Monday, March 15, 2010

i'm not spoiled, just well taken care of =P

Like the title says 
It doesn't look like much here but...
hours later this pot became thee most absolutely fabulous magical bowl of pho
a nice, big bowl of love right there - homemade
Bacon fried rice @ Shakas
I hate fried rice, but once I saw this on the menu - it was love at first sight.
Portugese sausage over egg & rice. The Portugese sausage reminds me a lot of Chinese sausage, except sweeter. 
Brunch @ Grub
spinach, mushroom, brie & white truffle oil egg scramble
I barely ate 1/4 of it because the potatoes got me full 

voted "best tuna melt in LA"
I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty damn good tuna melt. It had a good amount of dill which made it a bit different from others i've had before. The black peppered chips that came with it? ON SPOT.
I just had another amazing weekend in Los Angeles...
@ Huntington Library

P.tothefucking.S - It just hit me that i'm out of town nearly every weekend this month (including snowboarding!!). DAYUMM. More photos to come since i'll be back in L.A. this coming weekend. Road trip w/ my partner in crime: Melissa . That bish already told me I better not forget my camera this time hahahahhaa xoxo

Back home in San Francisco now but..


  1. Since I'm fasting from all the foods above, this is how far I will get to lay my eyes on them. lol


  2. Ahh I'm jealous! I like to eat all the types of things you posted ~~ and all the times I went to LA I didn't have those things!! That tuna melt looks DAMN good!!!! And with dill♥♥!! I'm bookmarking these places for next time I go.

  3. Boutzie - it's all good girl i'll keep eatin for you. you're almost there, just a couple more weeks to go!!

    sophia - that makes me sad. there are so many bomb dot com places in LA. i love love love eating in la la land because there's so many places that have outdoor seating. you know we usually have shitty weather (today is the exception) so we can't eat outdoors. you should definitely eat a ton down there and tell me how you like it!

  4. Oh meant to tell u - I went to Halu on a Friday, and they weren't serving ANY of the ramen dishes!! I was like WTF? So disappointed as I was craving noodles, AND had heard how good theirs was T_T

    Have you tried Kyochon Chicken in LA? That's one on my "go to" list. Oh and Roscoe's! lol.

  5. OH WHAT?!?! That sucks!! I was waiting for you to tell me how it is too :[ bOOOooO! 1 of my friends LOVES Halu but guess what? My favorite ramen in San Francisco is actually here:

    check it out one night but make a reservation!

  6. special socal trip this time..........teehee. i'm hungry now!!!

  7. That looks delish and the pic at the end is cute! I wish it was warm enough here in NY to dress like that. I need to lose the overcoat already!

    xo, Diana

  8. yummm!! Look at all that food. I love it. All we would do is eat if we hang out. hahaha

    BTW I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Chinese sausage ;p & dont be thinking dirrrrrty.

    Have fun when you come down again!

    FEED ME NOW!!! <3 <3 <3 ME HUNGRY!!

    && YES, thats my twitter avatar picture lmfao

  10. hey bad bitchhhh, tagged you for something, check it out on my latest post.


  11. Susy!!

    What's the name of the place where you got the bacon fried rice and tuna melt? I really want to try those! *drool* I'll finally be home in Orange County this wknd and all of next week for Spring Break (yay!), so I really wanna hit up those places in LA and give them a try! What streets do you work at in SF? I intern in the city on Mondays and Wednesdays. I was so surprised at how many people there were in the streets that were sporting green Irish garb! I wore a gray dress and black tights and black flats lol. Sounds like we have the same shoe philosphy for work! :P Comfort = win!