Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awesome August

babysitting a 3 year old 3
she likes it when I do her hair, so she wanted to return the favor

my verdict? too hyped up. Yes, it is good ramen but it isn't really worth the wait. I'd rather wait in a 5 minute line at Santouka inside of Mitsuwa. The broth at Orenchi tasted slightly lacking.
tako wasabi -  raw octopus with fresh wasabi
Orenchi Ramen
Ouch... Recoil is a bitch =[ note to self: wear an actual t-shirt next time!
don't fuck with me.
got narcoleptic on my friend and KO'ed after the gun range.
little niece is standing on her own ♥
Vegas w/ Angelique, Cydia, & Serena
sweet potato lattes at YakiniQ Cafe in San Francisco
I did some volunteer work for Teacher Appreciation Day! It was sponsored by CSE Insurance and the San Francisco Deputy Sheriff's Foundation.   <-- please click that to read on what it was. I volunteered on behalf of the Deputy Sheriff's Foundation. One of my friends is a Sheriff and had asked me to help out. It was a heart moving experience helping teachers decide on what supplies to get their students and hearing their stories. One teacher told me her students can't get any work done in their computer lab because half of the computers don't function. People keep stealing computer parts or the mouseballs, etc. She decided to use her $200 tax free gift card to get 10 mice and keep them on her own for her students. She would be bringing them back and forth to the computer lab at her school so her students could work. Thank you Target in Colma and Eat Le Truc for participating and providing delicious breakfast! :)

a beautiful sunny Saturday - perfect for BASEBALL!
 copped my Tim Lincecum bobblehead ♥
 watermelon wheat beer & fried pickles @ 21st Amendment

 my partner in crime, Melissa
C'mon Giants, give me another September to remember ♥

next post is how I make won tons :)


  1. woman, what did you do to your arm!? recoil!?!?!? how did that end up happening -___-' should of made someone video record it! teehee. I've always wanted to do it =[ maybe later! lol.

  2. I went to the gun range and I was firing a rifle. Recoil is when the gun kicks back after a discharge (when you fire). It kept rubbing on my arm so yah, I know I need to wear a tshirt or long sleeve next time hahahahah

  3. hell yeah to our ghetto style with the foil! lol. I grew up with it so I thought it was weird when my white friends family doesn't have it when I was younger and saw their mom scrubbing like crazy every week.

    Ah, I still want to go to one. I noticed you fired a rifle. I didn't think it would recoil literally onto you or your skin. I thought it doesn't go back that far. But you look hot with a beater (or should I call it tank top like what some guys call it?)!!!! Long sleeve next time dear... it looks painful. Did it burn or just a painful for a quick moment when it recoil?

  4. looks like you had a great time! the food looks amazing and haha the target pic reminds me of how I always try out those shooting range games at fairs...