Wednesday, March 17, 2010

me, myself & I.

Hello to my lovely new followers subbies! I don't like calling those who read my blog "followers" iono, in my mind it holds a negative connotation of sorts. Anywho... This entry is all about me & will contain photos of me. If you don't like it, then you can [x] the hell out of my blog. I was going to do a review on NYX loose pearl shadows BUT I forgot to bring them with me so I could take pix. I'll be working on that soon, I promise.

Fierce ass Christine tagged me for this.. Thanks babe!!
10 True Facts About Me
[1] I don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day. I've got nothin against the Irish, but this day has seriously gone to shit. It's just an excuse to get d-r-u-n-k. It's called AMATEUR HOUR. People being loud & rowdy, puking on the buses of San Francisco and all over the streets... I am all about having a good time but if you can't hold your liquor then do the rest of us working folk a favor and just fucking off yourself. And in case anybody is wondering - No. I am not wearing green. I'm wearing ALL BLACK. Any fucker who tries to pinch me is getting bitchslapped and i'm claiming sexual harassment. I shit you not. 
[2] I don't like people touching me. This correlates back to the whole St. Patrick's Day thing about sexual harassment. If I don't know a person well or feel comfortable enough with them, I will not hug them or let them hug me. Don't touch my knee, my hands, my arm, and especially don't touch my face.If I like you and feel comfortable around you - you will know.
[3] I am afraid of clowns & rabbits. Clowns are scary as hell! Wannabe Ronald McDonalds that get up in your face laughing and doing shit.. Rabbits - their beady red eyes freak me out.
[4] On weeknights, I go to bed at 11pm and I wake up at 6am.
[5] I hate driving. C'mon, I live in San Francisco. You can take the bus basically everywhere. Sure it doesn't come often, sure they keep raising fares, cutting back services and the buses are always smelly, but it beats driving around in circles for 45 minutes looking for parking in a good majority of our neighborhoods. On a side note though, yes I have a car.
[6] I don't believe in "birthday wish lists." If you really want something , go out and buy it yourself. Those damn lists piss me off because it's like "Hey look at me! i'm a cheapass, I want this but I don't want to spend my own money! Since my birthday is coming up, how about YOU buy it for me?!" I believe in giving gifts from the heart. I actually take the time to consider the person's likes/favorite colors/ etc. You catch my drift? If i'm really at a block, i'll cave in with a giftcard but only to a store I know for a fact the recipient frequents.
[7] I wear flat boots to work almost every single day. If I could, i'd wear flip flops. Every now and then i'll throw in a pair of boring black pumps (they are a staple in every girl's wardrobe by the way) or flats. I'm just one of those kind of gals. HOWEVER, when I go out in heels - I go the distance. I'm talkin' leopard print 4-5 inch stilettos and all that jazz. MmMmMHmMmM.
[8] I cuss alot. I have the mouth of a dirty sailor. The language I use in my blog really varies depending on my mood. I usually blog from work (I know some of you others are guilty of it too. We can't help it! We sit in front of computers all day! And I actually get my shit done too, mkay?) so I try to keep it to a minimum in case the gestapo waltzes into my office unannounced as he usually does and fixates his beady ass eyes onto my monitor. [ctrl + tab is my bff]
[9] I hate wearing pants. If I can, I just wear leggings. (Hi Chau, I know you feel me on this one babe!) I own designer denim and I rarely wear them anymore. How sad. Waste of money. (Rock & Republic and Frankie B. are my favorite brands though)
[10] I generally eat pretty healthy despite what pictures on my blog show. I have cut soda and caffeine out of my diet. This has been really hard for me because i'm a coffee lover :[ Breakfast usually consists of dry cereal (like bite sized frosted mini wheats) and 8-16oz of orange juice (depends on how much I have left..which reminds me, I currently don't have any and must go buy). Lunch is either a salad or sandwich, and I have been trying to bring food from home to save my hard earned cash monies so I can go on trips. Dinner is rice with a shitload of veggies and small portion of meat, whatever Chinese food my mom cooks.
Sophia - (fellow San Franciscan! woot!)
Melissa - (dammit do one!)
'Boutzie - (i <3 her positivity and faith)
 Tina - << She's ma bitch. LOOK BISH I'M BLASTIN U A NEW ASSHOLE KIM JONG ILLIN' STYLESSSS roflmao She's a n00b here so welcome her ass kthanxbai

Now i'm going to be a hypocrite about eating healthy and post pictures of my dinner last night.  Excuse my heinous photography skills, I don't have steady hands and the lighting is dim in there.
[Sophia, try this spot if you've never been!]
rice cake sushi - spicy tuna and avocado on top of crispy sushi rice (1 of my fave things here)

ankimo - steamed monk fish liver. nice job, very clean subtle sweet nutty flavor

uni - it's sea urchin gonads, need I say more? it's an acquired taste.

foie gras sushi - the real star of this joint. perfectly done on a nice slab maguro nestling on top of sushi rice. *sigh* 

Gelato Classico
a light fragant gelato with chunks of candied ginger. very refreshing,not heavy at all.

