Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio Quads - Review

Hello my lovely bloggies! I've been out of commission for quite a few days! I got sick after my trip to Los Angeles. Had a nasty cold all the way from thursday Feb 18th up until right now as I type. What else has been going on? I have a freaking STYE on my right eyelid!! I haven't worn any eye makeup since last friday!! It's been 5 days *sigh* I miss wearing eyeliner, I feel so naked without it. This stye was pretty painful but thankfully, it went down after a couple of days of meticulous cleansing. Since I haven't really been wearing makeup and can't put any on to show you.. Someone came to visit me the weekend after I went to L.A. to make my surprise visit.. I guess i'll do a random update and review.
yes, this is my face without makeup on. scary, yea? check out that stye!
Anyway. Those who know me know that I also hit up the spa and get a mani/pedi before I go on a trip. Yes, even before I go on a weekend trip to Los Angeles, I get my nails did. A girl has got to make sure she looks properly presentable, mmmmmkay? So before trekked down to El Lay for Valentine's Day I got my nails did!
I used Zoya's "Stephanie" on my nails and OPI's Absolutely Alice from the Alice in Wonderland special collection for my toesies. 
Zoya's Stephanie - very feminine and classy I love it.
OPI Absolutely Alice - it's a straight party on my toes
I told Melissa "I'm all business on top, but party on the bottom!"

Maybelline Eyestudio Quad - Give Me Gold
 I was inspired by Holly to try this quad out. She had managed to get this before it arrived in the U.S. Now that it's here... I decided to check it out since Walgreen's had a 40% off thing going on with drugstore brand cosmetics. Normally, I don't use neutral tones or browns but I have been using them lately (before the stye). When I was younger I didn't know how to apply them so I felt like I looked like I had a black eye. Anyways!
The color pay off seems great when you swatch these, but it's a lie :[  I always use Urban Decay Primer Potion on my lids (I have greasy lids) and that usually makes drugstore brand eye shadows last a lot longer. Although I have primer on my lids, the shadows don't last very long. They are also very very easily blendable so you can lose color definition. I also seem to have a problem with constant fall out whenever I use this. I think that it is not pressed well enough. However, I got it for 40% off so I guess this warrants a B- rating. I won't be using it as main eye shadow anymore but I really like the gold so i'll keep it to use as accentuating shadows. 
In Los Angeles, I was browsing through the various shops inside Little Tokyo before dinner. I stumbled upon a dollar store where they sold tons and tons of NYX! I was ecstatic since we don't have any place that sells these in San Francisco. However...All the things I wanted from NYX seemed to escape me. I only remembered that I wanted to try the jumbo eyeshadow pencil in black bean since a lot of YouTube gurus seem to have it.
Very pigmented, color pay off is great but - it creases on my lids despite wearing UDPP. *sigh* not happy with it. I probably won't be using this anymore and will most likely be giving it away. I still want to try their blushes and eye shadows though.
The one thing I picked up recently that I am happy with is this:
Neutragena 3 in 1 eye concealer in "light"
  • concealer
  • eye cream
  • spf 20
This Neutragena eye concealer is a concealer for those of you who didn't realize that (ahem, Jocelyn). It gives me exceptionally great coverage under my eyes (I genetically have dark circles. You can see it in my stye picture posted earlier) with only needing to use a teensy little dab. It lasts all day and does not dry out or look cakey. I still wear my usual Shiseido eye cream underneath this but I got tired of using my NARS  concealer because it looks cakey and dried out at the end of the day.  (below) I also got too lazy to apply it with a freaking brush every single morning. I just use my ring finger with the Neutragena concealer :)
There is also a whopping 50% price difference. The Neutragena eye concealer is about $10 and the NARS concealer is $22 =X
If you want to make a switch, I recommend giving the Neutragena brand a try. Besides, you can't go wrong! You can always return/exchange drugstore cosmetics - don't ever forget that!

Friday we did hot pot or "da been lo" as we say in Cantonese at my friend Jocelyn's house.
We had a buttload of food! Seaweed salad, salted seaweed stems, marinated cuttlefish, dried anchovies, squid salad, taro vermicelli knots (my fave), fried tofu pods, spinach, cabbage, shitake & button mushrooms, fish paste, beef rib eye, sliced pork butt, and cod roe stuffed fish eggs. I made various dipping sauces also including a very spicy one w/ lots of Thai chilis that set my mouth on fire. We were all VERY STUFFED.
Saturday I drove down to Santa Cruz for the 29th Annual Clam Chowder Festival. It was pretty fun! It was $8 for a tasting kit: 5 tickets (redeemable at 5 vendors of your choice) 1 biodegradable spoon, paper cup, napkin, and a people's choice ballot. There were 76 different vendors. We each bought a tasting kit and decided to be greedy and share our 10 tickets. No pictures from that day, I forgot! Sorry! Drove us back to San Francisco to have dinner at Boboquivari's. I love their bone in filet mignon. Bad camera phone pic, sorry! It's dark in there, hahaha.
me: how's the twice baked potato? him: good, but it would be better with bacon me: *melt*
Sunday was very chill. Just eating , people watching in the rain and relaxing at mi casa.
"So Good" Authentic Belgian Waffle Truck :]
French Onion soup @ Chez Maman
Basic burger + bacon and brie. Frites w/ aioli @ Chez Maman, my absolute favorite burger in the world
Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee ice cream @ Humphry Slocombe

