Thursday, March 4, 2010

Revlon Colorburst lipstick

So. I've never purchased a nude lippie for myself ever because i'm fairly light skinned and nude lips tended to make me just look like... well, it just looked like I had concealer on my lips. From a distance, i'd look like an albino freak with no lips! Anywho, I have always been an eyeshadow kind of gal until the end of last year. I'm more neutral on my eyes now and really into lipgloss and lipsticks. I have gone through a red lips phase, a baby pink lipstick phase (still going through it) and now i'm getting into the nudes.I am actually really liking this Revlon one I picked up. The Walgreens by my work had $3 off Revlon products, so I copped it for like... $6? They're originally $9 something at Walgreens. I know you can pick these up at Target for a little over $7, but they don't have the entire collection. I checked and they didn't have this one, #70 Soft Nude. The formula on this shit is NICE. It's really creamy and it actually is what it is, soft. It doesn't dry out my lips or have this feathering effect. I'd take a pic and show you but I have my PRRR MAC lipglass on at the moment. So here are my likes and dislikes about this Revlon Colorburst line.
Like most girls, I like the quilted pattern on the packaging (um hello?? CHANEL ring a bell?). I also like how the cap displays what color lipstick it is. It makes for easy pick up when rummaging through my jam packed train case looking for it. The packaging also makes it look more expensive than it really is. I mean, I know Rimmel isn't all the way up there in the world of drugstore cosmetics but seriously??
The packaging on my Airy Fairy lipstick by Rimmel looked like I picked it up at a dollar store in Zimbabwe or some shit. (idk, I just tried to pick someone where as Hell for an example, ahhah) Oh yeah, I like how they imprinted "Revlon" into the lipstick. Looks classy that way to me. I think i'll get sad when I run my lipstick down to its ends and you can't read the "Revlon" anymore, hahahah. I know, it just means I'd have to pick up a new one, i'm not that stupid c'mon now.
I end up capping the thing all mismatched like this:
Looks kind of silly if you ask me. 

In florescent lighting:
and now in natural daylight:

Overall, I really really like the lipstick. It's a sort of salmony-nude color on me. My natural lips are pretty pigmented on their own (they're very pink) so it comes off like a nudey pink color on my lips. Give it a try if you've been looking for a wearable nude! Don't forget ladies, you can always return it if you don't like. SAVE YOUR DAMN RECEIPT!
off to lunch.


  1. i can't wear lipstick, my lips suck. LOLOL

  2. lies. everyone can wear lipstick. mine suck. i exfoliate my lips at night and wear chapstick overnight. also when i wake up, i do my daily get ready routine but i put on burts bees or carmex before any lip products :]

  3. Man.. you're feeding my lipstick addiction!!! Now I feel like I need to get that now.. & of course I'd end up getting other colors o_O.

    But I do love love the packaging. It's not cheap like some others.

  4. i haven't worn lipstick since high school LOL

  5. yeah Joy, i've seen the lipstick you wore in high school too. straight chola colored, I love it. HAHAHHA

    Angelique it's okay!! I have an addiction to. At least you can wear em all in LAS VEGAS!!! aka Lost Wages <-- that's what my coworker calls it LOL Have fun at your bachelorette party

  6. oooh emmm geeeee Lady S!! My gf's and I always like the J-fashion but talk about what hoes we would look like walking around in it!! And I agree about work - I mean I feel weird enough being the only one that wears eyeliner and skirts :/ My bf (white) says Asian girls are the only ones who can get away with wearing tiny shorts and boots... he says white girls would wear it and be labeled whores, LOL.

    When you find the Japanese brand - do share! And do you ever go to this (superghetto!) beauty store in Fillmore.. next to Popeye's and Safeway? LOL. It's a mecca of lashes and beauty stuffs!!

  7. I was just browsing those l/s at Walgreens but they were full price $9.99... I will wait to do my usual Bed Bath & Beyond cosmetic shopping with $5 coupons LOL.

