lot of goals accomplished in life =] (for now). That's such a cute spoon! I want it now... reminds me of the small utensils I used to use when I was like... 3. hahaha.

  3. Hahahaha I love how you stopped at #9! Btw I LOVE House!! Hugh Laurie is my hero. Wish I could mouth off at people the way he does.. but sadly, my skills and expertise are not so needed that people will put up with it :\ Tokidoki spoon ~ sooo cute!!

  4. uhhhhhm first off. i am willing to TAKE that spoon from you, it's SO CUTE! second, you are GORGEOUS without makeup! lucky, lucky girl :) I'm really thinking of doing this challenge because you made it look so fun and I neglect my blog all too often :/

    anyways, i like your goals. I want to learn more about other cultures too, because the world is soooooooo huge and there are so many things from around the world that we are unaware of. I hope you achieve all of these goals!


  5. Congrats on finishing the challenge, Susyness!

  6. hoooray!!!! you did it!! you inspire me to do this challenge, too! and it's wierd, but i saved those tokidoki yogahland spoons, too! they're just too cute! and way to be environmentally friendly by reusing plastics! i love Neapolitan ice cream, too! super yumski! those goals are so cool! i believe you will complete all of them in NO TIME :D love ya babe!!!

  7. @ Cydia - dang right I want to lose 5 pounds! That way I can fit back into my designer jeans. Fall & Winter are coming, I can't wear leggings forever, i'll freeze on fridays at work ahahhahaa. I'm going to keep eating ice cream though RAWR!!

    @ xoladiihoneyxo - you know what? you're right! I totally didn't even think of it that way. I saw it as me just being uninspired and having a lack of goals...which is totally untrue. You're right, I have accomplished a lot (so far). Thank you for changing my perspective on that <3

    @ Sophia - i LOVE HOUSE TOO! I get sucked in!!! You know I don't even watch tv very often but if and when I turn it on, if there's a House marathon on tv (like there was on saturday) my ass just gets glued to the couch and it doesn't move for HOURS. I'm the same way about CSI and Law & Order too. See you tomorrow!!!!

    @ Jimin - you should TOTALLY take the challenge!! I would love for more people to take it and finish it. The whole point of it is for it to spread to others so we can all get to know each other more, bit by bit day by day! Thank you thank you! I am actually pretty self conscious without make up on (as I am sure a lot of us are) but I believe in giving my skin a breather on the weekends. Also, we all shouldn't be afraid to show what we truly look like (as in without makeup). There are tons of haters and criticizers out there but at the end of the day, we are our own worst critics. Love yourself first, and the haters & criticizers won't even matter. Thank you for reading and I really do hope you take the challenge.

    @ Leif - yeah I had to seeing as how you'd IM me every couple of days "NEW BLOG POST NOW!" hahahahahaha

    @ Giang - get started on the challenge lady!!! okay I thought it was weird that I saved the tokidoki spoons but now i know you did it too so i don't care hahhaa. it's not weird okay! tons of people want our spoons now!!! and yes we are being GREEN aahahahaha those spoons were just limited right? don't know if they'll bring them back... mr. susyness was saying how a friend of his opened up a yogurtland. i was like "excuse me, can you ask your friend if i can have a spoon? or like, 10?" he thought i was crazy hahahahaah BUT I MEANT IT i was being so serious.. anyway, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! MISS YOU!!!! <3 you too!! *muah*

  8. Yay! I really enjoy reading your blog posts, Susy. I learned so much about you through this 30-day challenge, which is pretty cool. I'm pretty sure you have many goals but it's just hard to sit down and write (or type) them all out impromptu. I don't even have 9 goals...*sigh*

    Oh and I think you look so pretty without makeup! Lucky ducky! I will pray that you find a job in SoCal and one day be able to do all the things you enjoy and travel to all the places you dream of! You've already accomplished so much in your life--whether the task at hand was big or small. I see you as such a genuine and loving person with a great sense of humor. :)

    I hope you can keep blogging so I can live vicariously through you!

    I heart you mucho! <3 Chauie

  9. `This 30 day challenge seems awesome!! I wish I could blog everyday so I can do this :)

    and YES YES you need to move to SOCAL soon!! :D Wish to hang out with you very soon :) I'm off every Fridays on October :D

  10. look i'm on the internet! posting a comment!

  11. i love the 30 day challenge, i'm actually doing it in a different blog of mine, but i love it so far. gives me a reason to blog ea. day, lol. ice cream is always good hha and don't worry i too eat of of the carton!

  12. Congrats on completing the 30 day challenge! It sounds like a fun thing to do...I might just try it out as well. =)

    Stumbled upon your blog and really love the way you write. Definitely bookmarking this site!

  13. Wow, I can't believe it's over. I've truly enjoyed reading all your posts from the 30 day challenge. I felt like I was on the journey with you in a way. Major kudos to you for sticking with it. I doubt I can even get to day 10!

    xo, Diana

  14. good luck on your goals, hope you find a job you love in socal! :D