Thursday, March 4, 2010

Testing..who's ur best stalker ever? lol

joyseelun denise yuen chin mccop wong , DUH

ask me some shizzle because i'm BORED!


  1. formspring is fun... & a way to get the haters talking lol

  2. omg omg .. k I almost didn't want to write this cuz I don't want you to think I'm a stalker! (I swear I'm not! lol ) But you know how I told you on twitter my friends don't know I blog and stuff? So I told one of them, and asked her if she happened to know you (she knows EVERYONE)? AND SHE DOES! Haha from Skyline - Vikki.

    p.s. we're eating at Halu off of Clement tonight which I haven't tried yet, so stoked ^_^ Have you eaten there?

  3. OO SHIIEEEET! I remember Vikki!! She sat behind me in journalism class. I think we're friends on FB. Tell her I said HI!!!

    Haven't tried Halu actually. One of my friends is a ramen fiend like I am and he likes that place. I'm hitting up Clement later for my NYX binge, ahhahaha

  4. Hi love, I don't usually like to read novels...actually books in gerneral..but i don't mind reading your comments LOL....I like reading it heheheee..something for me to do LOL...

    I guess im not the only one that don't like the maybelline colossal volum express mascara..i don't really like it much too and it smells SOO thanks! and my lips peel a lot with the softlips..i used to love it tho like 2years ago hahahahahaha and i find that the packaging sucks. the tube itself its so doesnt cover my lips..LOL! i don't really like carmex...i don't like the taste of it not that I taste it taste it or something maybe i should try the tube one..i dunno...but i love burts bees i have like 6 more back up of it hahaahahahah no kidding..

    lol i think i'll be too chicken to do any makeup exchange without my receipt..i'll look so dumb...LOL...i mean i don't have prove that i bought it from their store...i thought viva glam II its a nude...which red lippie is your favorite? have you ever try the rusian red from mac? it looks really really red @@ im afraid to try sisters think i look bad LOL...

    omgggg your mom told you to get your eyeliner tatoo? why??? mom had her eyeliner tatoo its and bottom but the bottom hurted too much so she kinda stopped half way thanks! thats freaky...i would rather spend 5 more mins of my everyday time to do my eyeliners..i kinda wanna get my brows done but those tattoo brows thing never look urgg!! LOL...and your mom's so funny hahahahahhahaaa i see that you like to put on lashes when your out out hahahahaaahaa...i like to wear lashes but i often glue it not so comfly..always poke me......damn it! so im so lazy hahahaa...and no, i have never heard of darkness before maybe i did just don't remmeber @@ i like red cherry! =]

    So..where are you from exactly?? lol been talking to you for a while but i dun even know yet!! how do you get a p.o. box?? and yea i do give out my address. i don't like to swap with anyone that i havent really been talk to....or people on youtube that dont have videos..i don't feel comfortable swapping with them..i have a lot of strangers want to swap with me..but its really all about the trust..i mean they can just never send me stuff back..i know there's this girl on youtube...she often swap stuff with people and she makes youtube videos AND i think she is getting a little popular too..she never returns package and even the winner's package too she never send it out...some people on youtube actually made a video just to talk shit about her.....horrible! i mean this girl put her face out on youtube and she's not scare...some people do have her address too!! swapping is and a person set a $$ limit( don't have to if you want) and you will buy stuff for that person ... you buy what you think that person might like..then you both will send out the package usually around the same time =] hahahaha thats basicly if you swap with someone from can ask her to get you stuff from asia... =]

    it can be kinda fun sometime LOL....ive done like 3 swaps so far..beside that a lot of people send me packages and i usually like to send them something back as thanks lol!!! the end!!! how you like this novel? =P