Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 13: Write a Letter Telling Someone Something You Could Never Tell Them

 Dear Dana,
There are many things I want to tell you, but I just don't have the courage. I will tell you one day, maybe when you are older. Although you are an adult now, I have always felt that I have failed you as your older sister. The day that it actually hit me was probably the worst. For all of my life, I've wrestled with guilt. I always think I'm not there for you, we don't have anything in common, I don't spend enough time with you, I don't tell you I love you, I don't do enough for you, I don't go out with you, I just always feel like it's not enough.
There was one day I had come home from school or work, and you were in a "meeting" with a psychiatrist. I guess this was necessary because you had just graduated from high school, so we needed to figure out what you would do in college. You had gone under a psychiatric evaluation and she was talking. I had no idea what was going on but I was so excited to come home and talk to you that day. You were in the computer room with her and the door was closed. I ran over and flung the door opening yelling out your name with a big smile on my face. When I saw this strange woman, I apologized non-stop. You said "Hi" to me like you always do with a smile and then introduced me as your big sister. I said "nice to meet, so sorry" and I walked out. Mom and dad were in the kitchen watching tv and I asked them what was going on. 
I wasn't supposed to do this, but I did. I read your psychiatric evaluation. Mom and dad had just tossed it to the side. Since they weren't read it... I felt like I had every right to. The things she said hurt so bad. When we were growing up, I always understood that you are mentally disabled. I have always loved you for who you are and will never stop doing so. In the evaluation, she had written the results of your testings with extensive detail on your mental capacity. Those things I didn't care for. I know that you are capable of many things that are not mentioned in that review. She wrote that our family alienates you. She wrote that we ignore you. She also wrote that I only communicate with you because I feel as if it is my duty. 
The thing that a lot of people don't know about is our bond. Did you know that when you were younger, you had a stuttering problem? I didn't even know until I was in middle school and learned what stuttering was. I had always understood you perfectly when we were younger. I didn't understand why others couldn't understand you, but I grew up translating for you. In many ways, I feel that the bond between us was always meant to be. There are reasons why everyone is who they are. I was put here to protect you, to love you, to help you. I have no idea where that woman got all her answers from, but I am sorry. I'm sorry our family has failed you. I'm sorry for all the hurt and anxiety you hold inside. I'm sorry I don't know how to help you. 
Do you remember when 9/11 happened? While everyone was running out of our high school, I was the only person running back inside. My only thought was to find you, bring you somewhere safe, to find Ivan, then protect the both of you. Do you remember the panic you and I felt when we couldn't find Ivan? Do you remember running to grandma & grandpa's house ringing their door nonstop only to remember that they weren't home? We had to ride the bus to go home. The bus was completely empty and so were the streets. You and I called mom and begged her to leave her office downtown and to head home. If San Francisco really did come under attack that day, I was already ready to fight to my own death to protect you. Do you remember..that day we went rafting in China? You and I took a raft together because you wanted to be with me. We hit a turbulent part of the river and I fell out of the raft. You stood up screaming my name and yelling out in English to people on shore to help me, that i'm your sister and begging for someone to help me. Although no one understood you, they could see & hear the fear and panic in your face and voice. I don't think I ever swam harder or faster in my whole life. When I got back on our raft, I hugged you and I told you I was okay. You calmed down eventually, but in my head I promised myself to never worry you like that ever again. I can't bear to put you through that. The panic that hit you that day is what I feel every time I think about moving. It will be the furthest that i've ever moved away from home, and I panic because I feel I will be too far to protect you. I also don't want you to feel as though i'm abandoning you. I will ALWAYS be your big sister. I will ALWAYS understand you. I will ALWAYS love you. 

your big guilt ridden sister.

P.S. Thank you to those who have read this and commented or are going to comment. Just wanted to add this note since there seems to be a bit of confusion: both of my siblings are males. I have 2 younger brothers. Dana is my brother.

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  1. This was sweet letter, really brought tears to my eyes.

    [I will strive for that GPA and the goodies are on point]


  2. I've beenr eading your 30 Day Challenge everytime you post!

    And this one is by far the best one! I think you should tell your sister how you really feel :) it could change a lot of things and it could mean more than you will ever know to her!

  3. Susy, this is an amazing heartfelt letter. I love reading your posts more and more as I am learning more about you- the you outside of makeup. Don't stop blogging!

    <3 Diana

  4. This is very touching, love. Thanks for sharing. You should tell her how you feel some time soon...


  5. oh susy~ you're an amazing person and your bro knows that! hell, everyone knows it. i love youuu~

    btw i don't use it anymore but i come on to check your daily challenge :) <3

  6. Susy, it was so touching to read this. I have goosebumps all over. You are so compassionate and loyal to your family. I know your brother knows you love him, and the psychologist is just getting paid to write BS on papers. A strong bond cannot be determined by some person reading books all day.

  7. i shed a tear reading this, susy. <3 u hugs*

  8. I'm sniffling and teary eyed. This is such a touching letter, Susy.

  9. Susy,
    I just came across your blog and I am now reading through your 30 day challenging, what a great project. This letter you wrote to your brother is so touching it brought tears in my eyes. many blessings for you and your family!! <3<3<3 *hugs*

  10. it's very touching..they are lucky to have you!,.keep it up!!..