Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank you, thank you.

The ever so lovely Cydia nominated me for blog awards!!! I don't even know how these things work but thank goodness she posted some 411 for my clueless ass on her blog: here. If you like my blog for the makeup things I post, you should definitely check hers out. She's so pretty and unlike me, she does makeup tutorials on YouTube as well.
okieeee.. After this, i'm supposed to write "interesting" shit about myself. I don't think any of these are necessarily too interesting but to each their own.
7 interesting FACTS about myself
1. I currently have one tattoo. You may or may not see a picture of it later on.When I say currently, does this mean i'm getting more in the future? Perhaps.
2. I currently have 5 piercings: 2 in each ear (that means 4) and left nostril, but I used to have 8 total (right ear cartilage, tongue, left nipple)
3. I'm addicted to Blackberry Messenger - it is the sole reason why I can't ever switch to an iphone.
4. If you haven't figured it out by now, i'm a foodie. I work to pay for my food habits. I eat well but I pay a price. I cook well also.
5. I still wear my retainer to sleep a couple nights a week and I love them. I know it looks extremely geeky when I wear my retainer & glasses but take it or leave it.
6. I have not dyed my hair in years. It is au naturale virgin hair right now.
7.Contrary to belief, I am not a party girl. Many people think I go clubbing and get wasted every single weekend but it's not who I am. I rarely go out on weeknights because when I do, it throws me off schedule. I barely drink these days (with the exception of last Friday) nor do I go out on weekends either. I've pretty much become a homebody that reads, cooks, blogs, and watches a ton of movies & YouTube.Well, the only exception is Vegas because it is the ultimate adult playground.
And now, i'm supposed to tag/award 15 lovely bloggers but I don't even think I know that many of you on the vast blogging world, i'm sorry. I'll just award/tag the ones I do know, how's that? Look at me, breaking the rules and ishhhh.. Tsk tsk tsk! I hope you ladies see this. If you don't, it's all good in my neighborhood. Angelique tagged me for something else but I don't know if there even any photos of me in my 1st Halloween costume.. I actually don't remember it :[

I got bored and was put into a bad mood one night. Halloween came early bitches.

one. two. i'm coming for you.
three. four. lock your doors.


  1. we have so much shit in common...
    I currently have 1 tattoo also, so yes I will be getting more lol. I have 12 piercings... 3 on each ear lobe, nose, snakebites, labret, monroe, & belly.

    & I love BBM, i own the 9700 & im obsessed with texting so when i text its like an AIM conversation, my friends hate it lol...

    thanx for the tag hun.
    I'm fucking loving that brass knuckle necklace. Mine is rusted & turned a lil orange.

  2. You don't have to post a picture of your 1st Halloween costume. Just find an old picture of yourself :]

  3. umm.. I knew that Angelique, really I did. =D Okay I didn't. I've been very scatterbrained these past couple of days, sorry!! LOL

    Christineee omg I love my brass knuckle necklace too. Mine is starting to orange on the backside. Freaking MetroPark jewelery! I have Verizon so we don't have the Blackberry Bold. My partner in crime has it though and it's freaking SWEET. I don't want a stupid trackball anymore, I want a touchpad!! I'm waiting for the Tour 2 to come out..

  4. i loooove the touchpad on my blackberry lol. My makeup used to get stuck around the trackball of my old blackberry... pretty nasty.

    & I got my necklace from metropark too! its maddd small, 22 bucks... wtf? i wanna get brass knuckle tats too

  5. I know when you are bored you do wild looks. And this is one wild look. You so try wearing that out in public. See what people would say.

  6. ahhaha it wouldn't be too shocking where I live...San Francisco is full of characters

  7. Hahaha then go for it. It would be awesome. =D


  8. Hey girl! On a daily basis I only use #1's from Daiso. But for the picture in my post I had on #10 from Daiso ^_^ so you shouldn't feel dumb! It was my fault for not putting it up there =/ but yeah I love your blog! & love your knuckle brass necklace (; crackberry is the shit!!!

  9. lol i was about to say "wild photo" and then I saw someone above said wild too >_< You look cray-cray in it *runs, hides, locks door*

  10. Susy, when I clicked on one of your friend bloggers links (Pam), a gazillion spam windows popped open! It took me several right-click-to-close-group's to kill the browser cuz I couldn't even open windows task manager.

  11. idk what's up with your browser because it's fine on my mozilla and IE.. Also nothing comes up or happens when I view her blogger with Safari when i'm on my macbook at home :\

    YOU'RE A HOTTIE....does it hurts to get ur tongue & nipple pierced? I wanted to get my tongue piercing back then...i didnt cuz i know my mom will bitch slap at me LOL....i got my belly pieced when i was like 14 years old but she can't say shit cuz i was at boarding school hahahaaha I used to have a lot of piercing too but ive took them all out..its mostly my ears nothing much unlike yours...

    I love your early halloween look...right after i read "three. four. lock your doors." it freaked me out cuz its 3:30am here and im scare of ghost and shit especially im alone right now lol....

  13. Damn, you got your nipple pierced before? Can't imagine myself doing that anytime soon lol. I really should still wear my retainers but it sort of hurts now since it's been so long. Tsk tsk, I can hear my mom lecturing me now...

  14. I'm on IE 6.0 here and haven't tried at home. The only tattoo I have right now is my eyeliner. I have 10 piercings - 6 on ears, 3 cartilage, and 1 naval. I had to wait until I turned 21 to get anything beyond the first 2 ear piercings.

  15. Pam I didn't realize you have so many piercings!!! Has it really been that long since i've seen you??

    Diana - yup i got it done when I was... 16 or 17. I can't remember. I took it out when I was 20 though. It got annoying