Monday, July 11, 2011

apparently people don't like reading

so here you go

a photo entry

 i miss glasses - confessions of a Lasik patient
 people kept offering money for my Brian Wilson beard pin. GO BUY YOUR OWN IT'S $10!
 I caught a pizza at the Giants vs. Mets game on 07/10/11 and let my friends have it.
I was full off garlic fries anywayzzzzzzz
 Buster Posey ♥
 dim sum breakfast? why thanks.
 Ikes for lunch? don't mind if I do.
 my favorite Banksy piece

danced in the Pride Parade
♥ the LGBT community


  1. Food yum, and this post was worth reading anwyay.

  2. omg stop disappearing! lol & yea thats why I don't write as much anymore, nobody reads it anyway!

  3. i must say... you do live the life