Monday, March 8, 2010

NYX beauty binge

Okay y'all.. I was too hungover and out of it to do swatches and take photos. My ass ended up filming a video. Also because Cydia asked why I never do vids. I'm lazy as hell. I hate editing and I hate waiting for the video to upload to YouTube even more.So here you go. I spent forever editing this stupid video and uploading it to YouTube. YT managed to piss me off.
Just a sidenote, what i'm wearing on the video (aside from my robe) is how I look on a normal day to day basis. I usually don't wear foundation, just my Guerlain Meteorites powder in Mythic 01. So without further delay, here's the vid:

Correction, I blew $91 not $93 >.<

Here's today's look.. I think I should've done heavier eyeliner. The bags under my eyes are soooo bad because I stayed up late uploading that stupid vid. BLAH! At least i'm using all my new NYX products. I also generally keep it pretty tame for work. I need to get my brows done though, they're driving me nuts.
lips: NYX Heiress lipstick, NYX Sweetie Pie lipgloss
eyes: NYX 10 color Champagne & Caviar palette, Neutragena undereye concealer
brows: MAC charcoal brown matte shadow
face: Guerlain Meteorites Powder in Mythic 01, NYX blush in Peach


  1. I like the grey/white striped warmers!
    lol & I love the way you talk, it's like "no glitter... w/" hahaha madd careless. You seem so chilled out!

    & I've seen the loose shadows at this beauty supply store near me, but I never buy them 'cause I'm scared of application, ya know the whole going all over my cheek & shit, having to pour it on my hand or some shit to dip the brush in... just too much of a hassle, but PLEASE do a short review on them, so I know whether I should get them or not.

    I have the glitter cream palette in gold shades, & I agree their SHIT. Not creamy at all, was so hard to apply. ugh...

    & I fucking loooove sushi <33

  2. noted!! will do a review for you :]

  3. awesome. i love the look of that last NYX palette! Their prices are the beeeestest!!! I'm going back today to pick up another cream soda for a gift haha. I think this store is staying in business from their makeup!

  4. I cannot see your vid because I'm @ work! Fail!!!

    And ahem, I see bewbies :P

  5. Yay a video! I'll watch it at home ^^

  6. yayy you finally posted all the stuff you got!! :]

    Lovin' that gloss! The Nyx lipsticks stay sooooo well and don't get all cakey and crap. So they're such a good deal!

    Let me know if you like those blushes :]

  7. You're so cute and funny in the video. I wish I could buy all the things you bought! I can't wait to see you wear the pink pigment at that special event in June. *Wink wink*

    I look forward to your posts. <3

    *Hugs* Chau

  8. You got so much stuff! No wonder you had to do a video lol. I think I'm gonna try out their glosses one day when I pass by this beauty supply store. It's like the only place in NY where I've seen NYX products. >_< Hope I don't end up spending $91 though!

    Btw, your voice isn't annoying, which means...more videos? haha


  9. btw, I totally agree with you with those stupid eyeshadow sponge thing...i mean who uses it?

  10. LOL.....awww your so cute hahahaa PLEASE make more make me laugh hahahahaa
    YAY for a video!!! and yay for dropping a lot of stuff hahahahahaha glad you didn't break anything hehehee =P I love you too hahahahaha

    I don't own that many stuff from NYX and I would love to hahahaha where did you say you bought all of your NYX goodies? that purple & gold palette looks so pretty but too bad its just glitters =[ AND...i bought one of those nyx palette the most expensive one that you mentioned lol...i have the smokey eye one...grey, black, white one hahahaha

  11. i see boob action in the last pic lol