Monday, February 8, 2010

All Saints Sunday (SuperBowl Brees-y!)

My friends and I always enjoy a great potluck dinner. We have this tendency to have themes as well. For SuperBowl Sunday, my friend had agreed on a jersey theme: everyone attending must wear a jersey. His wife (my friend Jocelyn) & I both do not own jerseys. Therefore, I amended the theme and stated that for those without jerseys, you must attend JERSEY SHORE STYLE. That's right, I called us bitches out for the blow outs, poofs, and bronzer!
My friend Thomas (Jocelyn's hubby) had been requesting deviled eggs from me for quite some time now. I made them for a work-related Thanksgiving potluck 2 years ago and Jocelyn brought some home for him. Ever since then, he was hooked. I never really understood the fascination with deviled eggs but this time I made this with a twist.
bacon deviled eggs made w/ Jack Daniel's spicy southern mustard
I am also a bourgeois brees-y that added black truffle sea salt to it. You could definitely taste it!
Thanks to my beezy JY for the deviled egg tray! I left it at your house btw, woops.
I meant to take pictures during the process so I could post up my recipe, but my hands were tied peeling a dozen boiled eggs. I never saw it as a tedious or strenuous task but after having to go through a dozen of those lil feckers, I WANT ONE OF THESE THINGS. I no longer see it as a stupid invention!
We had so much food.. I believe we didn't even touch the bags and bags of Doritos or polish dogs..
I had about 4 or 5 plates of food.. That was a few plates too many.
I had to take a nap during the end of the 2nd quarter. Thanks for taking a pic of me napping Jocelyn LOL
Good thing I had Melissa to wake me up for the halftime show.
yeh, you see that poof? Snooki herself would've been proud.
No way in Hell I was rooting for the Colts! (thx 4 letting me borrow ur sign Mel!)
my cup = the only time you'll ever see/hear me rooting for a Bush
I'm a perv, I know. You know I had to represent w/ my eyemakeup too!
That's my girl Meli right there. We were the rowdiest BREES-ies in the joint!
poofs represent.
Thanks for letting us watch at your pad Jocelyn & Thomas!
My highlights of the SuperBowl:
  • Betty White Snickers Commercial (sorry Saints & Colts, SHE is the real winner)
  • Doritos commerical w/ lil kid slapping his mom's date (a lot of violence in the SB commercials this year, what's up with that?!)
  • Drew Brees & his son (too darned precious)
[photo courtesy of Getty Images]


p.s. a real make-up or cooking post soon to follow ;]


  1. haha love how you changed up the theme! Good job on the deviled eggs! Looks delish :]


    Damn, all y'all food looks sooo delish. I looooooooooooooove (you get the point, lol) me some devil'ed eggs. Remember my mom used to make that all the time for me when I was young, until I got a bit chunky and then she cut that off of my "diet". :(

    Yeah, maybe it's all in my imagination but I feel like I finally got me some "guns" for my arms, hahahahhaa. Nawwwh, I'm still a weakling. But supposedly this Tuesday is supposed to snow 6 more inches. I'm so ready for this! It's like, BRING IT ON MOTHER NATURE.

    P.S. I know I'm leaving you a long ass comment, sooorrry. But yes, you're so lucky you live on the West Coast where it's so cool to skate and you get access to a lot of skate shops. Here, they used to make fun of me when I was rollin' up on the skateboard. Grrrr, stupid ignorant East Coasters! All they do here is play lacrosse and baseball. If I go down south a couple hours, they're such country hicks! Thank God I just live 15 minutes from D.C.!

  3. You guys looked like you had tons of fun! :)

  4. Great party! yeah MOA is huge and stupid in a way since if you really just wanna shop in a mall since its so big it take SO long just to get to store that you already know you want to go since you have to walk so far to get to,,, great for exercise LOL

    but other than that it have all the store possible so its a nice mall, great for entertainment :P

  5. Damn woman, do I wish I was at that SB party to have some of that food and those deviled eggs! And to pet your poof of course.

    Btw, next year! root for the Giants!

  6. Girl... you have to be quick on ordering stuff from eki! hahaha.. Hopefully you can get some stuff when she puts up new items :]

    I haven't tried the Coastal Scents palettes but I've been considering it like you. I'd probably get the warm & the regular palette. Not sure if I'd do the shimmer since I'm not really into that... but maybe if the mood strikes me.


  7. ooh yummy. those deviled eggs look so great! I LOVE deviled eggs. :D