  8. Thank you alot. =D
    I'm steady going strong with it and I'm proud of it. =D.
    Yes I can upload a picture on my blog and show it to you, (well basically everyone). They are really nice and I think you would like them.

    And yes if we work hard at it, then we can achieve it.

    Yes, working out is hard, but it pays off in the long run.

  9. holy batman. GET OUTTA HERE!! I KNOW THAT CLEMENT ST STORE!!!! That's where I get NYX stuff and LA Colors and cheap phone chargers!! NYX lipstick is like $1 or $1.50.. stupid cheap!! And they carry the FULL line of NYX that you can't even find online. Dude so funny but couple weekends ago I took my sister, and we went there like 30 min after they closed, and hella loud I was like "Awww poopy they closed!", and the long line of ppl at Burma Superstore are like wtf why is she sad this janky store is closed?!

    Hehe you mentioned SF so I assumed you're here too ^_^ And I love Arang lunch special.. when I had days off in high school I used to meet my mom there for lunch to get dolsot bibimbap yumyum ^O^

    When you go to the beauty shop, it will have much better selection than Daiso or Ichibankan, I guarantee it! Have you ever tried this one hair product at Ichibankan.. I think it's called "sexy girl" lol... it's really cute packaging!

    Hehe sorry this is getting long but so excited to share the same stuff! I'm meeting up with a blogger from Stockton (I went to university there) at the end of this month.. do you read ? If not you should! She's the sweetest and creates the most beautiful looks! Just mention cuz I always thought it would be cool to have a get together of local blogger ladies!

  10. Oh and BB&B stopped sending the $5 coupons cheap bastards.. I hoard mine like gold :p

  11. I picked this up the other day too, but had to return it. I'm pretty fair skinned and it just didn't work for me. I'm sure it would be great for layering, but I already have the Revlon Matte lippie Nude Attidude, haha. Glad this worked for you. =)

  12. Awww really Diana?? That makes me sad. Or maybe i'm not as fair skinned as I used to be. I fly down frequently to Los Angeles and everytime I am down there, it seems to be 80 degrees and sunny... I've been told i'm getting darker.

    I should check out that Revlon Matte Nude ATtitude though, i'm so into it right now. Thanks Diana!!

  13. oh i have a feeling this post it's gonna be mad long hahaha..get ready!

    I've never ever return a makeup product before..I mean can you seriously do that? I want to return one of my photoready foundation..maybe change a tone or something...but i dun have a receipt.

    When i first start wearing lipsticks it was nude.. my very first lipstick it was Gosh - Darling. (I believe its a canadian line or something) then i got few more i like pink hehehee.....i can't pull off red lipsticks..which one do you have??

    and now..reply from my post..ur comment thing hahaha.. hahahahaa actually my mom thinks i spend too much money on makeup and i have too much makeup...i think i do..its horrible!! Cuz i can never finish it...its hard to finish a product!! Well i asked my mom to get me the My Beauty Diary Mask at Hong kong. Instead she got me something else cuz she was like..oh that's not good for your skin bah bah should get something better bah bah she got me something else...

    && i asked her to get me one of those..a box with 10 pairs of lashes at hong kong and she didnt..instead she got me 3 pairs of MAD expensive ones..hahaha but secretly i bought some lashes online recently..i got my package already...hahahaa oh well! i am like a lashes freak now!!! hahahaa Maybe I should do a giveaway on my blog or something...Mmmmm never done that before don't exactly how does that works..

    omg..probably this msg is SUPER long..SORRY! i'll end this soon..hahaha and hey you can read japanese? how do you know that it's a blemish balm thing? Thanks for google it for're so nice hahahaha i used it looks kinda light on me..well just made my skin look a tone i wanna use i use conealer first or that first??? omg..thanks! hahahaa don't kill me with this long post!!

  14. Ohh I got this lipstick color too. I think drugstore brands are definitely upping the game on their stuff.