Thursday, February 4, 2010

recent trips, recent lips! (picture saturated!)

Bonjour mes amours! Originally when I started this project, I told myself i'd attempt to update once a day. Big fat chance! This entire week at work has been pretty draining so far. It's not that my job is super challenging or anything like that, it's the people i've got to deal with. It hit the point where I thought [jokingly] about throwing myself out my office window but that was a fruitless endeavor - i'm on the basement floor and my window is barred. I also was tempted to use a line I came up "Listen, i'm going to ram my tampon so far up your ass that your mother is going to think she's giving birth to you all over again!" but , I digress.
I did none of such things and instead, thought about traveling. One of my dearest friends moved to New York and I had to gone to see her in mid January. I decided to surprise her and it was one of the best things i've done so far in 2010. The entire thing was orchestrated by me, along with a ton of help from our friend Jeff.  ALSO, my partner in crime Melissa came with. She arrived 2 days after me so that was another surprise for EJ (our friend).
Can I just say,  I freaking LOVE New York? Dude, it is somewhere I need to BE. There are people everywhere at all hours, soOoOo fashion forward (I only wish I was there for fashion week next week) tons of places to eat past midnite, no sales tax on shoes and clothes under $100 and not to mention Dean & Deluca!!!  I'm only going to post a few pictures from my trip seeing as how I took over 200 pictures...
my nails for NYC: Zoya Pinta (Fall '09 Dare collection) w/ a stripe of Trixie down my middle fingers only. I am totally obsessed and in love with Zoya right now. Not only does the polish having true staying & chip resistant power, it is free of a lot of harmful chemicals and safe for pregnant women. I mention that because one of my close friends is pregnant and I got her into painting her nails with Zoya. 

my 1st meal in NYC: vanilla bean french toast (creme brulee battered brioche, warm maple syrup) @ Jane in SoHo

Jeff, his terrible shoes that don't match & some grungy dirty backpack that he needs to get rid of because it makes him look like a homeless man even though they don't exist in NYC because Guiliani got rid of 'em years ago. 

1st subway ride. Yes, i'm wearing PVC pants. Because? I CAN!

Jeff & I in line @ Pomme Frites. I'm doing a "thizz face" in honor of my dear friend Tina ;] That's for you betch! And those who know me well know that I don't do lines, nor do I pay to go clubbing. 

I had to take a NOM NOM NOM pic!!!

EJ & I in Times Square, the night I surprised her <3 

it rained the Sunday my partner in crime flew in. She had to buy a poncho to protect her fur coat. Being the crazy bitch that I am, I joined her so she wouldn't be alone. I couldn't stop laughing while taking this picture. By the way, these are KIDS sized ponchos, hahahahaa. 

EJ met up w/ us and she had to buy an umbrella from Duane Reed. Their umbrellas suck apparently. 

warmed up & grabbed some coffee @ Dean & Deluca's in SoHo
I am so in love with Dean & Deluca. If I could, I would live inside of one.

I call this our "myspace" photo @ Jeff's place in Jersey. disclaimer: I didn't see any guidos but there was plenty of fist pumping.

:[ the afternoon I left. Bye Ej , see you back @ home Meli.
Yes, all I wore during my trip to NYC were leggings, leggings, my PVC pants, a dress, leggings, and.. yeah. I just don't like wearing pants anymore. I am all bout dresses, skirts, and leggings. If I can avoid pants, I do it. 
 This past tuesday I wanted to wear red lips. I did it in honor of Jenny Cross, the runner up from Food Network's Worst Cooks in America show. Jenny Cross has this Betty Paige look and I love it about her. Plus she wore a faux leopard print fur coat, dark denim skinnies and black boots to go grocery shopping. Where else? IN NEW YORK. She had me yo, she had me and she should have won the show! I forgot to bring my digicam to take a better shot of my makeup, boOOoo! I had to use my camera phone.
  • brows: MAC charcoal brown shadow to fill in my brows
  • eyes: MAC ricepaper for highlight (right under brow bone)
  • eyes: MAC dazzlelight all over lids
  • liner: MAC fluid line in black track, extended wing
  • face: undereye concealer in NARS ginger
  • face: Guerlain Meteorites in Mythic 01 (i don't like using foundation)
  • cheeks: Guerlain Divinora Radiant Blush in Brun Nuance N545
  • lips: MAC lipliner in Auburn
  • lips: lipststick MAC Viva Glam I
Back in December, we had a Kriss Kringle gift exchange. It just so happened that Melissa was my Kriss Kringle!! Okay, she didn't give me my gift till recently but it's definitely the thought that counts! I love this girl to death, she knows me too damned well. 
So a few months ago, I mentioned to Melissa that Kim Kardashian uses LipFusion lipgloss. Kim had written on Twitter that the tingling sensation is awesome but doesn't burn (this gloss plumps your lips), it's long lasting (it has stuck on my lips through many sips of Earl Grey tea!) and is not sticky. Melissa was turned on to it because I had mentioned it, but she got me LipFusion gloss in PUCKER UP which was a color I had been eyeballing @ Sephora in NYC but didn't pick it up. She also got me Seche Vite's top coat!! It really is the fastest drying top coat out there ladies!

As you can see, it's a very gorgeous creamy rose color that has somewhat of a coral undertone when applied to my lips. As for making them appear more plump? Not sure about that seeing as has how I have pretty plump lips to begin with. It really is long-lasting but at the the end of the day when i'm home, it can dry my lips out a tad bit. I wind up with the flaky lip syndrome :[ I had to exfoliate my lips afterward but no biggie, it happened at the end of the day anyways ;]
What I am wearing in this picture:
  • eyebrows: MAC charcoal brown shadow to fill in my brows
  • eyes: MAC satin taupe all over my lipds, MAC charcoal brown right over my crease to fake the V
  • MAC fluid line in black track (I noticed i've been wearing this lately as opposed to pencil liners)
  • face: Guerlain Meteorites in Mythic 01
  • cheeks: MAC On a Mission beauty powder from the Style Warriors collection (my fave blush btw)
  • lips: DuHhhHh LipFusion's PUCKER UP!
I know this was a long post about.. pretty much nothing! Woops! Too bad! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions for me about any productions I mentioned.. ALSO!!! My friend Melissa is a fashionista so feel free to follow her blog and welcome her! She is new to this game as well, so show her some love. Clicky here: Melissa's Bloggie Blog


  1. LOVE PVC pants!!! ♥♥♥ I have 'em too with a snakeskin texture :)

  2. I love them too! Oh, where'd you get your snakeskin ones? Were they from Forever21? PVC pants are sOoOoo comfy and surprisingly pretty warm!

    Thank you for reading & subbing :] Happy friday!

  3. muhahaha a thizz face shoutout woOhoo! I <3 your makeup, I <3 your face!

  4. I got them in Korea.. like in the subway hahaha. They sell leggings everywhere there! I should've got the cutout ones too.. but oh well. I think F21 or Charlotte Russe have them now for cheap!

  5. You're gorgeous!! and you're at NYCC????

  6. great pics, captions, and makeup logs!

  7. Hi Cyd! Welcome to my blog. I'm actually located in San Francisco, visited NYC in mid Jan ;]

  8. Whattt... why did I miss this post?? Weird! Anyway, I love NYC! I can't wait to go back too :] Looks like you had a blast

  9. Oy I have no idea!! I am still new to blogger so figuring all this out will take me time. I am getting used to all its features. I want to read all of everyone's previous stuff but I don't want ot be like... a stalker? hahahaha

    NYC is the shiznitz Ang!!! I have withdrawals :[