Monday, March 1, 2010

mini beauty binge!! (picture heavy)

First thing's first.  So remember how I did my nails with Zoya's Savita from their matte velvet collection? Man, I seriously need a matte top coat because it chipped real bad within 2 days. I was soooo not happy. I still haven't removed it because i've been so busy lately!! It looks mad fugly.
after just 2 days!! TWO DAYS!
Okay, I digress...

Last friday I had a spa party with a few co-workers. What a great way to unwind from a hectic week at work and celebrate Jody's birthday at the same time. Coni aka CB (we call each other by our initials at work, haha) is the head organizer of these events. I'm so grateful that she is a planner. I am usually the one who gets shafted into coordinating events and setting things up so it is nice to take a break, be in the backseat and enjoy the ride.I got a wonderful full body deep tissue massage at Pure Envy Spa in San Francisco. Rebecca was my masseuse and she did a WONDERFUL job on my neck and shoulders. Those are my problem spots where I carry all my tension. She was able to work out the knot in my right shoulder too. It's been a few days and i'm still feeling relax despite all this anxiety i'm feeling dealing with a car accident.
As usual, we have more food and booze than we can eat & drink. I made my deviled eggs again (see my Superbowl Sunday post) but sans bacon.
I did manage to score a container of Jen's crab dip. It's sooooo delicious. She also gave me her recipe. I'll post it one day along with step by step photos when I make it myself. My oh so fabulous partner in crime Melissa made mango guac. This girl can make some mean guac. I called dibs on being the taste tester.
Meli hard at work
photo break! we're color coordinating but we totally didn't plan it. it's strange. she & i are on the same wavelength or something. besides, purple is also my favorite color! how could it NOT be, it's so awesome!
my face only has Neutragena tinted moisturizer (#40 neutral to tan) on. oh and duh, concealer & eyemakeup. oh and blush. Viva Glam Gaga on my lippies <3
doing what I do best, NOM NOM NOM!
mango guac madness <3 
champagne, deviled eggs, crab dip, lamb naan w/ chutneys, wine poached pears, mango guac, cupcakes, crackers and smoked gouda and 2 sushi trays [not pictured], homemade white chocolate dipped strawberries [later picture]
why did i photograph the ugly cupcake!? *smh*
Mel & I couldn't stop eating sushi!! the oshinko ones were good. Look @ her sneaking another one haha
Jody (birthday girl) showing off her Absolutely Alice OPI toes! (Hi Minga, your eyes are open) That's her brother pointing..
like Audrey Hepburn. picture taken by Meli's cellie. hahaha

And now, on to the beauty binge..
I caved in and got Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 005 Medium Beige.I think i'll need a darker color seeing as how i'll be taking many trips to sunny SoCal and getting tanned this summer.
This is my 1st experience with liquid foundation. So far, I really like it. It applied easily (I stippled it on my face and buffed it out) and doesn't look cakey. It gives my skin a semi-warm glow to it, but not necessarily dewy. It gives great coverage without giving me geisha face either. I look okay in my terrible fluorescent office lighting and in photos with flash, I seem fine. It was $11.99 at Target. I have heard/seen other beauty bloggers/YT gurus mention that they have seen it for $19.99!! NUTS for drugstore makeup if you ask me, but it is comparable to the Makeup Forever HD foundation (or so i've heard)
looks even enough?

On Saturday, Feb 27th, Nordies had a deal with MAC. Buy 3 lipglasses and get PRR lipglass free. I spread the word about it via Twitter but i'm not too sure how many ladies took advantage of the deal. I have a small following anyways, but if you care to you can tweet me. Just click the blue "tweet me" button on the far right of this page. I tweet pretty often and reply quickly if you have any questions for me. The deal ended at midnite. I told myself to save $$ and not get anything.. however at 11:30pm I was struck with this necessity to get some. I hit up their website and ordered 3. Rather than have my precious merchandise shipped to me, I opted to pick it up at the closest Nordstrom. I love Nordie's for this! I was able to pick up my purchase from customer service the following afternoon, no hassle. They really do have great customer service. Oh, I also technically didn't spend ANY money on this because I used a Nordie's giftcard from my birthday. Thank you EJ, I love you! I'm finally remembering to use my gift cards, hahaha. I know, I still haven't finished the A|X one you gave me 2 years ago! Or wait.. Did I use it all up in NYC? I forget. Anyways!
L - R: PRRR, Utterly Discrete, Florabundance, Gold Dust
After lunch, I put on PRRR. I am loving it! It's a very gorgeous peachy coral on my lips.