I attempted the double winged eyeliner.. kind of failed. I guess i've got to learn to hustle a little harder in the AM. This was done before going to work and I actually took the pictures in my room. I was in a total hurry and actually missed my bus that day, double fail. ahhahaa. I look naked but i'm not you freaks, I had a spaghetti tank on ahhahaha. Tossed a sweater over it.
lips: NYX baby pink lipstick
eyes: Neutragena under eye concealer, eyeshadows from the NYX champagne & caviar palette, MAC fluid line in black track, MAC ricepaper for under brow highlight. MAC charcoal matte brown for eyebrows
face: Revlon Photoready Foundation in 005 Medium Beige. 
blush: NYX Peach

Today's look:
teef. for tina.
eyes: neutragena under eye concealer, MAC ricepaper underbrow highlight
MAC fluidline back track as base, the black from Maybelline Stylish Smokes quad, the "crease" color from the same quad, and MAC Satin Taupe. eyeliner MAC fluid line black track.
eyebrows: MAC matte charcoal brown shadow,
lips: Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude
face: Revlon Photoready Foundation 005 Medium beige
cheeks: Sephora blush me, Framboise Attraction 3

'scuse my brows, i'm in between waxings. gettin that shit tamed tomorrow!
my hands are sooo not steady as you can see with the bad liner job, hahahaha.
in between the sets, eyeliner and cigarettes
Gaga tickets on sale for her North American tour this friday.. Should I see her for a 3rd time??


  1. Thanks for the tag girl! I would prefer to wear leggings over pants, any day. I feel you on the whole St. Patrick's thing, way overrated. People probably don't even know what they're celebrating. I'm going to see Lady Gaga in July. Super excited since it's my first time!

    Btw, I love all your food pics. Way to switch it up.

    xo, Diana

  2. OMG girl you are too funny!! I couldn't read fast enough to get through your list!!

    Whoa I almost mistook that first food pic for a bloody mary (I have a rec for you! The "deluxe" bloody mary at Waterbar.. it has grilled shrimp and stuff!).. DAMN you eat good!!!! I still need to try that monk liver thingie.. is that like a delicacy?

  3. @ Diana - you will LOVE Gaga but it will be SUPER PACKED. Good luck! I managed to catch her twice last year, the 1st time in a small intimate venue.

    @ Sophia - aw i'm allergic to shrimp! :[ That makes me sad, I love shrimp too. I do splurge on food but my outlook on it is this: one life, one love, one stomach. Hahahaha!! And yea, ankimo is considered a delicacy in Japan. It's very rich so I always share if I do order it.

  4. Dammmmn, your skin is sooo FLAWLESS!!! =)
    You look soo pretty! And your hair *swoons* Ok, enough of being a stalkerish weirdo, hahaha.

    Oh yeah, about my post. Yes!!! I thought the very same thing you did. All of this influx of YouTube guru's "hyping" up Cutesygirl made me go and buy a whole bunch of sh*t on their site (and yess, I do say "sh*t" because the quality of their stuff is so cheaply made! And the pictures don't even accurately depict just how poorly the shoes are made...)

    Even the Customer Service rep said that the defective shoes must've been a "manufacturer problem". Umm, like, hel-lo?!! If you know these manufacturers are not producing the shoes in a SAFE & up-to-par manner, why the heck are you selling such products on your web site? I'm just at a complete loss, no matter what I end up losing. Even if I did take pics and submit it in to them, it will have been well PAST THE 14-DAY RETURN policy (which is also really retarded...only 14 days? How the heck will you manage to ship it back in time?) So bummed still..... :(

  5. lmao about #3. I completely agree with #6, bday wishlists. It's like 'ohh its my bday, heres my list, choose one =]' madd cheap lol.

    now I wanna do the winged liner post... watch out for that in the future lol. & wtf you seen gaga twice?!?!?! bitch... lol i fucking looove her to pieces... ugh

  6. Yay for the shoutout! Leggings are the best. So bunnies and their beady eyes scare you? Tee hee. Ditto on the girls/guys who have birthday wish lists. I wouldn't even get what they wanted just to teach 'em a lesson. I used to take the bus to get around for a year for the same reasons. It's smelly and you get the occasional weirdo, but it beats sharing the streets with crazies who can't really drive.

    Oh and the food looks good...*Drools*

    <3 Chau

  7. lol, Susy! I'm soo on point with you for #3-7!! All the way, girl! xD wow, I really wanna try out the rice cake sushi and ginger gelato that you ate! looks YUM!!

  8. WOW i've never seen rice cake sushi before! it looks amazing hahaha. Lady Gaga is also coming here to where I live! I can't believe you've watched her twice is she live?

  9. Lady Gaga is a visual mind fuck. She will blow you away. The way she sounds on TV, radio, music videos, etc is EXACTLY how she sounds in real life, except she's even BETTER. She dances, she sings, she does it all. She is truly a performance artist. I saw her TWICE last year. The 1st time I saw her was Feb of 09 at a very small, intimate venue in San Francisco. I liked that the best because I was so close to her and got to see EVERYTHING. The 2nd time I saw her was at December in a much larger venue. It was so crowded I couldn't move!

  10. Thanks for tagging me betch~ I will fill it out while I'm being paid to work HEHE. The double wing eyeliner is cute, don't trip!

  11. oh gosh, i hate clowns!!!!!!!! the movie "IT" by stephen king ruined it for me!!! >:( and *mmmmm* japanese food and gelato, i lovessssss! can't wait to read more from your blog!