Monday, May 23, 2011

Boiling Crab leftovers..

Just a quick entry before I post about my Lasik experience (I swear I'll do it. It just involves a lot of typing)

Last Saturday aka Rapture Day Serena and I met up at Boiling Crab. If the world was really ending, I wanted to have a full, happy belly. Disclaimer: We didn't really believe that nutjob Harold Camping okay? I am being sarcastic.


It was a short, 20 minute wait. I know, *gasp* what the heck right!? There are 2 locations in NorCal and both are in San Jose. The one on Curtner Ave is a much bigger spot with less of a wait.
When we sat down, I said out loud "dammit, I forgot to bring gloves!"
Well... I paint my nails a lot (thanks G, you turned me into a polish addict =P NUBS INC baby!) and I absolutely cannot stand it when my polish starts chipping...even the slightest bit. I will remove it and do another color.  Serena mentioned that her friends spoke of some Korean gloves for eating crawfish!??! I seriously need to wear gloves when I eat mudbugs because I have all these tiny little cuts all over random fingers :[


I ordered 3 pounds of crawfish, the wholeshabang sauce, medium spicy. I know, the server looked at me like "dam girl what the fuck?! 3 pounds!?" I did not eat it all in one sitting, I swear. I ate about 2 pounds and took the rest home. YES I TOOK IT HOME.
While we were eating I mentioned to Serena that I usually do this so I can enjoy a pound the next day... then I save the sauce and make pasta. She inquired about my process and I sent it over in a brief e-mail. Well, did it today and shot some photos to go along. So here you go!
Serena, let me know when you test it out!

what you'll need:
your leftover Boiling Crab sauce, strained (meaning take out all the little leftover antennae, random claws and garlic bits. well, removing the chunks of garlic is optional. I leave mine in because I would love to kill Edward. Sorry, I had to toss that Twilight dig in there and if I offended any Twi-hards, IDGAF!)
3 tablespoons of butter
3 tablespoons of flour
3/4 cup of cream or milk - your choice of whole, low-fat whatever
a big sauce pan or a frying pan
a package of pasta - your choice of spaghetti, elbow macaroni, rigatoni, whatever. I just combined some elbow macaroni and some twists I had leftover from the last time I made pasta salad.

my strained leftover Boiling Crab whole shabang sauce
 heat your skillet on low-medium
 let your butter melt on low to medium heat. careful not to burn it, you want it to just melt
 slowly incorporate the 3 tablespoons of flour, maybe do a tablespoon at a time and stir/whisk
add your 3/4 cup of milk/cream and stir stir stir 
after fully mixing, you should have a paste that looks like the picture below
 congrats, you just basically made a roux!
 slowly start adding your leftover Boiling Crab sauce and remember to stir!
 I had some corn on the cob on hand, so I sliced the kernels off and added them. 
this is of course, optional. you can also add some chopped up andouille sausage if you would like. I imagine that would go well with this. 
 stir it. what the hell do you think I'm doing?!
 if it's too thick for you, you can always keep SLOWLY adding milk/cream, bit by bit and stirring until you reach the consistency you like. 
 tossed it in some cooked pasta
 packed it up as lunch for a friend. fay mao directly translates to "fat cat" in Cantonese. it's a nickname I have for a friend of mine.
 I gave him some Kit Kats too.. Because he always whines that I never give him any food when I cook.

If you try this out, let me know!!!


  1. OMGGGGGG, babe!! this is the smartest thing everrrr!!! making use of the sauce like that!!! i hate it when nail polish and fingernails smells for a day or two after eating BC, too! we should wear some gloves or look into those korean gloves! orrr maybe NUBS inc. should invent something for that. :) lol don't worry, i eat 3+ lbs of BC, too and with all the extras on the side, comeeee back here so we could eat some together! i miss you! and i can't wait to read about your lasik experience! now looking at your pasta, i am hungry...*goes to seek food* <333

  2. Wow! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh my god this looks so delicious. i'm going to favorite this and eat Boiling Crab tomorrow just so I can make this pasta... and cause you made me want crawfish now

  4. That looks AMAZEBALLS! It's like BC/MexiCorn/Pasta, drooollssss!

  5. Um, can I be your friend "fay ju" and have some of that!?! haha I will absolutely save the sauce next time.. I actually thought of using it with spaghetti because the "house noodle" at Craw Station (Irving & Judah, 9th I think) is basically the sauce with spaghetti (and it was delish)!!

  6. So smart! Every time I come home after eating Boiling Crab, I'm always wishing I brought the sauce back. Mmmm, I love that stuff!!

  7. that looks delicious! I suck at cooking so the steps laid out were super clear. how can I mess that up, right?

  8. OMG what a great idea. I wonder what leftover sauces I can do this with...I love corn too. This dish you made of leftover sauce should probably become a menu item at the Boiling Crab. I hope feimao enjoyed the meal & dessert.

  9. OMGGGGGGGGGGG im soo depressed now!!! because I cant have any of that deliciouss pasta!!! T_T..... seriously that looks sooooooo gooooooddddd and im not sad that I don't know any places here in Canada that serves crawfish !!!.. ok I should search that up and hunt that sauce down!! s2

  10. Omg broiling crab pasta?! ..i never tried boiling crab, but now I think i'mma have to pay them a visit :P

    (Susy, it's Kim my new blog haha.. i've been updating this more than I have with my food blog :/)

  11. What an awesome idea!!
    I want some right NOW! LOL


  12. YUMMMMMM that looks AMAZING!! And I didn't even know there were TWO Boiling Crabs in SJ...whatttt??? your post just made me crave it & now I have to go this wkend, MUST. love this recipe, can't wait to try!

  13. love it. i actually do something very similar. i take the little sheep hot pot broth and make fried rice!

  14. what a KitKats, ive never seen them before :-O

  15. I just found this recipe after a great dinner at a restaurant similar to Boiling Crab. The sauce was so good, I was going to eat it with eggs, but came across this instead.

    Surprisingly, I already had some homemade country white gravy so I used it as the roux. I mixed it with the leftover shrimp boil sauce, corn, whole wheat penne, and mozzarella cheese and it was AMAZEBALLS. It was better than eating out, I was overjoyed. Thanks for the recipe!