I look like shat, I need more sleep. I tossed & turned and got about 4 hours :[
I also picked up a Rimmel lipstick in "Airy Fairy." It looks alright. When I swatched it, it looked super pigmented but on my lips, not much color. I suppose it's very similar to my natural lip color. 
After I swatched it... I knocked it over :[ It bounced TWICE on the carpet. It looks so fugz now!!
I left my camera at my desk during lunch. I came back to find this ^ picture on there of Jocelyn (JY)& Giannina (GM). Too bad my dorky nerd ass friends don't know how to take my digicam off macro mode! n00bs -_- hahahahaha!


  1. Awww poor lipstick! :[ Even though you already told me this morning, it's worse looking at it lol. As always your food looks bomb diggity and I, the fatass, am extremely jealous -_- I wanna eat and go shopping all at the same time. Thanks Susy! >:D

  2. I wasn't in charge of the camera..GM was LOL

  3. Mmm love all the pictures of the yummy foods! should have one of those..

    The Photoready foundation looks good on you!

    Poor Rimmel lipstick -_-

  4. How did the foundation feel on your skin (barely noticeable?), and did it have staying power? I can't get used to wearing liquid foundation and stick with powder.

    How do you deal with hair flying in your face and landing on glossed lips? I have a MAC Lipglass in Explicit and a MAC Lacquer in Varneesh. Lacquer is not as thick as Lipglass, but they are both prone to the sticky hair problem. So I hardly wear gloss unless I put up my hair.

  5. Hey Pam, the Revlon PhotoStay feels like skin. It lasted me all day, and even through tears. I had a moment with my mom yesterday and broke into tears and my makeup stay put. It's very easy to apply, just use a stippling brush to stipple onto your face and buff out with a kabuki. I don't like powder because it gives me geisha face (making my face look white) and my skin tends to dry throughout the day so then the powder dries up on me.

    As for hair flying in my face, I just deal with it. I have TONS of hair too so it happens all the time. Usually if i'm wearing lipgloss, I tend to tie up my hair but if not it happens. I just carefully lift my hair away *shrugs* no biggie.
    I my MAC glosses are mostly lipglasses (i own 6 lipglasses, 1 dazzle glass and 1 lacquer) and so far the dazzle glass in Baby Sparks is my favorite but I still wear my lipglasses often.

  6. I love your makeup from the party, what colors are you using? I actually picked up the Revlon foundation too, but the shade was too dark for me so I guess it's going back. >_< you look gorgeous, btw, def following!

    xo, Diana

  7. Hey!! I haven't tried the Revlon Color Burst ones... but I will probably try them out eventually.

    I agree that those Rimmel ones feather out. I wore Airy Fairy one day and I felt I had to keep putting more and more and more to even it out. I just loooooove the smell though. haha.. We'll see how much I like it in the end when I use it more.

    So far, the Nyx Round Lipsticks are my fave!

  8. Haha, I have 20 scarves as well! So crazy, but I can't help but buy when I see a cute one. Don't worry about the lengthy comments, I actually enjoy them. =) The OPI color you're talking it Russian Navy?

  9. Re: foundation brushes, I must be so old school to still have a regular foundation brush and not have heard of the stippling brush. At least I have a kabuki brush, the one for Bare Escentuals mineral makeup...which I haven't used in years. My skin is the opposite and gets oily, which is why even my Shiseido Powdery Compact wipes off by end of day. I don't have time in the morning to use liquid foundation with brushes. Is there a travel solution to slim down the portable makeup bag?

  10. Thanks so much for updating me with the products! Btw, I just followed you on twittahhh, I'm "syndiana" =)

  11. I so know the feeling about applying nail polish and after just two days it chips and peals. Thats why I been using this nail technique called minx nails. If you want you can buy the kit and start learning how to do it. If you want you can go to the nail salon and get it done for a price. =D, but I can send at picture to show you want they look like on my nails.