Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rest in Peace Alexander McQueen

I'd like to take this entry to honor the life of a talented man. He was a designer, an artist.. He reshaped the fashion industry with his creative designs. To call his work "designs" or "couture" would be an understatement. His works were beautiful, beautiful pieces of art, each a masterpiece in their own right.

I am so deeply saddened by his passing. Although I am a mere philistine in the world of fashion (I am just not too fashion savvy), I have always admired his work (despite not being able to afford it) and will continue to do so.

This fashion world is suffering a great loss today, and I am feeling it too. No more will there be brilliance coming from that talented mind of his..

Lee Alexander McQueen
March 17 1969 -  February 11 2010 
Rest In Peace

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