Friday, February 12, 2010

MAC Viva Glam Gaga

A couple things here & there:
  • my middle brother's birthday :) i love my brothers and father with all my itsy bitsy cold black heart. they are the leading men in my lives and i wouldn't trade them for nada 143 637!! (old school baby)
  • love letter from Tina
  • my Viva Glam Gaga review!
Happy Birthday!! <333
she gave me Korean tea & a giant blue PEEN. WOOHOO!

 Zoya "Stephanie" i'm still a camera n00b. This pic makes the polish look creamy white but it's actually slightly princess pink too!!
$14 all proceeds from the Viva Glam collection go to the MAC AIDS Fund!
Thank you to my girl Melissa for picking it up during lunch for me.
it's a lustre so you know it applies sheer. you can  make it as vibrant or sheer as you like!
gorgeous cotton candy/Barbie pink
L: one swipe R: 6-7 swipes.
has a cool blue undertone, but I am freaking LOVING it on myself. 
Viva Glam Gaga has officially become my #1 fave Mac lippy for it is THEE utmost PERFECT shade of pink.
Let me say it again, THEE PERFECT SHADE OF PINK

For those worried that it won't go with your skin tone, I def recommend swatching it in the store. I think this is a pink that ANY WOMAN ANY SHADE can pull off. With darker skin tones, i'd probably do a dramatic cat eye liner ;] Actually, i'm a sucker for dramatic liner, it goes with nearly everything.

PEACE OUT!! Happy capitalist Hallmark Single Awareness Day to all of you and your loved ones, i'm going MIA for the weekend ;]


  1. That's a lovely shade of pink! I soooo want it now ;P

    BTW I love my brother too! gyahh! ahha

  2. cant wait to kiss those pink lips ;)