Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 6 + 7

I'm behind because I took yesterday off.. I had a nice little rendezvous with food poisoning T_T
My stomach is still iffy about solid foods but I eat anyway *sigh* I can't help it!! I love food! (who doesn't?)

Well, here goes nothing.

Day 6: My Humble Abode

.my bed.
when I am home (which doesn't seem like often these days -_-) I am usually in my room, in my bed. honestly, there isn't much to it. it's a queen sized simmons beautyrest and if you're wondering why there's a pillow randomly tossed on there.. i'm in the process of doing laundry and cleaning my room. you know how people lose socks when doing laundry? i somehow lost an entire pillowcase :[ so sad because it's an 800 thread count egyptian cotton sheet set! ARGH! hopefully it turns up somewhere.
here i am in my dorky pajama glory
that is exactly where i am right now, exactly what i look like. 
so there isn't much to my room. it's a small window, my queen sized bed, and the opposite wall is this sliding mirror closet and to the left of it is the door to my room. it's a very small room which is common for older houses in San Francisco *shrugs* I wish I had a walk in closet but maybe that will happen when I move to Los Angeles. 
^ that's a better photo of my room in natural light taken a month or two ago for a previous 30 day challenge. not too exciting, sorry! hope the little voyeur in you is little dirty whore you!
just kidding ^_^

Day 7: Something I Ate Today
yup. I take iron supplements. i have an iron deficiency. it's not very fun. i got rejected trying to donate blood :( *sigh* i bruise easily, get cold and sickly..  blah blah blah.. basically anemia. 

going to mix up the 30 day photoblog challenge by tossing in a SugarPill Cosmetics review! I forgot that I had purchased stuff from them. w00ty w00t!



  1. Thanks for sharing your room with us! Your bed looks really cozy! I want to jump into it! :D I hope you find your pillowcase! I can't sleep at night without my favorite pillowcase. lol I always lose my socks after doing the laundry! -___- xoxo

  2. ahhhhh poor you! I hope you get better from the stomach bug :( I hate it when that happens.. but yes I still eat and completely regret it afterwards lol!

    and cute room! definitely cozy :) I skipped this one for now.. my "abode" is too dark to photograph for now haha. and yummy, pills!


  3. My mom also lacks iron, and has a low red blood cell count. She also didn't eat very much meat. Her doctor suggests she eat more spinach & lean meat. Do you know why you lack iron? I've always been curious to what the cause is ~


  4. I hope you find your pillow case! and I hope you're feeling better. I have a love/hate thing with stomach bugs...I hate that I can't eat cause like you I <3 food, but I do love how svelte I look from not eating and throwing everything up haha. I'm sick, I know wah. See you this weekend xoxo

  5. aw your bed looks so comfy! haha i lose socks all the time too :P
    omg i have an iron deficiency too! i take iron pills too bc im always sick, tired, etc and have problems with anemia...totally know what you're going through!

  6. yay sugarpill! i want to sleep on your bed, hahaha looks SOOO comfy. not that that sounds creeperish or anything..

  7. did i mention that SB has really small rooms as well? drives me nuts! they advertise "2 br" but it's really like.. 1.5... -__- can't wait to move down to fullerton or something. LA at least.

  8. awww susy! i hope you're okay. i know what food poisoning is sucks! me and sophia both get tummy aches a lot! i hope you're feeling better girl!

  9. I love the wooty woot, and im too lazy to complete my photoblog chanllenge, maybe when I get home I will.

  10. awww, poor you =[

    your bed look so cozy dear!