P.S. I stole these iphone pictures from his Facebook. Just a lil disclaimer for when he sees this, hahahaha.

Just re-did my nails because I got bored.
Zoya "Savita" from the matte collection. This stuff takes a long time to dry. I've had to re-do my pinky nail twice -_-


  1. aww Glad your eye is feeling better! OMGGGGGGGGgg I'm in love w/ that Zoya polish on your nails!! I'm seriously going to have to buy that one ;p

    I think I'll also take a look at the Neutragena concealer since I've been trying to look into new ones. The ones I have now aren't cutting it.

    Damn look at all that food porn!! ;P*.... I'm loving that Vietnamese coffee ice cream... sooooo cute!! That Clam Chowder Festival sounds soooo good. I love me some yummm clam chowder!

  2. my mom has the neutrogena concealer, I used it. It's pretty good, really creamy. I love the ballerina nails, everytime I paint my nails they loo crumy... or idk not smooth? & it's weird the NYX jumbo pencil didnt work out for you. I love mine, I have mine in 'cottage cheese' its a snowy glittery color. & that french onion soup looks soooo good!

  3. Hi love,
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. hahahahahaa that look i will only keep it as only at the soon as my sisters saw me with that look they were like please don't wear it out like this lol...and yea i love coastal scents heheee
    && sorry to hear that you're sicl..I hope you'll feel better...
    where do you get your nail polish? Seems like I can never find Zoya & china glaze. Zoya's "Stephanie" it looks really nice. Are your nails real? can you ONLY get A jumbo eyeliner when there's a sale for $1 for everything OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG if i were you, i'll probably buy almost each of everything LOL

  4. That filet mignon looks absolutely delicious. Ugh. I want that.

  5. I'll look into the lipfusion, although it's a bit pricey right? Just as long as it doesn't sting, 'cause I recently got a lipgloss plumper from AVON & it stung my lips, supposedly thats what makes it bigger... I hate plumpers like that.

    & yeah NYX cosmetics are awesome, I too buy some just to test them out 'cause their so cheap, I own some eye & lip liners from them & they work great.

    As for the nails, I switch up my base coat now & then, currently using some cheap shit from Forever21. Also I just recently got this polish from AVON which I'm wearing right now, & it sucks ass, it's clumpy, it could also be my application but eh.. idk, maybe I just need to practice. Also, I had acrylic tips in a few months ago, & you know how long that shit takes to grow out, In the past I'd rip/peel them off but I heard thats realllllly bad so I stopped, I heard bout the soaking in acetone & buffing but thats too much, so I cut them down & let them grow, so theres abit acrylic on my nails that make my nails kinda weird...

    sorry for the long ass comment lol

    where are you locate at right now? San Francisco?

    LOL....hahahahahaa you're so funny you made me laugh hahahahahahaaa and omgggg i have the NYX black bean and I love it...its SO pigmented..

    Ooooh what's Zoya's twitter let me follow you have twitter? have I follow you yet? probably not eh? Ulta and sally beauty supply stores its REALLY far from me so I don't know where else to get them..urggg sucks!!! thanks for letting me know about zoya heheheheheeee and cant believe i forgot to follow u on ur blog..i just did =D

  7. Okay seriously, I had to stop and comment because you have probably the prettiest nails I've ever seen haha. I need to grow and groom mine nicer :] Take care!

  8. I <3 the Stephanie color on you. Very classy indeedyyy~

  9. maybe its just the black bean... try a diff color, I'm not too sure either 'cause I use it as a base all the time so it's not like I can see it melting or changing color. try a diff shade next time, & yessss I stopped using acrylic, its too much head ache & only looks good for about 2 weeks until u have to keep filling them in which is like 10 bucks every week or so...

    I've seen the lifusion but I've always known its too much so I pass... but I really wanna try it now since you said theirs a wide variety of shades & that it doesn't sting. Thanx hun <3

  10. Hi love,

    hahahahahahahahaaa I followed you on twitter already but I don't see that you're twitting a lot hahahahahahaaa you can keep me company when you often twit hahahahahaha i like to sit home all day on twitter, blog and youtube LOLLL

  11. there's a junky store on clement that sells nyx stuff... it's near burma superstar